Case of the Disappearing World Series Tickets………



Wow, it is almost here. The thing that has been in the dream’s of all Ray’s fans since the team first put on the black uni’s with the black light lettering. We have a chance to be Worlds Champions in about 10 days. The Rays, the team that saw the light but couldn’t grasp it until they put it on our uniform is now only 4 wins away from basball’s biggest prize……..and most fans could not even get tickets for it.


I know as a season ticketholder I got  an early chance to get my tickets during the regular season. And those tickets are well in hand, but some people decided to gamble and try and get their in the Rays ticket lotto, or from Rays friends and businesses’. But the webiste last night at 5:03 p.m. for both game came back empty for me.


Are you serious here, 3 minutes into the ticket selection period and all the seat were gone, even the Standing Room Only in the Beach area. You have got to be kidding. For this reason, I think that MLB next year needs to put some type of programming on their webisite, along with Ticketmaster to keep large ticket brokers like Razorgator, or Stubhub in the same category as fans trying to get tickets. No computer programs that snatch up 50 tickets in 20 seconds, or  blocks of unusual amounts of tickets.


I know MLB and it’s sponsors get a share of the ticket bounty, but do you think all of their seat will be filled?  Hopefully, if not, you not only took the joy and experience away from a fan, you might have lost a return customer in the process. I am very sure there will be an extra 1,000 or more tickets in the hands of sponsors or the MLB after the First Pitch.


Missed mortgage for these tickets


Maybe those groups can get one rep to volunteer to go outside the stadium and give the unused tickets to a fan circling the stadium. No scalping, no money changing hands, just great public relations gimmick for the home crowd. I know I went to the Super Bowl a few years ago in Texas on a corporate gig, and 25 seats in our section went unused and were vacant the entire game.


Think of the thanks and customer loyalty you could buy for free with just handing a unused ticket to a guy struggling to get one outside the stadium. You could even turn the PR into a press release if you are that shallow and promote yourself until the cows come home. Big time sports needs to check itself sometimes before they get beyond the experience of the average fan.


           A fan-tastic day


They need to remember that this is a huge investment ($ 175/ seat with Season Ticket advantage) sometimes in the hundreds of dollars by game day. In the Tampa Bay area, the unemployment rate is skyhigh and rising a little more every day. Soon the average guy will be priced out of Season Tickets and will have to buy the lesser half or 40-game package to even get a good deal on seats.


But that is also the burden of the beast.  As some go by the wayside, a new crop of fans will take their place, or seats in the Trop.  Corporate America has to remember that the Rays’ faithful might not see this  kind of excitement in the stadium ans in the town again for a while. People have talked about a mini-run of several years at the top of the AL East, but I do not take anything for granted anymore.


Been there, done that, and the fact is the World Series is never a guarantee to a team, even a good one.  So think about it bigwigs in the great seat and the All-You-Can-Eats Whitney Bank Club or Suites. If you were joe average and knew this was a once in a lifetime event, would you play $600 dollars for a $ 100 dollar seat in the nose bleed section to be here.


Oh, I forgot, your boss gave you your tickets for free.


Rays pumpkin


Great Post!!!

I’m a huge Rays fan. I live in Port Charlotte, which is about 1:15 hrs south of the Trop. I attend at least one home game per series, I have season tickets to the new spring training in Charlotte County, I have a Rays Spring Training MLB Blog, I talk to Rays fans from around the world everyday on the Rays board, I made the $50 deposit x 2 for 2009 season tickets in the outfield, I’ve sacrificed my families financial well being to attend every home ALDS and CS game, I’ve paid the ridiculous beer, food, and soda prices all year, my family and I have supported the Rays through good and bad times and my 13 year old daughter loves the Rays so much that she cried when Aki crossed 2nd base this past Sunday.

HOWEVER, my family won’t be attending a World Series game because after all of that support, we did not get a password and cannot afford to purchase tickets from scalpers who are marking up the tickets with their huge profits. YET, some corp. group, family, or person who knows nothing about the Rays, has never attended a game at the Trop or in fact, cares about the sport will be witnessing this historical event, while my family is sitting on the couch watching it on TV.

Moral to the story. Baseball isn’t about apple pie, chevrolet, the fan or the love of the game anymore. BIG baseball is now about greed, money, and power AND the “fat cats” always WIN!

MLB’s ticket lottery system needs to be restructured to reflect honesty, fairness, and a commitment to real baseball fans who support their teams. For one, the ticket sales should not be a shot gun start and ticket availability in all sections should be spread out over the entire presale time frame. This would stop the scalpers and profiteers from grabbing them all up at once. Also, being that most of the stadium was not held by season ticket holders this past year, the fans who purchased more than say 30 home game tickets and supported the Rays over the year should have been given the first rights to post season tickets behind season tickets holders…..Oh course these are just my opinions and I’m sure MLB and the Rays organization could careless.

Go Rays!!


As I stated in the peice, I went on at 5:03 p.m. and could not even find Standing Room Only seats for a few friends.

As a Season Ticketholder in good standing I get a password for every game of the series, but I started on Game 2 and did not find a single seat to be had in the Ticketmaster site.

It made it moot to even have the password. But, I know of people who sold their password on Ebay to the higehst bidder and they might of gotten scammed by no tickets too.

Guess that is the reality of being a contender, some time the good have to suffer while the bad get richer and richer.

If I had gotten some, I would have sold them to you at face value without a problem.

Rays Renegade

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