World Series Tidbits……….The Sunday Edition





I was reading an article today where the  some of the Philly fans’ were tormenting the families of the Rays and a few members of this elite fraternity of boorish behavior decided to vent their comments on the pages of some of the other blogs.

First off Philly fans, I worked the Chinatown area of your city for 2 years and I do know the type of fans you have after 6 Rolling Rocks. I also know what kind of fans you are after a game in the surrounding parking lots and on the SEPTA buses’ carrying all of you away from the games.

I am not going to sit here and tell you I have probably arrested a few of you near me tonight ( I have), but this doesn’t mean that all Philly fans share your love for the dark side of the sport. Most of the people at the game goe for the entertainment and love of baseball.

But like any sports, there are the small gangs of fans and hooligans who can make a crowd get uptight and angry at a moments notice.  I can honestly say I saw the Philly fans knock the food out of the hands of 2 Rays fans, but Phillies reps came to their rescue before I could get out of my seat. They re-furnished the food for them and walked them to their seats. theye were not hassled the rest of the night as a uniformed police officiers monitored from the top of the stairs.

Nothing the last 2 nights has diminished the way I feel about the brash minority in Philly. Because of the Eagles game earlier in the day, a few fans did double duty, both at the beer carts and at the games. This is a world stage for your city and your fans. How you use it is your own problem.

We have been called soft and lifeless as Rays fans because we have not gotten in your face or tossed food or drink your way in our home stadium. Maybe we know that the best PR is good PR. Make it a great experience to come to a game and you get more fans. Make it a hostile enviorment and you just get more fans with that mentality. By the way, remember, you come down yo OUR house for an Interleague play series next year in the middle of the week…………….See you then, come down to Section 138, I will show you some Southern hospitality, not boorish complaints and behavior.


It was pretty cool to see old Terry Bradshaw in a Rays cap on the Fox Football program right before the start of Game 4. Bradshaw has always been a favorite of mine since I played against him in the mid-80’s. I remember hitting him once on a corner blitz and the guy just chuckled and picked me up and said I was like a runaway train coming in on him. Always love it when a  Eastern Penn., icon puts on the cap of a Phillies rival……………….classic move on his behalf

Love the guy, and he has given me another reason to enjoy watching him and respecting him……….He is a Rays fan. 


I did not get the pleasure of seeing this myself, so I have to take a fiend’s Email as the proof it did happen last night. As I was sitting there freezing in my Florida Gators’ sweater, I was told that Fox had the Kalas’ read the starting lineup for both teams.

As Philly fans all know about Harry Kalas, their legendary voice for ions, they got their first view of the young straping lad Todd last night. Todd had the honors of introducing his hometown Rays, while Dad did the honors for the Phillies. It was a great moment in television as people got to hear both of their announcing skills and Todd’s dads amazing voice.

I was told that John Buck, broadcasting the game for Fox made a comment, “If I had a voice like that I would talk to myself.” about the elder Kalas’ amazing persona.


Elias Sports Moments from Last Night

Joe Blanton‘s fifth-inning home run was the first extra-base hit of his career. Blanton is the first player in major-league history whose first extra-base hit-whether in a regular-season or a postseason game-was a World Series home run.


Ryan Howard, whose three-run home run to left field gave the Phillies a 5-1 lead in the fourth inning, has led the majors in opposite-field homers in each of the last three seasons. He hit 22 home runs to the opposite field (left or left-center) this season, six more than the MLB runner-up, Adrian Gonzalez. Only five players, Gonzalez included, hit even half as many opposite field HRs as Howard.


Scott Kazmir (24 years old), James Shields (26), Matt Garza (24), and Andy Sonnanstine (25) are the first set of four pitchers, each under the age of 27, to start for a team in a World Series since 1955, when both the Dodgers and Yankees started four pitchers who were not yet 27 years old.

Dodgers: Roger Craig (25), Billy Loes (25), Johnny Podres (23), and Karl Spooner (24).
Yankees: Whitey Ford (26), Bob Grim (25), Don Larsen (26), and Bob Turley (25).


Evan Longoria is the second rookie to go hitless in his first 16 at-bats of a World Series. The only other rookie to begin a World Series with an 0-for-16 streak was Flea Clifton of the Tigers in 1935. (Clifton was 0-for-16 for the entire series.)


Hi there,
Just wanted to say thanks for spreading some goodwill and saying hello on my Phillies Ballgirl blog.
I also sincerely apologize for any fans that have given any Rays fans a bad impression of the city. I hope everyone recognizes that not all Philadelphians behave that way, and that most of us would rather cheer on our team and watch some great baseball than harass a Rays fan.
For the record, I spent half an inning last night “fixing” a snapped rubberband for a young fan in a Rays jacket named Connor. He was having a blast on a night out in Philadelphia with his grandparents (as he should have).
So here’s to an exciting game 5, with some great baseball, some good fun, and no stupid fan behavior!

I never have a problem promoting any team’s members who show what the sport is truly all about. the Philly Ballgirls’ have worked pretty hard down there on the field in the World Series.
It is sometimes not easy getting out of the way of a ball screaming down the line. You guys are the good will ambassadors of your team.

I worked in Philly for 2 years with the police department and I know what they can be, as unruly as they are good. Unfortunately I did not get to come down and say hello to any of the gilrs while I was there.

All I can say about tonight is…lucky is a fickle woman and she will reward the one she likes at the moment. So let’s get set for a great Game 5 and let her decide who she likes by the 9th inning.

Rays Renegade

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