Full Moon at the Trop.


Rays 10, Red Sox 3





Everyone has seemed to come out of the woodwork and quaetioned this photo but the people wqho were right there. I can honestly say I was a pretty good distance away on the rightfield line, but I also talked to the security guard in the center of this picture after the event. The situation started with the guy being warned to calm down a few inning before the event. I have to admit, there was a weird vibe in the Trop. last night that sparked alot of wild happenings, even bewhind my seat area. But more about that later.

The security guard on the right of the picture normally stands at the west end of the dugout. The guy shown in the picture here is situated about middle of the dugout. So the security guy had to come over 3 sections to detain the guy. They fought and the guy went towards the dugout. A second guard got there and he seemed to calm a bit, but then began fighting them again. By that time the umpires stopped the game for a few seconds to be sure this guy was not going to jump off the dugout and onto the turf.

The St. Petersburg Police offciers pictured here then got to the scene and the guy did not let up again. He became more violent and was thrashing around on the edge of the dugout. The officer with the taser out took it out as a last resort to calm the man down. It was never discharged, and it was never in a unlocked position. It was being used as an intimidation tool on the guy.

 Several people feel this is unjust force. If the guy runs on the field you have a entire different bag of worms on your hands. I think the officer did the right thing to calm the situation. It was a  non-life threatnening situation, and that is what the taser system was designed for, to quell bad situation without bodily harm. The guy finally calmed down to a point where he could be dragged hog-tied sytle to the paddy wagon outsdie the stadium.  I just want to know, was it just the beer, or was there another stimulant in the guy’s body, because I want to stay away from that guy’s beer vendor.

You also have to take into consideration the amount of people on the field at that moment, and if theymight be in the guy’s path if you let him wander or jump onto the field of play. It doesn’t matter if he is a Red Sox or Rays fan, that is the type of behavior by fans that will only cement people’s judgements of the Southern lifestyle and of the stadium in general. Considering there might have been 20 small situations in the stadium that night, only one going violent is pretty good odds.

I know of one police officier last night wqho responded to a small fight in the upper 146-148 area last night that told me he got bit in the leg by the guy as they were carting him away from the stadium. I guess the facts that you are ejected from the stadium and issued a tresspassing warrant to not enter these facilities again is not a deterrent to actions like this.

But to put on top of that the actions of running on the field and being arrested, and charged not by the city of St. Petersburg, but by major league baseball doesn’t hit your mind in that condition. Tack on the added bit of jasil time before seeing a judge, and the nice fine around and above $ 1,500 dollars, it doesn’t seem like a wise decision in any sense of the word. But the guy who instigate and prolong these fights are not looking for friends either.  This was not the first bad situation in the Trop., and we know it will not be the last. But Boston media are eating this up without even getting into the true facts of the matter.

He was a local Florida guy, not a fan from Boston being carted away. He was warned several times by security to stop and enjoy the game, but decided against it. He did not leave on his own accord, but decided to take a few people with him. Now he is sitting in a detainment facility in the Pinellas County Jail thinking about what he got himself into here. He will be short some cash here soon, and hopefully have a ferw community service hours to think about his actions.

Now, my little slice of heaven came from a guy who was born in  Winter Haven, Florida and was a damate believer of the Red Sox credo. That 3 beers makes you more intelligent to speak about anything. This guy began by befreinding a woman behind me, then started to just get stupid with his mouth from that moment on. Her husband did not take kindly to the actions and decided he had seen enough.

Well, the husband went out of bounds by touching the Boston fan and then trying to get him to hit the guy. He was pawing at the guy trying to bait him into a fight.  The security crew came over to me and asked what I say. I let them know that even though Mr Boston was the mouth in the situation, the husband was physical on the guy and head to go. Mr Bosot nwas all apologetic at that moment knowing it was up to me if he stayed or was carted off. Since he did not get into anything really foul mouthed and was just being a fly that bothers you, I let the situation slide……….never again will I make that mistake.

He settled down a bit until the 6th inning when a fly ball came into our area. I was about to catch the fly, but decided to let it go, knowing Mr Bosotn was right behind my glove. I pulled my glove back and it hit him in the upper forearm and he started mouthing off like a drunken sailor on leave in Manila. He was all cocky about how the ball found him in a sea of Rays fans, and was trying to justify why he could not even catch a foul ball.

I just sat back and counted the minutes until the end of the game. Seriously, this guy then had the nerve to start cutting down the Rays as minor league and how can they play in this small sandbox of a stadium. He even had the nerve to say our young 5 starting pitchers could not even play for the Red Sox. I beg to differ, Francona would take at least 4 of these guys without a reservation in the world.

I tried to last the game, but in the 9th inning he started his rant that the Red Sox eat 6 runs like a chilidog. Well, they were down 8-3 at the time, so chilli-up I told him. As we all know by the boxscore,  4 batters up, 4 batter down for the victory.

As he was getting up to leave I shook the hands of his two friends, but when he threw his hand out to me I told him to just leave. He got all cocky again and threw his entire beer into my computer bag. Thank goodness I did not bring my laptop tonight. I just had a few balls and my glove in there tonight. But, at that moment he saw I was about to play the civil war on my face and scamped up the section landing for the exits.

I do not condone any of his behavior or the guy in the dugout area. This is a fun game that should be enjoyed. I am not saying do not drink a beer and enjoy the game in your own way, but be respectful and be a true fan. I almost became why I dislike about certain fans, but it did not resort to that thank goodness. It is a great idea it never got to that, because I have a whole season of that kind of behavior sealed up in me this year. I might have to go hit a few hundred tennis balls tomorrow with a picture of his face on it.  Constructive anger is a good thing.

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