Rays Trying to Boost Season Tickets


Earlier today, the St. Petersburg Times ran a story telling who the Tampa Bay Rays are going to be very aggressive  in their push to increase their Season Tickets throughout Spring Training. The Rays are currently on the bottom of the list in the American League when it comes to Season Tickets, and the plan is to make the benefits more attractive and showcase what myself and over 10,000 Rays fans already know, that Season Tickets give you options. Television ads will be showing up and TV’s around the Tampa Bay area beginning today showcasing Rays players and narrated by Rays Manager Joe Maddon.


 Most people look at Season Tickets as an expensive investment, but you do not have to buy two seats in the Home Plate Club for $ 12,400. a season. There are as many options as their are Rays jerseys right now. And just because you select a seat in the Upper Deck or the T B T Party Deck, you are still considered a prime member of the exclusive Season Ticket membership. Now I have sat in my section of the Trop in the same seat for the last 8 years, and I can not even imagine sitting anywhere else. but some people might not have the time or money to invest in the team to that level. 


Take for example that a full ( 81 games ) Season Ticket in the Upper Deck area of the Trop is about  $ 754. a season, which will come in at a savings of  $ 215 over the entire season. But the Rays have thought about you fans that can not make 81 games, or have kids who play sports in the early spring and summer. They have a huge list of options that could fit into anyone’s budget.  There are half season Season Tickets that will let you pick from two great options” weekdays and weekends. You weekday plan which will cost you $ 727.50 for an outfield seat and includes the Opening Day game and every game played from Monday to Thursday  during the season, including games against the Boston Red Sox, Philladelphia Phillies and New York Yankees.


Also back will be the popular 20-game package, which will cost you about $ 550. for a Baseline Box seat. The package will be configured around the weekend games at the Trop. There are three options here, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday games. The most popular option might be the Saturday night games to secure a spot for the Rays Concert Series, and also get you an wristband to be able to go down to field level to watch the concert. But this package can also offer you games against the Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies. 


Then there is the Weekend plan which for a Outfield seat will cost you about  $ 678.50 and will consist of games played on Friday through Sunday, and will include the always popular Concert Series nights in the package. This package will also include Opening Day and games against the Chicago White Sox, Red Sox, and Yankees. All of the half  season and limited game packages have a reduced level of Season Ticket benefits, but include such great items as postseason ticket purchases before the general public, 10 percent discount for merchandise at the Tropicana Field Team Store, and your own personal Season Ticket representative from the Rays.




But there are other goodies like you can use the same Season Ticket door at Gate 1 for faster entry to the games, and also can purchase discounted parking in Lots 2 and 6 for games.  I used this option a few years ago, and I could actually park within 35 yards of the back door of the Trop and get to my car in less than 2 minutes after leaving the confines of the stadium. This comes in handy during those wild rain showers we tend to have in the summertime here in Florida.  You also have priority if at any time you decide you might want to either upgrade your seat, or even decide in the off season you want to move closer to the rail or aisle end, you can contact your Season Ticket Representative and he will work with you to get that desired location or seat for you. 


If Season Tickets for the Rays were to increase from the level they are today to about 15,000, the team would have a guaranteed attendance of 1.8 million fans in 2009. That is one of the reasons for the big push to increase the season Ticket base. Another is that the team has increased their budgeted payroll for 2009 to a level that is 2 1/2 times the 2007 payroll for the team. With the estimated payroll exceeding $ 60 million this year, it will be the most talented and expensive team in Rays history. And as a Season Ticket holder you can get in on the action.


A Full Season Ticket gets you a lot of great benefits besides the ones listed above. Full season patrons also get a guarantee of your seat every game, a personalized nameplate on your seat, and an opportunity to purchase extra tickets to games during the Spring Training and Regular season before the public. Another great benefits is the exclusive events and parties that the Rays provide every year for the Full season crowd.  One of the best events every year is the Team Photo day held usually right before the end of the regular season on a Sunday. 





In the past we have had events during the All-Star game where the Rays have invited the Season Ticket folks to places like Game Works in Ybor City for a party and gaming with players and other fans. That event last year attracted numerous Rays players like Grant Balfour, Jonny Gomes, Edwin Jackson and Rays Manager Joe Maddon. Players played video games and raced simulated car races against fans and Raymond during the event, which included free food and drinks and numerous prizes given out during the event.  And yes, that is me doing the chocolate fountain in the photo at last years event.


Another one of the pluses of having a Season Ticket is the fact that the Rays will give you an additional item from selected giveaways  two times every year. They are equally divided between before the All-Star break and before the last home stand of the season for the team. I can tell you as a Full Season Ticket holder since 2000, and a half season ticket holder since 1998, that it is one of the best investment I have ever made in baseball. Along with the tickets, you can get to develop dialogue and personal face time with players and staff that is beneficial to having the true baseball experience. And with this, it gives you a deeper understanding and knowledge of what Rays baseball is really all about.


Another  Season Ticket plus that people might find pleasing this year is the fact that non Season Ticket holder over the age of 14, will have to purchase a wristband with a $ 10 donation to the Rays Foundation to get autographs this year. Along with your free wristband, you will get early admission to the Fan Fest an full hour before other fans. Not only that, but throughout the season you get birthday and holiday cards from the team, and also develop friendships and a common bond with your fellow Season Ticket buddies.





