Ray’s Season Ticket Information Concerning Post Season


I know I have been getting a million questions and requests for information about the Rays possible Playoff ticket senarios. So I decided to copy and para-phrase the Tampa Bay Rays Post Season information that I have recieved via Email, and let everyone decide for themselves if they fit into the categories needed to arrange Playoff packages.

 I would recommend that you purchase a pro-rated 2008 package to secure a spot in the ticket request system. If you do not purchase a  pro-rated rest of the Season Ticket arrangement, you will probably have to wait until the general public tickets go on sale on either ticketmaster or www.raysbaseball.com.


I can say without reservation, that the Rays  current 2008 Season Ticketholders will probably be in great shape to secure the packages.

Now the following information that  pertains to  all Rays 2008 Season Ticketholders, but it will give you a general  idea of what is going to happen here in the next few weeks concerning possible  purchasing of Playoff tickets.

As you may know, the MLB puts aside about 500 tickets per game for clients, host teams employees’ and players’ requests, and the visiting teams’ ticket requests. This number is generally considered to be in the 500 ticket range. The General Public will be offered ticket purchases after the requests and packages have been processed by the Rays Sales management team.

Without further ado, here is the E-mail we all recived from the Tampa Bay Rays:


Rays Crowd How many postseason packages will I be able to purchase?

If you are a Season Ticketholder, you will have the opportunity to purchase the same number of postseason packages equal to the number of season tickets in your account. Now is the last chance for the general public to purchase prorated season tickets for the 2008 season and get a priority number for the post season ticket packages.


How many additional postseason ticket packages will I be able to purchase?

Current Ray’s Full Season Ticket Holders will be able to purchase additional postseason packages in the Upper Deck. The number of additional packages available for purchase will be equal to the number of season tickets in your account.

I share my season tickets with others. What should be communicated to them about their
postseason options?

The Permanent Rights Holder is the primary name on the season ticket account. That person decides how the postseason tickets will be shared. Only Full Season Ticket Holders have the opportunity to purchase additional Upper Deck postseason packages.

You will want to make sure your share partners don’t miss out on the postseason. In order to have the opportunity to purchase postseason packages, season ticket share partners are encouraged to purchase prorated season tickets for the final 19 games of the 2008 season. Seat locations are limited in our premium locations.

How does the postseason work?

Eight teams, four from each league, qualify for postseason play. In both the American League and National League, the qualifiers will be the three division champions and the second-place team with the best winning percentage. There are three rounds of play in the Major League Baseball postseason. There is a best-of-five Division Series played in a 2-2-1 format in which Team A will host two games, Team B will host two games and Team A will host the final game (Games 4 and 5 are only played if necessary). The best-of-seven League Championship Series and World Series are played in a 2-3-2 format.

The Rays could host 11 possible postseason games (three in the Division Series, four in the League Championship Series, and four in the World Series). Your invoice will reflect the amount for all 11 games.

What payment will be due?

Payment for all 11 possible postseason games will be due; however, any balance for games not played may be rolled over toward your 2009 season ticket renewal or you may request a refund by following the instructions included with your postseason ticket invoice.

The payment deadline will be included on your invoice and is expected to be approximately the first week of September. After this time, your postseason ticket discount will no longer be available.
Tickets will be shipped to the address on the season ticket account approximately two weeks after the payment deadline. Signature will be required for delivery.

Will I be able to purchase single game tickets for postseason games?

Only Current Ray’s Season Ticket Holders are the only ones guaranteed the opportunity to purchase postseason ticket packages. All possible 11 postseason games are included in the package and any remaining balance for games not played may be rolled over toward your 2009 season tickets.

Single game tickets for postseason games will be available when they go on sale to the public.

Who should I call if I have questions?

Please call the Season Ticket Services Department at 727-825-3250 if you have any questions or need assistance.

We are extremely excited about the possibility of postseason games at Tropicana Field and look forward to working with you throughout this process.


Remember, this is only a short explanation of what you might be up against if you do not purchase a pro-rated ticket package for the final 18  home games of the Rays’ season.

I know I will hawk a kidney if we make the Playoffs. This will be a historic event that I would not miss for the world.

Good Luck, and see you at the Ballpark.

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