Rays Unveil Third Jersey Option




In the past, major league teams have always had a third alternate jersey for special occasions or maybe a day game right after a late night contest. It makes the efforts of the clubhouse staff more efficient with the flow of a early game after a extended late night contest, and also provides a nice alternative for hot afternoon games. The Tampa Bay Rays  are the third team in the American League East to announce this off season that they will go to the third optional uniform. 


Like the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles, who announced earlier in the off season they they too will have a third option available for 2009. Some of the cynical folks around baseball think it is just a ruse to get the fan base to buy another jersey for around $ 229 dollars and further the team’s financial coffers. But as one woman told me when she saw the new dark blue Rays jersey, “It will just help bring out the accents in my eyes better than the white jersey.”




For whatever reason the team and the fans buy the new jersey, the fact still remains that the team did not go the option of including the name “Tampa Bay ” spread across the front of the jersey. Why is it that the team will not have an away or road jersey with the team’s location on it. Is their bond with getting back to baseball traditions extending all the way to not even showing their geographical pride in the area, or just another ploy to not have to change the jersey if a drastic measure comes about a few years down the road.


You hope it is not a ruse by the teams management to hide the fact that the attendance in the Trop. has not been up to snuff for them in their 3-year plan. I am not upset that the St. Petersburg area is not listed anywhere on the jersey, so do not start up that line of misguided comments. The new jersey will be highlighted by the usual Rays logo with its swashbuckling “R” flowing from the chest area of the uniform. A major change will be an enhanced sunburst on the jersey that will be more pronounced and brighter in color to go with the added baby blue piping on the jersey.


Now I like the jersey, and the one I saw also contained the “devilray” patch still on the left sleeve.  Thoughts have been circulating over the past year that this old icon of the old teams name and uniforms might be returned to the sea in 2009. The option might still be there for that to happen by the first time the uniforms are used during a May 1st game against division rivals, the Boston Red Sox at Tropicana Field. 



You would think that they team might of had an commemorative patch to be worn in 2009 to celebrate their first American League pennant, but none was on display that day. There is still time for the team to announce such a patch, probably near the end of spring training and closer to the team’s home opener on April 13th when the New York Yankees come to town for 3 games. It is also the night that the team will unveil their first banners in the rafters of Tropicana Field for their 2008 championships. Banners will be displayed for the team’s success in their American League East divisional crown, and in their 2008 American League Championship on that night.


I actually like the jersey because it reminds me of the old green third uniform the Rays had in 2008 before the Rays logo and basic uniform colors changed to a blue and white based home uniform. It is made of the same fabric as that years jerseys and will reflect heat and absorb moisture to help with dehydration and extreme hot weather outdoors during the season.  It is also a great item for kids based on the dark color. We all know that kids have a tendency to eat half their food at games and wear the other half on their shirts and pants. But in the long run, it is an attempt by the team to keep up the extended excitement of the Rays success in 2009.  The uniforms might not a victory magnet for the Rays, but with the community becoming more aware and more excited daily about the team, more options for team based wear is a fantastic way to show your spirit and pride in your hometown Rays.






I have to admit I liked the old green uniforms. The color was distinctive. But moving on, it will be so interesting to see how the fan base supports the team in ’09. I know FL has snowbirds and the population swells between Nov-Apr. So I hope people come out and support the Rays during the summer. The team is so entertaining to watch – and they won the AL Pennant, after all. Do you think the attendance will improve dramatically over last year?


You must be reading my mind.

i have a blog in the works talking about just that subject. I might have it online by Monday. I need to check a few facts first before finally finishing it.

I think the area will see a slow rise in attendance, but not to the point that the team hopes to attract 2 million fans in 2009. That would be their biggest crowds since the first season. This area is fast to jump on the bandwagon, but slow to remain loyal. 2009 should be an interesting year to see if the fan believe in the team, or in the hype when they are winning.

Rays Renegade


I still have problems not thinking of them as the “Devil Rays.” Sorry! I like these new uniforms – and I agree with you; can’t we put where the team is from on the uniforms?


Its not like I want the uniform to say “St. Petersburg”, or even “St Pete”. We do not put “Arlington” on the Rangers uniforms.

St Pete has been associated for eons with green benches and being “God’s waiting room” that sometimes you want something positive for the city. But that is also fine. Sometimes being hidden from sight can make you a great place to live that no one has ever heard about before.

Such is life in Florida. Small fish in the big pond tend to want to be bigger, faster and more popular in the pod. I wanted the team to be named the “Thunder” think of the special effects during a homer….lights flashing and the thunder sounds echoing off the walls.

St Pete is the lightning capital of the world

Rays Renegade


Not too shabby… though I think the light blue lines kinda make it look weird, but still cool. I wish the Yanks would come out with an alternative jersey or at least wear the old ones for day sometime.
V – http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com

Rays Renegade,
First off, thanks for checking out my blog! I really like yours as well, so I’ll be sure to add it to my link list!
I like your idea about the whole adding some kind of patch for the American League Championships–after all, it is their first one! Maybe they could put it on their hats or something. The new uniform looks good, I like the whole idea of having a third uniform. It changes it up a bit!
And even though I live in Florida, I take no “geographical pride” (LOL) in it either, I dislike it for the most part, mostly because of the weather. But I do like the fact that Spring Training games are super close as well as the Rays stadium (okay, 4.5 hours, but oh well!).

Scott Kazmir made a big thing about the blue in an interview that day. Maybe the Baby Blue brings out his eyes.

Rays Renegade


Hey at least it is one way you can see the Red Sox without traveling all the way to Boston 17 times a year. I used to say that about 34 times a year that the stadium used to become Fenway and Yankee Stadium South for the series against the Red Sox and Yankees.

But you got a pretty interesting Florida Marlins team over there on you side of the state. They might have a nice shot this year of maybe upsetting the balalnce of power with their young staff and up and coming power hitters.

I always love more readers. You can never get too many of them. I usually stayed away from the NY and Boston one before a few months ago. Now I just see the writing and not the team alliances

Rays Renegade


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