Rays are on the Doorstep to History


Rays 11, Twins 1

The Rays are on the everge on something truly “magical” this afternoon. After 890 games in the dome, after countless sodas and buckets of ribs digested this team will see and feel something no other Tampa Bay Rays team has encountered…………..A Sellout that did not involve a top attendance team. By the time I get this posted today, the Rays would have sold out the remaining 5,000 tickets for today’s contest on Fox.

That’s right, for the 12th time this season the little Rays that could will be featured on the Big show of Shows on Saturday. Not only are the Rays going for their first step into their destiny, but they will be sitting pretty from this moment on in the playoff picture. But the final step is being taken today to insure that the Rays can, and will sell out those first 3 dates for the American League Divisional Series come next week.

Do not forget to register on www.raysbaseball.com by tomorrow night to get your chance to buy individual tickets to the postseason. You could find tickets on Stubhub next week, but why pay the extra charges and hassle of waiting for your postman like a dog with rabies. Oh, and the Rays have a chance to put their magical number to make the playoffs away until next year.

Did I forget to mention that after this game, the enitre Tampa Bay area will say they were at this game. That the stadium will hold not 36,000 plus, but 3 million today. I remember when the Lightning won their first Stanley Cup. I had a few dozen friends say they were at the final game, until I asked about the ticket stub. Then somehow it got wet, they dropped it, or they did not think it was important to keep. 

Seriously folks, you want people to believe you were there, get a small picture frame tomorrow and put it in there. It might be odd for a visitor to your home to see a ticket in a frame sitting on your bookcase, but it will be your proof of “being there”.

I will be there as usual basking in the glow of the moment, chatting with the Bullpen guys, and truly letting the bad energy finally flow from my body. That is right, after watching 10 years of Rays team try and hit this mark, this team will be the squad that walks through the curtain into endless posibilities. I can think of no better crew to give this kind of gift to, they are one of the best skilled and most team oriented squad we have ever put on the turf.  And you know they will celebrate it as a team, and wait to celebrate it as individuals at home, or with friends tonight.

I will find my usual little hideaway to have a few bubbly beverages and celebrate this day of recognition in Tampa Bay. The Rays will have finally gone through the threshold of wannabe’s, to playoff contenders. It has taken a long time, and there have been a few headaches and misery in the past 10 years. But all that will flow away in the next few hours as the sounds and the energy in that building will trasnport all of us to a magical place.

Winning is a contagious.  So if you have not gotten your ticket yet for today, you might just have to get a TV fix, bacuase Sunday’s game is an official sell out.  Either way, the Rays will be able to celebrate on National television on either day, but it would be great to have it happen today when the area will have so much extra time to celebrate this event. Of course you can celebrate on Sunday too, but with the NFL now going full bore, I do not want your attention diverted by guys hitting each other and odd shaped balls flying through the air.

Saturday is the perfect day to finally have a celebration perfect for the Rays.  It is also the day that the faithful Season Ticketholders can relax, think about the future, and finally see that the future is now.

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