Kevin Costner plans ‘Bull Durham’ sequel


Reprint from article in St. Petersburg Times  by Josh Gillin.



Kevin Costner plans ‘Bull Durham’ sequel


Tbdkevincostner100708 We now know the secret why Kevin Costner has been writing so many baseball songs — he’s resurrecting his beloved Crash Davis for an upcoming sequel to Bull Durham, the New York Post’s Page Six says. Say it ain’t so, Kev!

A source tells the tabloid that Costner just met with director Ron Shelton in L.A. to discuss going to the well again. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are supposed to return, as well, but it seems Nuke and Annie were the ones who lived happily ever after, and bought a Major League baseball team that Crash manages.

Throw on top of that steaming pile the idea of Kristen Kerr as one of the cantankerous catcher’s love interests and you will see every baseball fan on the planet simultaneous vomit onto the bleacher bench in front of them. Since the Rays have a working relationship with the Bulls, can’t they do anything about this? This is the worst idea since the designated hitter — remember, Kevin, you’re better off being a Sixty Minute Man.

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