ALCS Celebration Photo Blog………….Part 2….2008



World Series tickets on sale today

Tickets for World Series games 1 and 2, to be played Wednesday and Thursday at Tropicana Field, will go on sale today to those who won the ticket lottery. Winners will be notified by e-mail this morning, with the pre-sale beginning at 5 p.m.  Fans can still register for  a chance to purchase tickets for potential games 6 and 7 at

Not a lottery winner?

Well, there’s





I have decided that this celebration can not be totally done in one blog, so I am expanding the Photo Blog to two-parts to get more photos to you, the fans before the morning.  So please enjoy the photos and make sure to keep checking out my blog throughout the World Series for Rays updates and game recaps until the end of it all………………maybe another celebration!!!!!!!!




Rays catcher Shawn Riggans running around the right field wall slapping the hands of fans and enjoying the moment as the Rays are the 2008 American League Champs.



Rays Manager Joe Maddon and ALCS MVP Matt Garza taking in the scene and finally letting it soak in that they are about to play in the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies on Wed. night.



Rays reliever, Dan Wheeler striding down the right field line near the Rays Bullpen slapping hands and celebrating with the fans base.



How cool is that, a rookie like David Price comes in and set down one of the best lineups in the American League and now he gets to hold the AL Championship Trophy.




Aki again among the Rays faithful who stayed beyound 1 a.m. to help celebrate another Tampa Bay Rays victory and their first run at the World Series Championship.




I had to add one more photo of that world class dog pile that David Price and Dioner Navarro are on the bottom of here. I know it hurts, but it also feels so good guys.  Congrats again to a great team, and a great set of human beings. You are our heroes and our inspirations guys.


Shop Now!

I have not even left the ballpark yet and they are almost out of the Rays American League merchandise sent in the first wave by MLB. How crazy is that.  I am so glad the fans are excited about the World Series. I hope at least 25 percent of them come back to the ballpark in 2009 and fill the stadium.  Oh, news flash here people………..We play the Phillies in Philly next season as part of the Inter-League schedule.  How cool is that!!!!!   Road Trip.



Team getting personal time with the AL Championship trophy. Do they pass it around and can keep it for one day like the Stanley Cup?




This Photo is going to be firmly planted in my mind for a long, long time. This is the final out of the game…………a force out of Jason Bay by Akinora Iwamura to seal the deal for the Rays.



Carlos Pena getting ready to do that dance he loves to do at celebration.  Maybe Carlos can teach the entire Tampa Bay area that dance some time.



Tell me that is not one proud owner. He promised us a winner and he delivered ahead of schedule…………he could run for President right now and get elected on the Rays ticket.




Carlos and Ben Zobrist a few minutes after the final out of the game. This team is more like a family than the Pittsburgh Pirates teams in the 1970’s……………..We Are One Team!!!!!   Tell me the marketing department is not proud of thst slogan now!



This is what the Trop. looked like 2 minutes after the last out. Rays players running everywhere looking for a teammates to hug and slap some fist bumps on them.



We have finally done it, we’re in the World Series. Who would have thought? Well, we have one more round of proving the experts wrong to finish this amazing journey. World Series, here come the Rays!Nice celebration pictures, by the way.Brenton

Thanks Brenton,

Yeah dude, we can finally say we are the beast of the east with no reservations this year. Did you get to the game tonight, I thought I saw you, but I was running like a fool with my camera and my laptop from the Beach area media center.

I enjoy getting these pictures for people. i have a few photo friends who tell me sites to hit to get some grest pictures, then I get some of my own too. I am too excited right now about all of this. I might be able to sleep on Tuesday, bit tonight and tomorrow will be a blur to me.

Do not forget the World Series tickets go on sale on Mnoday at 5 p.m. you will want to see a piece of this history, we are going to the frickin’ BIG SHOW

Rays Renegade

i also agree Joe Maddon needs to win the coach of the year, cause of the teams big turn around + Evan Longoria will be the Rookie of the year
If they dont will these two awards then the awards are pretty much worthless

That is too true. Maddon should get the Manager of the Year award without a hitch. Evan also has a great shot at Rookie of the Year, but we also thought Rocco Baldelli did about 5 years ago.
So nothing is a lock for a member of the Rays family.

But we have two titles that will never be taken away: American League East Champs, and American League Pennant in 2008

Rays Renegade

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