Open Letter to Andrew Friedman


The following is an open letter to the Rays organization following the recent injury bug that has plaqued the Rays.


Dear Andrew Friedman,


Being a great fan of the Rays, I thought I might write you a letter concerning my views on the recent injury situations hitting the club at this important point in our season.  I hope this letter shows some insight into the thoughts and ideals that we, as vital Rays clogs in the machine see going forth to our October destiny this year.

On the subject of irrational roster moves or acquiring players. Please do not feel like you need to make a monster move to suppliment the injuries suffered by  our All-Star leftfielder Carl Crawford. I think we have enough of a back-up both in Justin Ruggiano, and Eric Hinske, Gabe Gross, and Rocco Baldelli to feel secure in our 15 day to whenever that Crawford will be out of the lineup.

Remember, that Crawford has also been a bit aggressive at the plate this season and is not hitting his usual awesome numbers. I also want to state that the time off for Carl might also help rehabb that hamstring injury that has been plaguing him this year. A few weeks rest might be good for Carl, and the Rays have more than adequate people in house to keep the position secure with the power and speed that is required.

Also by using our farm system instead of going out for over-priced vets like Kenny Lofton, you are making a sound miessage that you will not be “making a deal to make a deal,” that you also have a secure feeling about the personnel already on board for the Rays.

 By not sinking to talk about signing Barry Bonds to a contract, you are keeping the clubhouse chemistry alive and not tampering with fate. You understand that overall feeling in the clubhouse is that they can overcome this set back and come out of it with a stroner team unity and purpose going into the playoff push.

The team chemistry on this squad is the best in Rays history. I have never seen the Bullpen and the bench players root for their teammates as mush as this season. The Rays seem to be more in tune with the entire team concept this year, and they adhere to it’s unwritten rules and conduct.

The squad awards confidience and positive feedback into the media like a stream down a mountain side. Do not try and change that dynamic. It is a rare thing that you have 25 people, and a coaching staff al feeling the same way at the same time. There is noone on this team that feels they are above the group, and the team has done great in keeping that in line this year.

You have made great pitching decisions this year in giving Edwin Jackson a fair shake in the rotation, and he has rewarded you with career highs in wins and a lower ERA. You made a unpopular trade at the time for a shortstop and a young pitcher that made iot seemed like you got low-balled on the deal.

About right now, the Twins might give you the entire farm for these guys back in their fold. Matt Garza has grown alot this year, and the ceiling is only growing with every start this year. But he was not the steal of that deal by a long shot.

Even tho, Jason Bartlett has had a injury plagued season, he has been an instant sparkplug in the Rays machine by playinbg excellient defense, and coming up with timely hits for the Rays this year.

In closing, Andrew, I know it is only about 7 weeks left in this season, but do not make a forceful move just to save some sort of face with the media and fans base. Make the secure moves that might include a certain pitcher in Durham for security in the ‘pen or rotation, but do not be hasty to make the decision to stand pat if the Rays are rolling and it might hurt the flow.

In the end, you are the guy the fans will look at if we fail ro succedd. Either way, the season has been a wild ride, with plenty of more in store for this team in the next 5 years ………..or more


Your Season Ticketholder for Life,


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