Could the 2009 Yankees be Channeling the 2008 Tigers?



I was thinking the other day about all these signings by the New York Yankees for their pitching staff, will these moves guarantee that the team will be better in 2009. On the surface, it looks like the team has made a huge upgrade in talent in their pitching staff, but does that always commute to a championship, or even a playoff berth. You only need to go a less than 500 or so miles to the west to get your answer here. Just because you took the Hot Stove season by surprise doesn’t put you in the playoffs in December.


In 2008, oddsmakers, fans and  legions of experts ( including the talking heads in Bristol ) declared the Detroit Tigers  the early favorite to win the whole enchilada after their blockbuster 7-player deal with the Florida Marlins.  That deal was completed a little over a year ago at last season’s Winter Meetings  when they pickjed up vital cogs , pitcher Dontrelle Willis and  power hitter Miquel Cabrera.  Along with the other upstart pitching they had, the Tigers looked like the runaway favorite to crush the American League Central enroute to a playoff berth.


In fact, it was a player outside of that 7-player  merry-go-round who made the most impact in 2008. In a little thought of deal with the Teaxas Rangers, the Tigers picked up a young thrower, Armando Galarraga. During the season,  Galarraga went 13-7, with a 3.73 ERA to be the standout pitcher, not the veteran Willis, who spent most of the year fighting control and delivery problems.




At one point in the season, Willis was pitching in the Class-A Florida State League for the Lakeland Flying Tigers before coming back up to the majors late in the season for the Tigers.  When he did come back up, he had a poor performance in his 9 appearances, going 0-2, with a 9.38 ERA.  Cabrera also got off to a rocky start , was playing musical chairs in the infield, and finally ended up at first base before righting his ship in 2008.

Cabrera did get the offensive side of his game going, and ended up strongly in 2008, but it a example of a little too much too late as the team was by then buried in the cellars of the American League Central division. By the time the entire team rebounded and played solid ball, it was too late and the dream was shattered as the team ended the season in the cellar of the division.




The 2008 Tigers are a prime example of the fact that big splashes do not always guarantee wins in this league.  Some times the act of acquiring great players doesn’t add up in the wins column. They got a bit blindsided in a deal for Edgar Renteria where they gave up a promising  righthanded starter, Jair Jurrjens, who went an unexpected 13-10, with a 3.68 ERA over 188.1 innings for the Atlanta Braves.  Jurrjens ended up 2008, being a consistant  pitcher for the Braves, and exceeded the teams expectations for him at his young age.

Tigers starter Kenny Rogers got old quick during the season.  Reliable inning-eater Jeremy Bonderman got hurt, and Nate Robertson and Justin Verlander did not have the expected seasons, actually showing decreasing numbers and suspect pitching at times during the year. With the season seemingly going down the tubes, the team even traded away power-hitting catcher Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez to the New York Yankees at the Trading Deadline.  Rodriguez at the time was in a offensive decline, which added to the Tigers; frustrations during the season.


So we come down to now, a year later, and the New York squad  hit the neon-clad Vegas strip for the Winter Meetings with their purse strings wide open seeking the ‘ miracle fix’ for their upcoming season that showed the Yankees struggled all season long to even stay out of 4th place in the Americna League East.  The team came into the Winter Meetings with an aggressive plan to upgrade and take the  best players on the board back to their new  shiny and sparkling cathedral to start the rebirth of promise in the Big Apple and reclaim the legend that is the Yankees.





The Yankees did seem to hit the jackpot early this off-season and made the biggest splash in the pool so far in the league, but will it be enough to even guarantee a playoff berth for the Bronx team.  Two days after the Yankees signed C.C. Sabathia to a seven-year $ 161 million dollar  deal, they agreed to give A.J. Burnett  a five-year, $ 82.5 million dollar payday. With the Yankees still having their purse strings open, they might even still bring in another ace like Derek Lowe, or even solid leftie Andy Pettitte  might come back to his old locker and play again for the Bronx bombers in the new digs.


There is still speculation that sluggers Mark Teixiera and even Manny Ramirez might even pack their respective West Coast bags and head to the City that never sleeps.  With targets like that, can the Yankees even still claim a divisional title or even a Wild Card berth in their own division.


