Photo Blog of American League East Celebration


Sorry everyone, but I got so many of these pictures I need to just do a phto blog of the celebration photos. So just sit back and relax and open something cold, but do not throw beer on that poor dog. He will not know what you are celebrating about today.











I hope you enjoyed these pictures.   I know there will be a million more by morning time plastered everywhere in the city.


I was at the ballpark in Detroit last night. I was slightly torn between seeing my Tiger’s win and seeing the Rays clinch their first division. As it turned out, of course, I got off easy! My guys won and The Rays clinched with help from NYY! I posted a couple of pictures from the game on my blog…

I actually like Comerica Park. It has an interesting feel to it. And add that to the wild merry-go-round in the outfield and you got something for everyone.
I was a bit upset about losing the first 2 to the Tigers, but was sitting their watching the game and about 12:30 things turned the Rays way for the rest of the night.
I do have to add, that the Tigers are getting their licks in right now on the Rays. The Tigers fans will have to take these 4 games as a symbol they are not a bad team and will regroup next season.

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