Extra Innings, Extra Drama in Rays Win


Red Sox 4, Rays 5


Little did I know when I took my new laptop to the game, I would have a small piece of film time on FSN Florida last night.  I was sitting there with my MLB.TV, and enjoying the game, when a big camera len came poking into my face.

Now, I love the camera, and I have not broken any yet…..yet, but sometimes they need to tell you what they want in the shot.  I  have saved the sampling of it for prosperity and my own amusement.  Now, back to the exciting blog about a drama filled game.




Roger Clemens is the only MLB pitcher to win the Cy Young award seven times.




              The Good, the Bad and the Ugly    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


                                    The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly


Nathan Haynes talked about having this kind of dreams as a kid playing baseball. When you are the guy who gets the timely hit,or is the guy to score that deciding run of a big game.


Last night, he got to live a piece of his past when he hit a 0-1 pitch from Red Sox reliever Mike Timlin into rightfield to score Carl Crawfoird and award the Rays a win in the 11th innning. Haynes was inserted as a pinchrunner for Carlos Pena in the bottom of the 9th inning and did not expect to be in this position last night. But he responded perfectly, and got the crowd applause he deserved last night.


Honorable Mention “Good” guys:


***  Rays DH Carlos Pena got a much needed hit last night to keep a rally going in the Bottom of the 9th innning, but it wasn’t enough as the Rays had to go 11 innings to beat their rival Red Sox. Carlos improved his average to an even .200 for the season.


** Rays rookie Evan Longoria is starting to look like a seasoned vet out on the field. Contributing in the field and at the plate like he has been here before. Last Night Longoria got a 2-out RBI single to right in the bottom of the third inning. He also stole second base on former-Ray Kevin Cash in the same inning. Evan is currently in third in the MLB slugging percentage at .724 average.


* Number one star should have gone to Carl Crawford, but with a outstanding result, and a unproven ballplayer coming through at the right moment, it had to go back one space.


CC had two triples last night, and went 3-6 in a game that saw him score 3 runs and collect an RBI for the night. Carl also stole his 8th base of the year.


                                              The Bad 


The Rays sent Matt Garza to the mound last night one week after his rehab assignment in  Class A Vero Beach. Garza did not have great command and struggled in the early innings before finally getting his control issues and obvious nerves out of the way.


Maybe another rehab assignment would have been in order after a lackluster performance in Vero Beach, but the Rays decided they had seen enough and brought the righty back to pitch the first game of this series.


                               The really, really Ugly 


The umpiring crew last night had a really bad night. I know that they are only human, but they missed about three calls that did not work for either teams’ benefit last night.


An example is pictured above. B J Upton went into third base for a steal in the bottom of the third inning. This would have given the Rays a victory in the regulation 9 innings if they had gotten the call correct. But, Upton was called out and we played on, and on.


Former Rays of the Night:


The New York Mets gave former Rays’ catcher Raul Cassanova  a opportunity to play and give his all for the Big Apple. Raul is my player of the night not for a huge play, but for knowing he blonged in the MLB.


Cassanova went 1-3 last night to raise his average to .269, and also scored a run in the Mets’ loss.




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