Most would these deals put the Yankees on the front burner in the A L East, or will they struggle against the up and coming Rays and Blue Jays, and the always offensive-minded Boston Red Sox. Both of the teams that the Yankees looked up at in the standings in 2008 come back for more with consistant squads both in the offensive and pitching departments. And the Blue Jays and Orioles can battle with the best of them when the matchups are equal.


Both  Burnett and Sabathia had remarkable seasons in 2008, and should warrant a upgrade in  their salaries and a better chance to claim a World Series ring, but will 2009 be that season, or will it just be the first year building up steam for future runs at the trophy. The once powerful Yankees offense still  still seems to be churning on 7 cylinders in the off-season, with both Abreu and Rodriguez not in the fold any longer, can the pitching upgrade bring the team’s  sudden offensive holes to a small diameter.




Hank Steinbrenner must now channel his best imitation of his father and figure out a fast fix for the offensive lineup of the Yankees.  Two mainstays, A-Rod and Derek Jeter are back for another season, and should have consisitant years, but first base has a hole, rightfield is an issue, and catching must find an offensive leader to carry the team. Jorge Posada might finally move from behind the plate and be the upgrade the team needs at first base, or Designated Hitter. But that still leaves a huge hole to fill in rightfield.



Do the Yankees throw a bushel of money at Ramirez and move Xavier Nady to right and camp Ramirez in the left-field corner of the new Yankees Stadium.  That answer might be forth coming in the next few weeks, but the issue of Teixeira maybe coming to the Bronx will be resolved in the next few days. He wants to have a solid playing location and residence area by the end of the 2008 year. With the clock ticking and money again being thrown at the top guys, can the pinstripes again be on a roll to the championship?



2009 is on the horizon for the Yankees, and with sure issues still going on in-house as to a payroll or even a roster, the team will plug and fill from now until Febuary. But can this upgrade on both sides of the ball even guarantee anything for them next year. Will the team go strong out of the gate and then suffer the curse of the Tigers in 2009. Or will an unsuspecting injury or injuries take the wind of out of the 2009 sails by May. This is the game of baseball, nothing is a sure thing, and no one player can take this team on their backs and lead them to glory.


The Yankees do look like the team to strive to beat every game in 2009, but all the Yankees have to do is look to the west and remember the pre-season expectations of the Detroit Tigers to remember that nothing is guaranteed in this game…………Not even the price of a hot dog and a beer.





The Hot Stove season is not over yet, and either slugger could make a huge offensive weak spot strong again. But the Yankees need to be smart and not just try and fill a hole, but fill them with the right players who will be productive for the next 4 years. The A L East has become a battleground, with the Yankees finally showing age and weak spots in 2008. Can they totally hide those spots, or will there be more signings and better numbers to follow in 2009.


Speculation is that the team is not done firing up the pen and signing a few more checks before all is said and done. By the time the team hits Tampa for Spring Training, the entire middle of the lineup might have a new feel. But this by no means is an indication that Yankees will need ‘ Hi, I’m_______  badges for the first few days after pitchers’ and catchers’ report .  


Well I like the Yankees chances to win 88+ even with the Tigers crumbling under expectations last season. But the AL EAST is very tough so I really can’t predict more than 93-94 wins for any team, and this division could very well produce the three best teams in baseball this season, depending on the rest of the offseason…

Sad thing is….that might totally happen. The best 4 teams might be in the East. I can not see the Angels not get at least 90 wins in that rebuilding A L West. It might be about 3 years before the Seattle Mariners or the Texas Rangers battle L A for that crown.

It will again be fun in the East. I have been thinking of doing a piece on the A L East pitching staffs, this might be the right time for that.
Thanks for the comments and stay safe up in NH, I hear that storm is going to be wild

Rays Renegade

RR- Hey brotha thanks for the props over on the “mlblogosphere”. I was thrilled to read you mentioned me in the same paragraph as “Red State Blue State” and “Confessions of a She-fan”. Not everbody “gets” me, here, I’m glad you do..Keep up the great work yourself…D

That is not a problem.
I can only imagine the frat house antics of the Mobile Blogging Unit ( MBU ) in a few months. You have yourself, Baseball snatcher and a host of millions’.

