World Series Predictions From Around the MLB in 2008



Here are some of the predictions from the Third Ward. You know, those guys who know sports so much better than some of us who either played them, or even starred in them in college or above. I always find it interesting that a guy who enver played baseball can make a comment on hitting a slider when he has never even taken an at bat, or been in the box with a guy throwing 96 m.p.h. at him in a game situation.

But I guess it could be worse. My banker could have given me my mortage paperwork written on beverage naps from a local tavern, or styed at the Holiday Inn Express the night before signing day. So enjoy some of the pundits picks and reasons below. I will make my predictions on the bottom of the blog.  Enjoy reading some of the recpas on their picks:


Marc Topkin, St. Petersburg Times

Rays in 6: They don’t know any better to be intimidated by the stage, and their homefield advantage will leave the Phillies hearing cowbells all winter.

John Romano, St. Petersburg Times

Rays in 6: Too much depth, too much flexibility, too much heart. The team that wouldn’t quit finally reaches the finish line.

Gary Shelton, St. Petersburg Times

Rays in 7: What could be more dramatic than winning a Game 7 at home against the Red Sox? How about winning a world championship in a Game 7 at home?

Joe Smith, St. Petersburg Times

Rays in 7: Every time you count them out, they make you pay. And with starters like Matt Garza and Scott Kazmir getting back on track (and David Price a not-so-secret weapon), their pitching depth will carry them through.

Brant James, St. Petersburg Times

Rays in 5: The Rays should have their way if they keep Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino from creating too much chaos on the bases and Ryan Howard, Pat Burrell and Chase Utley in the ballpark.

Dave Scheiber, St. Petersburg Times

Rays in 6: A relaxed Rays team rides the emotional wave from beating Boston, benefiting from their high-decibel homefield advantage and a surging pitching staff bolstered by rookie phenom David Price.

Eduardo A. Encina, St. Petersburg Times

Phillies in 7: Door closers Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge shorten the game and end this year’s run of late-inning Rays heroics.

Tom Jones, St. Petersburg Times

Rays in 6: The Bucs won their first Super Bowl. The Lightning won its first Stanley Cup. The Rays will win their first World Series. It’s karma, baby.

Tim Kurkjian, ESPN the Magazine

Rays in 7: They have speed, power, pitching and four games at home.

Peter Gammons, ESPN

Phillies in 7: I had the Rays in the first two series. I have the Phillies in this one and the biggest reason is the last two innings of the Phillies’ bullpen, Madson and Lidge.

Tracy Ringolsby, Rocky Mountain News

Phillies in 6: Lidge makes the difference.

Harold Reynolds, and TBS

Rays in 7: The key will be the bullpen. David Price and Edwin Jackson will play a big role.

Ken Rosenthal, Fox and

Rays in 7: The AL is a stronger league and this is a strong, deep team.

Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Rays in 5: No stopping them now.

Gerry Fraley,

Phillies in 6: After a season in Philadelphia, playing in Tropicana Field seems like a no-stress holiday to the Phillies.

Dave Sheinin, Washington Post

Rays in 4: They steal Game 1 off Hamels and that’s it. They have better pitchers in the next three.

Mark Feinsand, New York Daily News

Rays in 6: I think Hamels is the only pitching matchup in (the Phillies’) favor at all.

Mel Antonen, USA Today

Rays in 6: I love their pitching and defense.

John Smallwood, Philadelphia Daily News

Phillies in 6: They’ve got to be patient at the plate and make the Rays starters throw a lot of pitches to get to the bullpen.

Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe

Rays in 5: Rays will destroy the Phillies’ pitching after Hammels.



I know that all of America are anxious on my picks here. I am actually going to pick the winner of the World Series and the World Series MVP in this blog. It might be no surprise what team I am picking, but the person who I am picking for the MVP might be a no-brainer too.


I am taking the Tampa Bay Rays in 6 Games to win the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. I am holding alot of faith and respect for the left arm of our secret weapon out of the Bullpen , reliever extrordinaire, David Price.

I am also going to make him a candidate for the MVP, but he will lose out to teammate B J Upton, who will set the new record for homers by and individual in the playoffs this year. He is one away noe from tying the record, and I think in a 6 game series he will expolde at least twice to push the new record to 9 homers total in the playoffs.

This along with an outfield assist on a throw to home to peg  Shane Victorino some time during the series will seal the deal for Upton. The earlier the better for the Rays.


So with that all done, let’s get to doing what we do best here in Tampa Bay and get our cowbells primed and ready for a shootout in the old Trop tonight. I agree that if the Rays steal a win tonight, it puts more pressure on the Phillies to come up big in their home ballpark. And the Rays have become road warriors this postseason.




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