Billy Chapel aka Crash Davis aka Kevin Costner aka 1 Cool Dude


There I was, just sitting in one of my accounts when it dawned on me, it is K-day. I had been looking forward to this day for a month and was past anxious with excitement. The _____Rays were going to unveil their new look in logo, jerseys and symbolic new beginning in an adventure in their brand of zen wisdom. They were having a free viewing and unveiling down by the water in Straub Park in St. Petersburg, Florida to show their fans the new looks and reclaimed attitude of our hometown team.

Funny, we were less than a mile from where they want their new stadium and did not even know the clock and dagger concerned with that endeavor. But that is for another blog.

Back to K-day. I had recently bought a copy of “Baseball America”  on Ebay. I have been a big fan of Costners’ for years. I have enjoyed most of his films, and even liked “Waterworld” for its eco-system message and sailing scenes. I have been a Costner guy since “Fandango” and “No Way Out.” I have owned and frequently watched  “Silverado” and “Open Range.”

But the two movies that I feel put him on the map were not “Tin Cup“, or “The Postman“, or even the chick flick “The Bodyguard.”

It was the two movies were he showed his athletic talents and lust for realism.

For the Love of the Game’, and “Bull Durham” are classic movies that everyone can enjoy and thrill to watch anytime. Most people have seen “Bull” and know the symbolism and special place it holds in  a true baseball fans’ eyes. Have you noticed that Susan Sarrandon’s character has a shrine to Yankee Thurman Munson, or that Costner actually takes all his own whacks at the plate in the movie.

Besides that, ex-Red Sox manager, Grady Little was the technical consultants to the film.  I  have expressed my love for that film on too many occasions, so a friend in LA got me a signed copy of the script. I have it hidden  in a safe place.

In the film, “For the Love of the Game“, that is old Tigers Stadium made up to look like Yankee Stadium. And the realism of that breaking ball Costner throws is remarkable.  An added note, he pitched every scene of that movie. No CGI or special effects were used in the pitching motion or delivery.  Pure Costner energy and commitment to his craft. And the true baseball fanatic thank him for that.

Getting back to my point, which I turned left at “Go” and did not collect $200.

I got down to Straub Park at about 3 PM on that wild Thursday with my camera in hand and a backpack full of balls and my fragile copy of Baseball America. The reason I bought it was because it had Costner on the cover. Yes, it does have him as “Billy Chapel” in his Tigers number 14 jersey on the mound. On the inside it talks about the film and his wanting the most realistic baseball movie to date( Hint hint………you achieved that Kevin.)

I got there and the Rays  front office busy bees were buzzing around getting the food, refreshments and  new logo caps for the Season Ticket holder ready for the event.

 Just then a tall stranger got on stage and began to play one of Modern West’s song that I had heard on their Myspace page. But the guy singing wasn’t Kevin. It was one of his band mates, Park Chisolm. And he was crooning a song entitled “5 seconds from America”.  This is a great song and I wish you would go to his page and check it out sometime.


Costner was persuaded by his lovely wife to again make music and he is truly a singer of the ages. I am not saying he is the second coming of Elvis, just a really talented guy who can also carry a mean tune and play a guitar.  On stage were the members of Modern West, Park Chisolm, Teddy Morgan,Blair Forward and Larry Cobb.  Bobby Yang came by and played a mean fiddle up there.he is one talented guy.

I  proceeded to begin taking a few pictures and get the focal  camera settings for the concert. I was interrupted by a British sounding stage manager that asked all the people to “vacate the area, this was a closed sound check.” Imagine the shock of the group I was in that they would say that in a city owned park, and in an area where there was no fencing or restrictions from us walking about the  grounds.

I decided to meander my way back by the backstage area and try and catch Kevin before he was going into the motor home. He came back from the stage area and I caught his eye, and he saw the Baseball America. He did a few things around the area, and then came up and signed the magazine and talked with me for a few minutes and we chatted about his music and his recent tour. 

I asked him how his European adventure/tour went, and how the show that last Friday at Atlantis in the Bahamas came out with a Tropical Storm brewing to the south. He was shocked that some had done their homework on him, and asked how I knew about that. I  informed him that he was one of my Myspace friends and I regularly went to the page. He forgot that some fans do know that he started his band on a Florida tour some years ago………………..I remembered, and I was there Kevin.

I did not want to bore him or seem fake to the guy. I guess it was the fact that the Rays people knew me and let him chat with me for a second. I originally offered the Rays organization a donation to their baseball foundation for a chance to do exactly what I was doing at that very moment. I wanted to commend on  “For the Love of the Game.” and for making the only movie that can be put in the category of “baseball movie” and borderline “chick flick'”.

My ex-girlfriend loves that movie. I think more for Kelly Preston that Kevin, but that is a womans perogative. I then went out front and watched the Rays  uniform and logo presentations. 

As projected, the Devil fell off the uniforms and team name and we were the “Rays” again.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm, the newspapers and media have been calling us that for a long time. Maybe this is just a formality for goodness sakes.



 I then watched the parade of players come out modeling the Home, Away and BP jerseys to the crowd. Jonny Gomes, practicing for his WWE gig, was a bit theatrical and torn the old shirt off himself to reveal his new duds.




With my treasured signature and a moment with a future legend in the past, I sat back and enjoyed the day and sat there and enjoyed the free concert with Modern West.  I did not stay for the entire concert, I had left my lady and the kids at home and felt a bit guilty for it.  So on my way out, I bought 5 gift bags with the new logo balls in them, with a few stickers and logos for the kids. I also went to the Season Ticket holders table and got my  free new logo cap and strolled out to the pier where my car was parked and headed home.

Spinning forward,  I left as Kevin was hitting the high notes on “Long Hot Night,” and truly thanking the crowd for letting him enjoy this day with him.


 He is a class act.  I have met a lot of famous people in my long life, and he is in the top of the list in personality, pleasant demeanor, and total “one of us” feeling that you wish all celebs would show to the masses.


Post Script. 

 I went to Brandon Town Center that Friday night to catch a few buddies at the Champ’s sporting goods store, but Carl Crawford was not feeling well and Edwin “Action” Jackson had just left.  The Rays personnel there left a special present for me. a limited edition New Era “TB” cap. It was number 12 in a series of 30 to celebrate the new logo. I will work on get the entire team to sign it by the end of the year.



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