Giving Thanks and Enjoying Life




Today is the day that we give thanks to family, friends and the community for the blessing that we have recieved over the year.  Nothing matters today besides the family and the fine food we are about to devour like true carnivores. If it is turkey, brother save me a drumstick, if it is a succulant ham, save me a piece from the end that is overflowing with the juices and the honey glaze.


We enjoy everything from the green bean casserole, to the stuffed mushrooms. We wander from the hall table full with appetizers and mouth-watering goodies that will live in our minds for day, years, and maybe a lifetime. We are celebrating the second best day of the year………Thanks giving.


As we sit down at the table, it is customary that we all tell what we are thankful for this year. By tradition I am always the last to speak my piece because I am the one in the family who loves to give thanks for everything from TIVO to As we sit and raise a glass of fine beverage we all acknowledge that the year has been a wild ride and the new one is going to be filled with greater advetures and smooth sailings.




As the tabel leans in to finally hear my list of wishes, I remind them that this might take a while and ask if anyone needs to get anything from the fridge or the table. I nod to my other half and tell her to begin to cut the 4 pies that she hand baked last night for the guests and proceed to tell you what I am hopeful and thankful for in 2008:




I am thankful that I have a hometown major league team ( Rays) ,where some cities have minor league or communitie base semi-pro leagues throught out America.


I am thankful and blessed to be a member of a great cheering group with the Rays, the “Maddon’s Maniacs”, and be enshrined in my team’s Fan Wall of Fame.


I am thankful to the man who finally brought us Tampa Bay Rays baseball after being struck down twice by MLB for purchasing teams, but stood firm and finally got us our team. Vince Namoli does not get the love he should for doing what everyone else could not for Tampa Bay.


I am thankful for Stu Sternberg, who bought the club and made good on a promise to make Tampa Bay a winner……….alot sooner than even he thought it would happen.


I am blessed and thankful to the entire staff of the Rays for letting me take a Team Photo with them in May, not knowing the significance at the time of what would happen in October.


I am thankful to America for staying the home of the brave and the land of the free. While baseball players are sequestered and defiled for wanting to enjoy the simple liberties we take granted daily.



I am thankful for the sacrifice and the honor bestowed on every man or woman who steps off a transport overseas, that his tour be short and his life be richer for the experience, in a positive way.


I am thankful for the men and woman  who daily police the cities and the countryside to keep us safe in our homes.


I am thankful for the right to sleep in late, or stay up until sunrise and know that life is only going to get better.


I am thankful for the friends and family that I have now and have lost, either by death or by time passing between us.




I am thankful for the travels to other stadiums and cities to enjoy another team’s culture and fandom in their home enviorment, even Boston and Philadelphia.


I am thankful I have been at our teams clinching games for a playoff berth, AL division series, and AL pennant wins. The bonus was to attend 4 of the 5  World Series game this year by my team.


I am thankful and blessed to be friends with people in baseball, including the Rays, who know my passion and my desire to see baseball and not politics played on the field.


I am blessed to finally know what it is like to cheer for a winner. I was a member of an SEC title celebration, but only got to see one side of the joy and excitement from the field, and never before this year got to feel the fans’ side of the joy and energy.


But most of all, I am thankful and blessed to have people like you read my rants and raves daily and who comment and live my Rays dream with me. For that I am extremely grateful and give you this promise today. I will read as many of your great articles as time allows me, and comment and show positive vibes where ever possible with MLBlogs.



So with that, I raise my glass of fine wine and salute you, the readers and writers of MLBlobs, for you are the reason we are, and the reason we write. May your days be bright and memories always as vivid as the day they were made.


God Bless and let’s get ready for a rocking Holiday Season and a blast of a New Years for all.



Cliff Wittig

 Known 364 days a year as Rays Renegade



That is a great entry. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for! Check out my Thanksgiving entry, and have a great day!

Thanks for the comment Kaybee.

I will check out your blog in a bit, about to do some pre-turkey day appetizer straffing runs in a minute here.. Stuffed Mushrooms to the left of me, spinich dip to the right.

I will be also straffing the blogs du jour after dinner tonight to help the great dinner settle in my belly. Looking forward to your and many other great writea about this food festival of fun

Rays Renegade

You put some thought into that entry. Nice job. Keep up your great blogging and you and your family have a great T-Day…D

Hey Rockpile,

You keep up those great trivia contests and questions. It is a great day to not be a turkey, or a pecan. Seriously, I enjoy your take on things too.
Keep safe and have a dose of pepto nearby tonight, just in case.
Might even give you a line when the Rays come out to Denver in the Interlegue in 2009.Free pizza for all Rays fans at a small pizzeria out there when we come to town.

Have a fantastic day and enjoy yourself.

Rays Renegade

Really nice post, Cliff. Thanks for your great contributions to this blog and for stopping by to comment on mine. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I just posted my post-turkey saga. I’m so full from all the amazing food I was lucky enough to have!

Glad to hear youe Turkey Day was full of fun, food and watching Rick Astley during the Macy’s parade.

I have fun writing these, and tend to sometimes get a sentimental side going. The holiday and the Wrold Series tend to bring that out in me.

Thank you again for stopping by and leaving such great comments for me……….I will go check out your T-giving blog in a bit here

Rays Renegade

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