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Chicago White Sox fans have to know you have a very classy manager in Ozzie Guillen. He has been complimentary to the Rays all year long and as a former Rays, he knows just how far this team has gone in a really short time.

And to add another level to Ozzie’s wild times, after the game yesterday, he made sure to stop by the visiting clubhouse ahd chat and hug Rays Manager Joe Maddon and wish him luck against the Boston Red Sox. He did not have to do this, but being a classy player and a manager can get you some levels of respect within the league.

For every thing that Ozzie does to invoke a fine or a temper tantrum, he is just as classin in the “good” areas too. He is a players’ manager, and they love to play for him. Just becuase you question your team’s General Manager, or remind baseball that sometimes you do hit guys on purpose, he is also a kind and  true soul that is rare in this league. You go Ozzie, and we will see you in May dude!!!!!




Tell me right now that this team was not better after the first 11 games when Evan Longoria came up and played his rookie season. He is one of the offensive stars of the team this year, and has a killer glove at thrid base to remind you of Brooks Robinson of the old classic Orioles.



James Shields, Jonny Gomes, Scott Kazmir, Edwin Jackson, B J Upton, and a cast of millions toasting to the Rays success with a little Patron tequila right before changing and hitting the bus for the plane home………..priceless.



Joe Maddon with the first Patron bottle, with either Chris Westmoreland, theRays Home Clubhouse Manager, or Jeff Ziegler the Rays’ Director of Team Travel. I am not good at judging the back of people’s heads.




Akinora Iwamura getting into the American custom of dropping a full Budweiser over Carlos Pena’s head. Cool clean and good for the follicles guys.



Carlos Pena in the middle of a blast of champagne. But do not worry people champagne is good for the eyes.  Trust me here.




Tell me Grant Balfour did not deserve to end out this series. The Rays Bullpen had a .088 ERA in the White Sox series. And the Aussie was more than an intimidation factor after the game 1 fiasco with Orlando Cabrera. With his four-letter exercises in First Amendment speech, Balfour gave way to a new era of wild, excitable relievers in the playoffs.




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