What They are Saying About the ALCS…Game 5















What the Boston papers are saying about the Rays’ 8-7 loss to the Red Sox in Game 5:

Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

”The Red Sox are the defending champions. They always come to play nine innings, and if it takes the greatest postseason comeback in 79 years to stay alive, then they will give you the greatest postgame comeback in 79 years.

”Got that, Rays?”

Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

”The catatonic Rays have to be doubting themselves after watching their World Series tickets dissolve in Fenway’s midnight madness. If you are a Rays fans, you have to worry. The young bucks choked the way few have choked before. They were inches from a clean getaway, a Fenway sweep that would have embarrassed the defending world champs and elevated the Tampa team to elite status. And they coughed it all up in three ridiculous innings.”

Steve Buckley, Boston Herald

”The Red Sox were dead, and dead teams are not supposed to wake up. It is scientifically impossible. You’re dead, you’re dead.

”Then again, if dead teams did not awaken, we would not have Bobby Thomson and Carlton Fisk and all that.”

Ron Borges, Boston Herald

”It is old magic by now, like seeing the rabbit come out of the hat for the 100th time, but who cares? The Sox are still playing, and the Tampa Bay Rays better understand now what they are up against.

”They are up against a team that understands what winning is all about. It’s about winning one game even when you need three. Winning one game even when you need two. One game.

”That’s what the ALCS is now down to for the Red Sox. One game, which they won last night as dramatically as a team could.”

John Tomase, Boston Herald

”David Ortiz’ three-run homer hit the right field seats, and the Tampa Bay Rays stopped in their tracks.

”One second the young upstarts were happy go lucky and carefree, thinking, World Series.

”The next they were nervous and dry heaving, with Fenway Park [map] rocking, trying not to entertain thoughts like, ‘Holy cow. It’s the ALCS, it’s 7-4, and the Red Sox are coming.’


I always love how hometown papers spin thing into a frenzy over the smallest gesture or opinion. It is what i miss about the New York papers this year spilling the innuendo and the propaganda of the pinstripes. But I also like how if they truly felt the end was near, they at least braced the fans for the iceberg’s edge.

The Boston media is sending them to the cliff’s without a parachute. This is a 1 game series period. Rays win won, you go home to play golf until the golf course is covered in snow. the national media might not be wanting a Phillies vs Rays matchup, but the locals sure do. It will be an all-Pinellas county Spring Training brawl with the bats from Broad Street angainst the Salsa Slammers of the Trop.

And Carlos Pena gives dancing lessons for those of you players who do not know how to do his dance……………..

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