Will the WBC Dilute the A L East Rosters during the Spring ?



One of the biggest questions that I am either emailed or asked in public is what will the Rays be like in 2009? It seems to be on the minds of any baseball fan, not only those wearing the classic “TB” on their caps. I have had New York Yankee and Boston fans ask me the same things, ” Is the offense better?”, or ” Will our pitching stay healthy in 2009?”  These questions are right up there with the ” Is there life on other planets?” questions right now in my mind.


I actually think it is too early to even consider any type of prediction or even attempt to find those answers until they begin to hit and throw the ball in a few weeks. People forget that a bulk of some teams,  including the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and the Rays will not be presenting 100 percent of their their true lineups this Spring because of the World Baseball Classic. The classic this year will take a  measurable amount of players from all 30  MLB teams rosters, but there are three teams that train in Florida where the bulk of the eyes of the American League will be from Feb. to late March 2009.




That is because the three teams that have a shot at either retaking or defending the American League title will not be up to full potential strength until after teams have begun to be eliminated from the classic.  We all know that their are certain teams that might not make it out of the first round, but people thought that about Korea in 2006, and they almost shocked the world by beating Japan. So with the “borrowing” of some of their starting players for a short period of time during the spring, the Rays and others in baseball, might use the time wisely and bring up some of their prized prospects to give them some needed seasoning and work against the major league players still in attendance.


This is not to mean that the  two leagues, the Cactus and the Grapefruit will be water down at all, but it will suffer from some identity crisis  in the beginning of the spring games. And would it really be so bad if an unknown pitcher took advantage of his situation and totally made a name for himself in the absence of his team’s dominating pitchers. But isn’t that what Spring Training is really all about, to give the rookies and the minor leaguer’s a chance to change the  minds of those people in charge about sending them down and make them sweat the fact that they might have to keeping them around until the last moment.  


That is the great thing about baseball. A guy like the Rays prospect Rhyne Hughes can come in and fill in some games for Carlos Pena while he is with the Dominican Republic squad and maybe turn some heads. We all know that Hughes had an outstanding Arizona League season, and might be able to turn his off season playing time into a shot at an upper level of the franchises minor league system. But it can also go the opposite way for a team. It could further show the defects in their system by showing their depth is actually pretty shallow in comparison to their anticipation of their minor league system. But like I always say, that is why we play 162 games before we even think of championships.




But the true tradition established the last few years with the Red Sox, Rays and Yankees will not be on display until late in the spring when all the teams have their usual guys back in house and hopefully physically able to compete the rest of the spring. For example, the Boston Red Sox have a total of 15 players that will compete in the classic. Almost their entire starting infield and designated hitter will play in the WBC, and then you include players like Daisuke Masuzaka and Hideki Okajima who will be competing for the 2006 champion Japanese squad. Boston will also only be missing one outfielder for the classic, Jason Bay who is playing for Team Canada.


Then you have the Yankees, who will send 13 total players throughout the classic’s rosters, and also will be 3/4 of their starting infield during the classic. Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are already committed to playing for their countries, but besides Melky Cabrera and two relief pitchers, the Yankees have a larger contingent of minor leaguer’s going than most teams. They will have 7 players in their minor league system going to the classic, including Zhenwang Zhang, who will be playing for Team China.




The you have the current American League champion Tampa Bay Rays who will be sending 8 starters to the classic. You have 3/4 of their infield also participating, with Akinora Iwamura playing for Japan, and starter Matt Garza throwing for Mexico in the classic. Grant Balfour will be throwing for the Australian team, and Dioner Navarro will catch for the Venezuelan team. Out of the Rays roster, they will be missing two starters as Scott Kazmir has also committed to playing for the US team along with Evan Longoria and J P Howell. 


But what about those questions posed to me earlier in the post, what do I think at this moment. Well, we all know what happened in 2008.  Will this team be able to effectively defend their American League crown knowing that the big boys in the A L East not only reloaded, but outspent and out hustled everyone else in baseball to again try and take the top spot away from the Rays. Will the huge money spent on pitching and hitting in New York be enough to overtake the confident team in the south. And if you are a Yankee fan, the pitching right now looks superior to everyone, but not one pitch has even been thrown yet.




