Twin Bill Split Down the Middle


Rays 7, Twins 3



Trivia Fact of the Night:

In 1999, Fernando Tatis, playing for the St. Louis Cardinals, became the only player to hit two grand slams in the same inning.






                                      The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly


                                               The Good


I have been harping on him for three days about his play .and the fact  that I think he is a sub-par defender. Well, for at least this day, I will eat crow and tell you Jason Bartlett played one helluva game tonight.

He made great defensive plays at short, and he also went 2-4 at the plate to raise his average  to .218 for the young season.


The only bad thing I can say about him tonight is that he got caught stealing second in the Top of the 8th inning. But, that is okay since he seemed to be stroking the ball well tonight and had his lazer arm tuned  for a change.


Honorable Mention “Good” guys:


*** J P Howell came in and pitched 3 innings to record his first  career save. Howell, a former  Rays starter, had not been in a “save” position before tonight and responded superbly. Howell faced only 9 batters in those  3 innings.


** Rays Starter Jason Hammel had his breaking balls moving and dipping with precision tonight. I was watching him battle  the Twins’ Carlos Gomez at one at bat, and Hammel pitched two straight breaking balls that broke nicely for strikes on the black of the plate.


When his breaking pitches are on, he is a totally different pitcher on the mound. Oh, and he got the win tonight for his fantastic efforts. 


* The Rays  B J Upton And Aki Iwamura both scored two runs tonight  and Carl Crawford went 2-5 to raise his average to .250. BJ Upton has 15 RBI’s so far this year, good enough for a huge tie for second going into tonight’s late game action.


 The Rays currently  are third in the majors with 22 Home Runs.


                                            The Bad


                     Rays' Carlos Pena, here hitting one of his team-high six homers earlier this year, is listed as day to day for now.


The “Bad” is hopefully good news, not bad news senario tonight. Carlos Pena was running out a grounder to third and began to pull up as he was about to cross the bag. He did not show any signs of discomfort on his face on the field, but was replaced by Eric Hinske in the bottom of the inning.


Early prognosis is a hamstring tightening. Hopefully, it is just a hot tub and a series of ice packs for Carlos and we can see him facing the  Chicago White Sox tomorrow night.  Keep your fingers crossed fans.


                                          The Ugly


Only two Rays did not get a hit tonight, Carlos Pena and catcher Mike DeFelice. Carlos is now hitting at a low of 179 for the year. DeFelice might not have gotten a hit, but he called a great game behind the plate for the Rays.


The pick off of Carl Crawford at first in the Top of the 6th inning was not a rally killer. Carl had already been leaning toward second and just got caught  starting to make his move toward second base. That is the price you pay for being a  great basestealer.  Thank goodness we were already leading 7-3 at the time.


Former Rays’s Player of the Night:

Since there were no great batting ex-players, I am going to list a few of our former reliever who saw action tonight.

* Jesus Colome, who is pitching for the Washington Nationals, went 2 inning tonight and gave up only 1 hit.


* Seth McClung, who is with the Milwaukee Brewers, went 3 innings and gave up 2 hits. Seth also recordrd two strikeouts for the night.


* Jorge Sosa, who is with the New York Mets, was pitching in the Top of the 14th inning and has gone 2.2 innings with two hits and two strikeouts.

Disney bobbleheads for the fans in the Orlando series against the Blue Jays


The Rays are flying back home as we speak, and we will begin another homestand of sorts tomorrow night. The Rays’ will play three against the Chicago White Sox, then go to Disney World for a three game series against our divisional rivals, the Toronto Blue Jays.

See you at the Trop.

If you have any questions, or want to know anything about the Rays, feel free to comment or contact me and I will be sure to get that information to you as soon as possible.


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