Ray’s Rally on Friday in St. Petersburg




The Rays may have fallen short of a World Series title, but that’s no reason for the region to postpone a party.

St. Petersburg mayor Rick Baker said Thursday morning that plans were in the works to host a rally commemorating the Rays’ historic season, which ended with Wednesday night’s loss in Game 5 of the World Series.

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The rally is tentatively scheduled for Friday at 4:30 p.m. ET in St. Petersburg’s Straub Park and will feature manager Joe Maddon and several Rays players.

“We are getting all kinds of calls from fans and media asking where the celebration is going to be,” Baker said in a phone interview on Thursday morning. “So we are going to try to honor that.”

Baker agreed with Rays owner Stu Sternberg’s comments that the club’s successful season has opened up baseball to the entire Tampa Bay area. In fact, Baker was willing to take Sternberg’s assessment one step further.

“It’s had an incredibly positive effect, I think, on the whole west coast of Florida,” Baker said. “There’s been so much bad news right now. This has been such a lift in the sprits for people in the community.”


The Rays may not have won a trophy with a bunch of flags that says World Champions, but in our eyes they have won so much more. The life lessons these young men have learned under the management of Joe Maddon and his coaching staff hopefully will inspire others to recognize that united we can ALL accomplish so much more. Truly caring for one another gets us so much more than any amount of money can buy.

We will be back next year and so much better in so many ways!!!

They have not even been idle one day and they are looking to the future. Andrew Friedman is going to the MLB GM meetings in a few days and is looking for a few pieces to get us past the hump.

This team will be even better next year after the experiences they got this year as a winnung franchise.

The Trop. will become a hated place to play in stating in 2009 because we know how to win now. Could be a fun to be a Rays fan for awhile………………or lik me,..for a lifetime

Rays Renegade


Nice blog…love your passion.

Tampa Bay Rays fans have so much to look forward to. Congrats on a great season and I have a feeling people around the league are gonna get to know you guys real well for many years to come. Great team!

Keep up the good work…


I am just lucky enough to be born here and able to follow such a great team. I have always had a huge passion for baseball and played it until my Senior year in college. I lost my way and played the other “ball” sport in the next level and never had the same passion or drive as on the diamond.

This team was built in such a way that the draft picks have matured to the point of being on the cusp of greatness right now. It was built for the playoffs with pitching, a solid Bullpen, and all 9 hitter that can make the difference in a contest. Unfortunately it was not our time………………that is fine, we will be back here in the playoffs someday real soon with a better understanding and experience level you can not buy or acquire without the sweat and pain.

Rays Renegade


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