First Annual B J Upton Golf Tourney



Just in time for the grand Superbowl events this week, one of the Tampa Bay Rays will be holding his inaugural Golfing Event to aid St. Vincents de Paul charities throughout the Tampa Bay area. Starting tomorrow, the Tampa Bay Rays starting center fielder B J  Upton will host the  First Annual B J Upton Celebrity Golf Classic at the Hunter’s Green Country Club in Tampa, FL. The tournament, which will be attended by many of B J’s Tampa Bay Rays teammates, local athletes and celebrities, will benefit St. Vincent de Paul.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides three meals a day 365 days a year for the hungry and homeless of St. Petersburg, FL. They also prove a night shelter and other services for those in need. The Rays and their coaches’ and players’ have volunteered during several events this past year for this charity, but with the economic times being so unstable the Tampa Bay area is experiencing high need for food and shelter this winter.

As St. Vincent de Paul is just a few blocks away from Tropicana Field, BJ took an interest in their work in the community and wanted to help. By holding this golf tournament, he hopes to raise money for the hungry, the homeless, and the poor of St. Petersburg. This is Upton’s first venture into the  hosting of a local charity event and hope that the timing with the NFL’s top event can also help his event flourish in it’s first year.



Registration for the event will begin at 9:45 am on Tuesday with a  scheduled first tee off time scheduled for 11 am. The tournament will be followed by a dinner and a baseball and other sports memorabilia auction that will include signed jerseys, balls and memorabilia from superstars in all sports and will include many items from the 2008 American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays. 

If interested in playing in the tournament please contact Latricia Goding at ( 757 ) 532-8701 or ( 727 ) 836-970 or email her at Pre registration and confirmation would be appreciated to enable the events coordinators to estimate the events capacity before Tuesday. If  you can not make the event, but want to support the charity by submitting a donation, please make checks payable to St. Vincent de Paul and send to:


                                  BJ Upton Celebrity Golf Classic
                                        C/o Latricia Goding
                                        1620 Sweetspire Dr.
                                        Trinity, FL 34655


Will you be playing? The St. Vincent de Paul Society is a wonderful organization and they do a lot of work throughout the country. I hope a lot of money is raised!


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul sounds really amazing. And BJ Upton has thought of a great way to help raise money. Homelessness is such a huge problem in our society, especially with the state of the economy, so I definitely hope he can help raise a lot of money!

I know that theunemployment is higher in other areas than Florida, but locally we are itching towards 10 percent in the next few months.

And with that, people forget that the homeless tend to move towards warm weather, and St Petersburg, Florida does offer the warmth and the bay breezes to keep ypu from freezing to death.

During this time of the year in particular, this area is hit hard by the transient population of homeless seeking both work and a safe place to sleep and eat somehting hot and filling. In a few months the genral population of this homless enviroment will decrease and the southern state will see a decrease in services and food needed to supply the winter crowds.

I have nothing but respect for a player, or even a coach, like Rays Manager Joe Maddon ( Thanks-mas celebration blog ) who take it upon themselves to remember the community for which they make their living in during the baseball season. We are a better world for them being in it.

Rays Renegade

I have been asked to caddy, but I am not a golfer. Never got into that sport even though I live in a state with about a million golf courses.

I have done a few golf tourneys as a coordinator for Pepsi, but never got to shooting a ball inro the rough and searching for it. But I do understand the need for it to network and casually discuss things, and that is a good thing.

I am happy to drive the cart, pick the club out of the bag, and hold the flag. I even get a couple free beers out of it all lol.

Rays Renegade

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