Yankees Grab the Carpet Out From Under the Rays

Yankees 2, Rays 1


I have to admit, I now know that some of our Rays fans are probably Red Sox fans in disguise.


That is the only excuse I can come with for some of the offensive and really petty things that came out of some of our young and misguided  fans’ mouths tonight. How can you yell something like, “The Yankees S*&$”, when you are losing a game 2-1?


And then after the contest, in the tunnels, I heard the banter of a few Rays and Yankees’ fans tossing out blue-collar words in front of young kids.  Nice move guys, kill the respect we fought for for 11 games with one middle finger salute.


I am never glad for a loss, but this one might have put the wild Rays fans’ world back in order. For both sets of fans, there is a sense of enlightenment that from now on, on any given night……………..you might not win.




Trivia Fact of the Night:

Numbers on jerseys did not become mandatory until the 1930’s




The Good, the Bad and the Ugly PosterThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly PosterThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly PosterThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly Poster


                                          The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly


                                                  The Good


Rays starter James Shields (4-3) was the losing pitcher tonight, but he pitched a good game


The opposition came out  really fired up after the comments made by Yankee head honcho Hank Steinbrenner about career changes and future unemployment of slackers


Shields pitched 7.1 innings of 6 hit ball and gave up two runs. His ERA is at 3.05, and he struck out 6 Yanks tonight. He was in command tonight of all his pitches, but Robinson Cano had his number going 3-3 against Sheilds tonight.



Honorable Mention “Good Guys”:


*** Rays slumping slugger Carlos Pena hit two nice hits tonight that could be a great indicator that he is about to come out of his hitting funk. Carlos hit a screaming liner up the middle in the 4th inning, and got a dying quail hit to left in the second inning.

Pena is now hitting .218 for the year and is still stuck in a 5-way tie for second place in the AL with 8 homers. You have to remember, Pena hit 6 homers before April 14th of this season.


**Rays DH Cliff Floyd came off the DL  a few days ago, and has come out swinging the bat. Tonight Cliff got two hits and tested his knee in a first to third baserunning play. Unfortunately, Cliff was out at third on a bullet from Melky Cabrera. Floyd ran strong and made excellient cuts to the bag.


* If you can believe this, Dioner Navarro started at catcher again tonight. I am not sure how many nights in a row it has been, because I can not remember the last time Shawn Riggans got a chance to catch.


Dioner again went 2-3 tonight and helped plate the Rays lone score. Dioner hit a single to center that scored Evan Longoria. Navarro also threw out Robinson Cano at second to end the top of  the 9th inning for the Yankees.


                                        The Bad


I have two bads tonight, one that is just a error and just an adjustment for the fielder. The second one is a  deja vu replay of an event that happened in Sunday’s Angels game between two players.


Carlos Pena committed his first error of the seson on a throw to Jason Bartlett at second base. Pena threw a soft throw that sailed a foot over Bartlett’s head into shallow centerfield.


Second, A pop fly behind short/third base put both Carl Crawford and Jason Bartlett in a holding pattern on who was going to go for the ball. The ball fell to the turf, and Morgan Ensberg strolled into home with the winning run of the night. Bad judgement, no communication between either of them on the play.


                                           The Ugly


My ugly is the fact that James Shields is now 0 for-ever against the New York Yankees. That is both home and away 0-for-ever.


James is a smart guy, and he knows that a victory against these guys can set up the team for more glory.  He was making mhis 7th career start against the Yankees tonight. He is 0-5 against then with an  7.83 ERA.


Shields  has given up 29 earned runs in 33 innings against the Yankees. Hideki Matsui is now batting .500 against Shields ( 7-14 lifetime).


Former Rays Player of the Night:


Tonight’s  former Rays is speedster Joey Gathright of the Kansas City Royals.


Joey came up with the bases loaded in the bottom of the second tonight and hit a opposite field single that scored the Royals two runs. Gathright went 1-2 and the two RBI’s lift his season total to 5.


He is currently hitting .255 for the Royals and has 10 stolen bases.



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