I have never had a problem showing the merits of others, it is a bad character flaw. There is a huge amount of great writers on this site, but some just make you laugh and think a bit more at times.

So, hopefully you did not have to dig yourself out this past week, and all is well a mile high up. In closing, have a great White Christmas and be safe during the New Years celebrations.

Rays Renegade

We all know money doesn’t buy championships, but it sure does help. This does kind of seem like the Tigers not too long ago. They completely imploded as a team and were horrible. I don’t think the Yankees will implode, they have too much talent. I do think that maybe some of those egos will clash and they won’t be able to play at the level they are expected to. The Rays, Red Sox, and Yankees all need to be on top of their game year round to beat one another.

The comparison of the 2008 Tigers to the possibly of the Yankees in 2009 is interesting. Both teams are older, which could/had an effect on the season, and spent money on flashy deals/trades. The Yankees shouldn’t be as bad as the 2008 Tigers because that was an example of nearly everything going wrong that could. But, like you said, the Yankees aren’t guaranteed a postseason berth with everyone besides the Orioles a potential playoff team…

You know something, that is the same comment that came out of Detroit last year too. “They have too much talent.”

Talent can be a blessing and a curse. I know as a Rays fan, in 2000, we had the “Hit Show”. We had a few guys, Fred McGriff, Vinny Castillo, and Jose Canseco who were suppose to take us to the next level.

And we all know how that turned out………..Retired, Released, and traded. But they did have a few game where the potential did spring its head up and peak out of the rabbithole. New York just have to be consistent, and that was not the case at all in 2008. New year bring new expectations, and we just might see this year if Jow Girardi is a manager, or a impostor on the bench.

Rays Renegade

I am all for parity in baseball, football, and even NASCAR. The talent should rule the roost.
It should be up to the players to show they have the goods, and the managers they have the brains and guts to take a risk and get a hard win or die trying.
New York is older than they appear on paper, but they are still a team that could wake up anytime and plaster you to the wall. I just think that they really overpaid so far for guys who have only proven themselves for a year or so.
They did it before with Pettitte, Clemens and Randy Johnson and it worked out for them. But they also brought in Kevin Brown, El Duque, and Carl Pavano in the last 6 or so years to somehow take a lot of the plus moves out of context.

It will be a fun year, starting with the Yankees standing at home plate as the Tampa Bay Rays hoist the two banners up in front of them in April, 2009.

Rays Renegade

Ha! Couldn’t have said it better! My colleague, Mr. Krause, is a huge Kitties fan and I have enjoyed every minute of his team’s demise starting from last offseason. You can’t buy a championship… simple and plain. Remember that Willis game on Saturday afternoon Fox baseball this last season where he had a no-hitter through five but had walked 8 and was all over the place?! Hilarious! Not long after he wasn’t even in the big leagues. Take heed, Yankees. Take heed.

Hey there Jeff,

You know, what I found really funny about all that stuff in Detroit this season was they let an old Rays coach buddy of mine, Pitching Coach Chuck Hernandez go after all that BS. I do not know how Willis, Verlander and a Bonderman injury was the fault of a pitching coach.

But they had to find a fall guy, and I know Jim Leyland would not throw himself on the sword. I know Leyland is a great master at the art of baseball, but even he knows a single guy can not be at fault for his pitching staff going down the tubes with injuries.

That would be like throwing out the Bench coach for guys not hitting, playing right in the field, and causing unneeded errors………….Oh, that happened all year long.

Rays Renegade

That’s interesting…I really hope not!!!
King Yankees

I understand that one King Yankees.

I actually red a blog on that said the Rays will have a letdown in 2009. The reason I wrote that blog was to just show people that expectations this early in the year are a bit………………out there.

There is too much time between now and next Ovtober to even decide who is a favorite to win the 2009 World Series. Okay in April I can respect it more than now, at least then we might have a month to see how the team sort out in Spring Training.

Rays Renegade

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