Carlos Pena Injury





Since Carlos Pena was doing a Post Season blog on, I did not want to write anything about his injury so he could tell everyone about it. But since I have no seen anything about it since yesterdays game, except in the newspaper locally, I am going to comment on it here.

Carlos Pena came to the ballpark yesterday with a irritated eye from playing with his eye at home on Weds. evening. It seems that  something was in his eye and Pena rubbed his eye thinking it was something minor irritating the eye. His rubbing might have cuased him to scratch his eye with his fingernail and irritated his cornea.  Pena went to Rays team doctor Mark Sebley and was diagnoised with a scrathced cornea and blurred vision.

Pena tried to play through it, joking he could strike out just as easily with one eye or two, but got concerned when he had trouble tracking the throws from the infielders during warmups.

Pena went though his the usual Batting Pratice routine suffering some discomfort, but was trying to tough it out for the team. He had Rays Head Trainer Ron Porterfield examine the eye and administer some eyedrops to relieve some pressure and slight pain.

Pena did try and gut it out for the Rays going up to bat in the 1st inning, but struck out on 5 pitches to end the inning. But afterplaying in the field at first base in the bottom of the first inning, Pena consulted Rays Manger Joe Maddon that he was having trouble tracking the throws from the infielders at 1st base and thought it might be a problem for him during the rest of the contest. 

 Maddon decided to sit Pena to rest the eye and prevent any further irritation or problems caused by the dust from the clay infield. Maddon inserted Willy Aybar at first base for Pena, and Pena sat out the rest of the contest.

Pena, using drops and antibiotics and wearing a clear contact for protection, said he expects to play tonight. Pena will  again be in the 3-slot for the Rays and patrolling first base for the A L East winning Rays.


Just a note to people wondering why the Sellout attedence was listed as 35,041 at the game yesterday. To accomodate the huge media requeats for this series, the team ahd to trasnfigure a large section in the Beach area above the leftfield foulpole to be media-friendly. Seat were taken out and tables were brought in from other spots in the ballpark to make ample desk space and seating for the media members. 



Thanks for the update — last night’s game was amazing, but when Pena came out it was a bit disconcerting. Hopefully nothing else crazy will happen to anyone — and hopefully the Rays keep winning!

Go Rays!

I was chatting with Ron Porterfield before the game and Carlos is doing fine. At game time, the lineup went up without Carlos’s name and a few red flags went up in my head, but I was told it was a “rest” day.
Rays Manager Joe Maddon pretty much decided that Carlos has worked his butt off during the second half and could use another day off. Willy Aybar did great at the plate, and had a few plays go the other way on him tonight. but all is great in happy valley.
Pena will be back in the lineup on Sunday, and we might be meeting the plane in the wee hours of the morning.

Sorry I did not get back to you before the game, or befoe a decent hour. I was at a Rays party at the Sandbox and it was too good of a time.

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