Al Lang Last Game Promo and Trivia


I am so excited to be able to leave two (2) Trivia questions for your amusement today.  I am not going to leave the answers here, but would rather enjoy if you leave a comment with your answers and I will be sure to respond to them and pimp out the people who can find the correct answers. So, get your baseball encyclopedias out and find these two questions today.


Trivia Questions:


1). Who is the fan in old Ebbets Field who is credited with using the first “cowbell” to spice up a baseball game?

2). Who was the leader of the Boston Red Sox group called, “The Royal Rooters”?



As you can tell, I am using Fans as my basis for my blog today. There is a local guy here in Tampa Bay who is either getting good or bad publicity for our team. It depends on if you think he is a plus or minus for our team.

Of course, I am talking about the Cowbell Kid here. He is a member of the outfield crew in Tropicana Field who has emerged as a focal point at games. He is an avid hater of the Al East Northern teams, and is not shy to tell you about it at all.



Now, I have him listed as one of my Myspace friends, but I have not spent time with the Cowbell Kid. I am a bit of a fan favorite myself, but I am not about to putr on a Marge Simpson ripoff wig and carry a pimp stick to games. Now I am not afraid of, or dislike people getting attention for our Rays. I found the Bat/Rays-woman a bit wild flapping around the stadium on game days. And I find the Green-hued Raysman to be a bit of a comical, but likeable facet to our game days.



But, I am a bit put off by the Cowbell Kid. Now I also have ruined a few percussion cowbells during the seasons at the Trop. The guys in the Bullpen can attest to me breaking every drumstick and mini bat I have brought to the games and used to clang on my bell. But, I draw the line at atagonzing and calling out the opposition either in public or on a blog.





I can never, and will never try to encite or bully another fan about his team choice. I think we need to be respectful for a few years before we can also put our chest out and proclaim the Trop a Rays house again. We are getting there more and more every year, but people like the Cowbell Kid could set us back by a rude comment or action.

Our team will have to earn respect on the field before ESPN or other organizations feel we are a better squad that fifth in our own division. that day is fastly approaching, but will take at least 162 games this year to solidify anything.


I am not against heckling or trying to be a pest in the ears of our visiting teams. I have done a few to visiting Rightfielders in my time, and have enjoyed every minute of it. But we need to be careful in our stage of showmanship for a few years so we do not get the label of being obnoxious or rude like some of our visiting fans.


With this in mind, if you think the Cowbell Kid goes above and beyond the realm of true sportmanship, or just want to see him get wet. Then you need to attend the 97X Fisher and Boys Belated Birthday Bash this weekend at Derby Lanes in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our beloved Cowbell dude will be in the dunk tank and willing to get his Marge Simpson blue beehive wet like a drowned rat. So here is your chance to pluck the blue one into a tank of water and maybe rust his cowbell a bit.


Al Lang Tidbits



I am lucky enough to be going to the last Rays Spring Training game at Al Lang/Progress Energy Park tomorrow. This is a great place to watch a game and get some good sun and a cool breeze off the water.  Al Lang has been used for 84 years as a Spring Training site for MLB teams.

When Al Lang was mayor of St. Petersburg, he enticed the Philadelphia Nationals to come here in 1916. From that point on, the list of players who have been on the fields are littered with Hall of Famers and young pups trying to get a roster spot on their teams.

The McDill Air Force Base will also do a Fly over of the stadium before the game. If you have never seen this done, you are missing out on something really exciting here.

During the contest against the Cincinatti Reds, the Rays will have giveaways foir the fans in attendance, and alot of unique opportunities for rememberance.

Hall of Famer, Monte Irvin will be signing autographs during the game. He is a remarkable man. I have heard him speak a few times and he always tells his stories with great passion and love for the game. He is a true treasure, and a avid Rays fan.

The Rays will also be announcing their Al Lang All-time squads of all the teams that have trained and used the stadium over the years. There will be two spots selected for each position. I think we will see Hall of Famers, and very remarkable names mentioned on this occasion.




After the game, the Rays are inviting all fans in attendance to a FREE BBQ on the field with a host of live music and entertainment for the kids. The kids will be able to run the bases and maybe sit in the dugouts like their on-field heros.

I know of a few Rays personnell poeple who will be digging into the BBQ up to their elbows.

I am looking forward to this with great excitement, and I will have my digital camera in tow hoping to bring you alot of great photos and post event comments.




I hope to see most of you there. But if you can’t make it out that day, remember that opening day is around the corner and most school age kids are being advised of a Spirit Night at the Trop. when the Baltimore Orioles come into town on Saturday, April 12th. Game starts at 7:10 P.M.


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