Rays 2008 PostSeason Rally


Well, I am hearing that the Rays have finalized their 25-man Postseason roster. I will get into that tonight with my picks and a small reason why some of the guys might be left off the roster. But today we are here to celebrate the Rays success and show you the pictures I took at the Rally on Monday.

I am also going to put 5 pictures of Survivor from their concert that same day on the blog to condense it all up. I was thinking of doing just a blog on the concert, but we all know their music and it doesn’t have a baseball theme to it all. I am currently trying to get that Kevin Costner video to the song, “It’s All Up to You” that debuted at the Rally. I will get it up here the minute I receive it.

So, let’s get going and check out the photo blog of the pictures I was able to take at the recent Rays Rally in Straub Park in St. Peterburg, Florida.  Please enjoy!!

Rays Television gurus’ Dewayne Staats and Joe Magrane. The are two of the best in the business.


Bullpen Coach Bobby Ramos, the Salsa King. If you ever meet the guy, you will fall in love with his infectious laugh and humor.


The man without no equal…..Don Zimmer. Enough said!



Our All-Star catcher, Dioner Navarro. He had a banner year for the Rays and the best is yet to come for this guy.


The Aussie, Grant Balfour did not make the team out of Spring Training, but he came back and pitched lights out the rest of the year.


Jason “Hambone” Hammel came on in the Boston series and made a place for himself on this squad by his clutch pitching under pressure.


Edwin Jackson and Zim, Jackson had a banner year tying the Rays records for win at 14 with a win in the last game of the season.

Scott Kazmir, another Rays All-Star and a power pitcher with the best of them in the league. He might have had a down year, but this is season 2 for redemption during the Playoffs.

James “Big Game” Shields will be toeing the rubber on Thursday afternoon to start the Rays Playoff run at the Trop.

Where would this team be without Jason Bartlett. He was chosen as the MVP by the local newspaper writer for his all around effort this year.

Akinora Iwamura changed position this Spring, and put up some stellar defense at 2nd base for the Rays. He is also turning into quite a lead-off hitter.


Ben Zobrist has brought about a power in his bat that had not seen since this season. Had 4 homers in the last 4-game series against the Detroit Tigers and was 7-14 last week at the plate.


Rocco Baldelli did not think he would ever grace the turf at the Trop. again as a professional…………but now he is a vital part to the second half success of the Rays.

Kazmir and Matt Garza looking on to the introductions of  the team.

Jonny Gomes. A lot of  people think his action in the Spring game against the Yankees set the tone for this team to be aggressive and stronger this year.    Go Jonny G!!!

Cliff Floyd brought his leadership and his big bat to the young team and is heading them the right direction this year.


One of the most misunderstood Rays, B J Upton. He is a hustler and a game breaker…trust me.


One of the true  hidden treasures of this team, Scott Cursi also known as “the Enforcer.”

Scott Cursi got some major  kudos from Rays Manager Joe Maddon before the last game in Detroit. Cursi got to take the  lineup card out to the umpires……… a really huge honor.


The skipper, Joe Maddon reminding us that the 10th man is needed during this playoff run. We will be there for you Joe.


Our slugger and all-around great first baseman, Carlos Pena also addressed the fans and thanked them for their undying support  this season………But he needs us for some more games here in the next month……….You got it Carlos!!! Carlos pointing to me and telling every one we need more Cowbell at the Trop this week.  I am just one of many Carlos who would die for this team.


WWE Superstar John Cena addressing the fans about passion, and how the Red Sox feel we lack it. I think the 5,000 fans in attendance disagree with the Red Sox.


Former member of the WWE “Nasty Boys” tag team  champs, Brian Knobbs is the celebrity 10th man for the Rays. Knobbs telling us how important the 10th man is to an athlete. How we can make a team energized and rally to a victory with our voices and cowbells.


A shot of the masses from the right of the stage area. Rays gear everywhere.


Sometimes it is good to be friends with the team.  I loved sitting in front of the stage and taking some picture for all of us to enjoy.

Another picture of the turnout with the girls from the Rays team in the foreground.

The following pictures were taken of the band Survivor who performed after the Rays Rally for the fans in attendence. They were formed in 1978  and were known to play mostly album-oriented rock and roll. You might be surprise of all their hits. I will mention a few with each picture on the blog.

This is the group drummer, Marc Droubay. At the end of the concert,  he signed the cap on his head and threw it into the audience. I have one of his two drumsticks in my bag right now since I was seated right in front of him. I missed the second drumstick by a few inches. They are famous for the song “Eye of the Tiger” which was a high energy tune used in the 3rd Rocky movie.

This is lead singer Robin McAuley. He came on board with the band on July 14, 2006 and has been a great addition to the band. They also had a song on another movie, the Karate Kid. In that movie they had the song “The Moment of Truth.”

Here is a photo of lead guitarist Frankie Sullivan who is an original member of the band. Also a song that was recorded by the band that everyone might remember is “I Can’t Hold Back,” and ” High On You.”

Another photo of McAuley during the show performing  the song “The Search is Over.” In their career the band also had a hit on the Rocky IV soundtrack called ” Burning Hearts” that rose to number 2 on the Top 40 charts.

Sound check before the concert at about 4 P.M. The band came out and mingled a bit with the crowd right before the Rally started.  The group also recorded a song called “Poor Man’s Son,” that was a hit overseas more than in the U.S.  Check out the bands song on I tunes or your personal music website  and you might be surprised at all their hits.







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