Rays ALDS Celebration Photo Blog



I  have only got a few photos right now, but as the night goes on you know I will be updating this blog and adding more and more as I get them.

 Who would have thought we would be celebrating this in October should be a psychic friends network supervisor.

All I got to say is that I hope you already got your ALCS tickets, because if you did not get them within the first 5 minutes today, you will be at Ferg’s ,or other great places celebrating with your friends. I got lucky and scored a few incentives for the series, but I am not going to give up my sources right now. But, let me tell you that the prices going up on places like Stubhub.com and cheap tickets.com are out of this world. My seat area at the Trop is going for over $ 350 dollar a seat right now, and the seat cost the Season Ticketholders $ 55 dollars when we first got them.

That is the problem with places that re-sell tickets at a profit. They price out the average guy and only the executive or coporations can afford to purchase more than 1 ticket at a time. Even if you were a Season Ticketholder trying to get more tickets, you got out manuvered by people selling the passwords on Ebay or other sites to purchase tickets. I know it is a true sign of free capitalisitc system, but can we maybe cap the top asking price at 300 percent over the listed ticket price.

Only thing better would be to sell my ticket for $500 dollars to a Boston fan and take his money and buy the bar a round of drinks on him.   Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, I can’t do that, I love this team too much to even give up a ticket for a huge amount of dough. 


So here are the only photos I have right now, but you know there will be more shortly.  Enjoy!!!



Did you see Edwin Jackson and Matt Garza sprint out of the dugout and head to Grant Balfour. They might be in line for pinch-runner duties in the future. That was a flat-out sprint to the mound. Pure Grant, getting mugged by a 240 pound catcher with all his gear on………..



The you got Jonny Gomes coming in for a side attack, while Scott Kazmir is climbimg the human pile-up.



Navi..meet Evan………Evan…….meet Navi.



First an All-Star selection for Navarro, now a possible World Series game behind the plate. It is truly a “magical season” for the Rays.



Carlos Pena was interviewed tonight and talked about the “fraternity” type enviorment that this team has had all year long since Spring Training. It truly shows that each of these guys depend on each other to play 100 percent for the entire game and they will be victorious………………Kudo to Joe Maddon for his cryptic message of brotherhood.




No Joe, We need to salute you for all that you have done for this team this year.

And let the Champagne flow baby……………………Let it Flow!



How great must Stu Sternberg feel sitting their knowing his team has just gone one more rung up the ladder in the Playoff picture. You could never imagine that in this short time this club would rebound from the 100 loss club to the almost 100 win club plateau. I would be sitting there soaking thia all in too.  It is truly a magical year for eveyone associated with this team.



Navi getting some love from one of his biggest supporters, owner Stu Sternberg.



Akinora Iwamura, who hit .389 during the series has a huge moment with pitcher James Shields. You know Shields is happy to not have to go to the mound for Game 5 against the White Sox. With this couple of days off between the ALDS and the beginning of the ALCS, Shields might be the Game 2 starter for the Rays at Tropicana Field.



“Mr. Ray” Jonny Gomes and the true leadership of this team, Cliff Floyd enjoying a moment with champagne bliss. Floyd has been one of the huge veteran leadership guys on this team this year. Having won a ring in 1997 with the Florida Marlins, Floyd knows what it takes to win it all.



The Rays “big 3 Guns” enjoy the victory tonight. James Shields, Matt Garza, and Scott Kazmir are the big three who will pitch the Rays into the ALCS.  Kazmir had a 3.38 ERA in the ALDS series and his 1st post-season win.




Rocco Baldelli helping Andy Sonnanstine celebrate his first post-season win, with a little help from Ben Zobrist and Fernando Perez.


 Jonny Gomes doing his best Aquaman imitation helping a team mate adjust his champagne goggles



You have to be glad that Carl Crawford finally got to play in one of these “games that matter.”  Considering he and Baldelli are the last of the products of the old  “Rays” system, this must feel like pure heaven on your face and skin right now. Crawford was a huge part of the teams success in this final game.




After all the hoopla, I headed out to the St. Petersburg’/Clearwater airport at about 10:05 p.m. to set up a spot to welcome the boys’ home.  When I got there, I rambled up to the WTSP Channel 10 news truck and found out that the team would be getting directly on the busses’ and heading to the Trop. That there was no planned or even a walk through the airport palnned for tonight. 


Because of their late arrival time, maybe around 2 a.m., the Rays were thinking of the players and families who might be waiting for them at the Trop. I understand this totally, and I went back to the house to respect the request of the Rays. But, with the fast sell-out of the ALCS tickets, and the possible aspect of over 50,000 people hitting the bars in St. Pete on Friday and Saturday night, it might be the last time we see the Rays players until another major Rally or post game event.

I guess it is all about timing. And with that in mind. Chris Westmoreland, now do you undertsand why I was trying so hard to get a job in the clubhouse the last few years. I have played college baseball and saw a chemistry building in the last few years that had to top out sometime. Little did I even know it would be this season. I thought we had at least 1 more before the explosion.  Click.click……Boom.Boom



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