Foresight,Hindsight, Blinded by the LIght



The final 5 weeks of this season should be a rollercoaster ide of emotions and sweat and determination. The Rays ares showing that they are out of the cellar and kinda love the view from the top this year. With the proposed Yankee payroll maybe itching towards $ 200 million next season, the Rays will be the Costco again of baseball.

Sure we have a few contracts that have a huge upside to them, but we are not paying a pitcher to rehab for the last two years (Pavano), and we do not have a thrid baseman that is making more than our entire infield makes per year. We will have some salary jumps due to arbitration, and some really hard decisions to make over free agents and possible additions to this squad.

We will also have to decide what to do with all our pitchers, both at the minors and up here in the show. We will have to seek and destryo other teams to get another right-handed bat that can deliver us to another realm of success. The aspect of David Price being up in the majors next season might be a easy guess, and a popular one for the Fans’, but will he truly be ready in only one year?

I know I am doing alot of foreshadowing here right now, but the future is now for the Rays. The decisions we make in the next few weeks and the coming months will decide if we get to this same plateau next season and beyond. The Rays might have dodged a bullet by staying pat in the Trade Deadline, but the jury is still out on that silence. Be lieve me, if we miss the playoffs, or get a real early exit, the voices will ber loud and proud that we shortchanged ourselves.

People will not just be happy that we got to the party finally, they want to be the hit of the ball, not the wallflower who goes home alone. This franchise is growing faster than we imagine. Bandwagon fans are screaming for more, and the original fans are just being patient hoping the dream can finally be fulfilled. We shall see if the dream unfolds or implodes. But whatever it does, remember that the bulk of this same squad is intact and signed for next season.

The Rays will be only as successful  as the rest of the league lests it be from now on. The Trop is fastly becoming “The Pit” as Rays Manager Joe Maddon calls it. People hate to come play here, not for the cowbells or the blue-wigged fans, but because this team expects to win in this building now. The hate to come here because no longer is it a golf holiday and a few days of work.  No longer is this the place where people go to play a few more years than retire from baseball. No longer is this team a bunch of rookie or Triple-A talented players trying to compete in the majors. This is the home of the Tampa Bay Rays, and it is always 72 degrees in the Trop.

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