Origins of the Fist Bump.


It is kinda wild how this small display of celebration has spilled out into the night and become a cttage symbol all its own today.  People from Maine to Alaska now use the fist bump as a symbol of celebration, congradulations and sometimes as a greeting. But the fist bump is getting its origin from political lately, and that is just wrong. It has always had a sports connection.
Be it the forarm smash of the Oakland A’s in the 1980’s, or the booty smack of the 1970’s, the hand upon the human body had always been there since the early clicks of time. I have a habit fo spending my bored time circling the video clips on Youtube for things to make me go Hmmmmmmmmm?
Well, this is my treasure of the week, and I hope you enjoy the “evolution of the Fist Bump”. And remember, no politician, no community leader, no simple jock in a corner bar originated this sign of celebration. It was originated, duplicated and updated by the people who spend their lives playing sports for our enjoyment. 
Here is the  Fist Bump: Enforcer Edition:
The 2007 Superbowl Fist Bump Commercial:

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