It might be too early to claim victory with an entire season of games still left to play in the season. I admit that the Yankees will not be the shell of a team that we saw in 2008, but at what cost will they be more powerful. A lot of things have to gel for this squad to really propel itself past the top two current ” Beasts in the East.” that is not to say that even in Boston they are done making changes or acquiring the rights pieces to fight for their title. Believe me when I say that the Red Sox pretty much have a stacked arsenal of pitching arms that even make the Yankees jealous.

Some people predict a close A L East, with the second team not even making the playoffs because of the parity of the division might make then winner only post about 92 wins in 2009. I can see that scenario happening without a problem.  This division is not all Yankees, Red Sox and Rays though. Toronto and Baltimore also will have a huge say in who will represent this division in 2009. Toronto will still have a great pitching staff that will defy and derail a few winning streaks , and the Orioles will be young and hungry, and that is a bad team to have to play 17 times a year.


Predictions can go out the window for this division in 2009. No one will be able to predict the amount of wins, or the team that will rise to the top.  This might be the best fight for a right to play in October that baseball has seen in the long, long time. Will the money enhanced team be the final winner?, or will it be the team with a heart as big as the dome they play in nightly?. Or could it be the squad that just added pieces and did not rehash or even redesign itself in the off season to fit it’s division?.





After the next 50 days, we will begin the prelude to 2009’s MLB season. With all of the AL East contenders playing in Florida, it will be a fun month of March watching the battles and the adjustments by every squad. But until the teams get their guys back from the classic, we will not be able to fully comprehend or even evaluate the team with any true clarity. But the great thing is that this spring we will be able to see a lot of the future stars for these teams compete and maybe even show us what is in store for the next 6 years coming out of their minor league systems.


This years spring training might not be about the stars getting ready to play the season. It might belong to the guys who are struggling at the minor league level to show that they belong and maybe make a few roster decisions harder come April. But then again, you have to love watching  the young pups playing hard, working for positions, and fighting for their collective lives on the diamond. Spring is going to be fun this year. Hopefully the hottest action is not in the air, but on the turf this year. We will be better fans for it.




I can’t speak for the A.L. East but I think the classic is a great thing for a lot of players. Spring ball is good but these guys are going out with a different level of competition and the urge to win is that much greater. I think they are in a greater position to be playing well in the early part of the season because of it.

That is true, but they also might try and play hard for their country and get hurt. That is one of the concerns I have with the classic so close to Spring Training.

I know you can not do it in November, but sometimes I think someone with a huge contract will get injured, then the fur will fly. I hope this doesn’t happen, but only time will tell in 2009.

Rays Renegade


Rays Renegade – I do share your concern about what affect playing for the WBC will have on the players and their respective teams. Big Papi is hoping to play for the Dominican Republic, but quite frankly, I wish he wouldn’t. His wrist, in my opinion, is to fragile to risk playing for anyone but the Red Sox. I LOVE the idea of the WBC, please don’t get me wrong!, I just want to be sure that come September and the AL East is in a tight battle (!) that all teams have their players healthy and ready!


Amen to that. You are totally singing to the choir here about the concerns. That is the thing I am kind of seeing out of the side of my eyes. Someone will get hurt and it will be a blow to their playoff chances.

I am not pointing to any one team. Heck the Texas Rangers only have 3 guys total leaving their team for the WBC. They might have an advantage right now to gain some team chemistry and maybe momentum going into the season.

Rays Renegade


I share everyone’s concern about injuries during the WBC, but there are injuries during spring training too. I’d be wary of a player participating who was rehabbing from an injury (Oritz, Posada), but the others? Let them play and enjoy the games. As for the race in the AL East? Should be tight. I can’t wait!


I agree that an Ortiz, who has a slight history with both a slow spring and injuries might be a risk, but as we all know, these guys are not playing for salary but for pride. And you can not cut them down for being proud and want to serve their country with their talents.

My main concern is that this takes away from the teams goals of everyone being on the same page when you are away at the WBC. The bonding and the team-first mentality goes down the drain hard and fast.

Rays Renegade


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