Another great item that the Rays give to their Season Ticket fans is the option of going down on the field during the Concert Series events. I know I took full advantage of this even though my seat was just a little to the right of the center of the concert stage. So be sure to check out some of the great options being offered by the team this year in their Season Ticket packages. As with most things in life, the more expensive the seat, the more extended benefits you can get with your Rays experience. 


Not having the money to get the plush spots in the Trop should not keep you from wanting to come enjoy this team as they defend their 2008 American League East title and the American League pennant. Exciting things are in store for 2009, and if you decide to join the Rays train you can be on the ground floor with the rest of the 10,000 excited Rays faithful Season Ticket fanatics. Even if you can not afford to put out extra money right now because of the economic situation, please come out and support the team when you can. 2009 will be another year of expectations and surprises from the Rays, and it would be a shame for anyone to miss out on the excitement.



Think if we all could afford the Home Plate seats like The Heckler. We could eat and drink every night for free, and also have a parking pass in the Lot 1 right outside the 16th Street entrance to the Trop. But this group also get an outstanding benefit that the rest of us would die for……..they get a batting practice attended by Rays personnel every year.  What a treat it would be to hit the cages and hit one out in left field and maybe have the video camera on. It would be totally worth the price.

All the photos in this blog were provided from the private collection of RRProductions.


First – great pictures! It sounds like the Rays really are doing all they can to make many options available to fans who want season tickets. I hope it all works out. What fans don’t realize is that it’s great to have options and choices when it comes to getting their tickets. Some of us fans of other teams would KILL to have the same options. And when fans don’t purchase tickets to their teams’ games, it just gives fans of other teams chances to buy up all those tickets – one of the reasons that for teams like the Red Sox it seems as if we play in front of a “home crowd” in so many stadiums around the country. I hope that the Trop isn’t one of them this year.


I have a few friends who change their jerseys for certain teams, but are there for the Rays 95 percent of the time. I might not like it, but this community is a city of transplants unlike some in the north that have a long history.

I know that New York and Boston fans would love to have seat if they walked up to their stadium without playing the scalpers asking price. We sometime have guys 5 minutes before the game giving away tickets. That is the price they pay sometimes.

Hopefully the next year will establish that 2008 was not a fluke and this team can be competitive, but the fans will either stay with the team or watch on cable…………the jury is still out on the second choice.

Rays Renegade


Signing Manny=selling more tickets. The Rays have 25 million just lying around, right?


That is someone who might hit well in the Trop., but has a minimum chance of ever playing here due to his extra personality ( was that nice enough).

He is a great draw, but I do not think we will bring in extra Sox fans because he might be playing here. Besides, he has a good gig in L A if you think about it. New market that until last year never got to buy Ramirez shirts unless it was Aramis , or Hanley or even Ramon Ramirez.

I think until the Rays get their 15, 000 Season Tickets we might see a few guys traded at the deadline, like maybe Crawford to make way for the youth in the minors………buy we shall see on this

Rays Renegade


Good job — sometimes I wish I were a season-ticket holder. Hard to have a favorite when you work for all 30 teams! Congrats again for being in the Latest Leaders.


Thanks Mark,

I know what you mean I was living in Seattle in 2007 because of my job and was a Season Ticket fan there, but it did not seem right.my heart was still here.

Going to go to the Trop today and get my picture with the A L trophy. I will post it as my profile picture sometime this afternoon or evening with a blog about the adventure.

Have fun up there in chilly town, it is a cold 55 here this morning.

Rays Renegade


Congrats on your #11 ranking on the latest Leader’s list! We’ll work on getting you moving up! And thank you for letting me know about the list – I hadn’t seen it before you mentioned it on my blog!


I so wish I could get season tickets for the Padres. I know they have a bunch of different offers, but I wonder if they have all the cool behind-the-scenes stuff like the Rays do. I think you guys will have a great season!

Renegade, forgive me if I asked you this before, but do you sit near that guy who yells comments at opposing players? The one who often goes to games with his son? You can hear him even on TV, but when I went to the Trop I saw him too.


Well Julia,

We got to keep the number one people advised of stuff or they might fall from grace fast. Congrats again, I know you work hard on here letting people know how they are doing, and you helped me with that crapola last week.

Rays Renegade


The worst you can do is not call and ask. Sometimes teams have a 20 game voucher system where you buy 20 games in a certain section and pick the games by calling the ticket office.

The Padres have some called the 13 flex plan listed on their web site. You buy 13 games in a selected section at a 24 percent discount. You can pick 7 weekend ( Friday-Sunday) and 6 weekday tickets, but have the option of giving up a weekend option day for Opening Day tickets.

Let’s say you want to sit in Right field lower reserve, the 13 games will cost you about $ 208 or $ 16 a ticket. Check the website out for more options.

Rays Renegade


That would be Rober Szasz, better known as The Heckler. I can tell you he is one of the reasons the cowbells are great. It drowns him out. He sits right behind Home Plate in the $ 12,500 seats.

I sit right at the bottom of the right field foul pole seats. I have gotten about 6 foul balls last year, and even got one during the Game 1 ALDS while I was sitting in the Bullpen Cafe. I got the ball and immediately gave it to a young girl in the front row. TBS was having a field day with me.

Rays Renegade


I’ve always wanted to come down to Trop and see a game. I’ve seen it many times driving to my Grandparents trailerpark in St. Pete. The problem is, being so darn cold here in Canada during the winter, I can’t force myself to visit Florida in any other season. Love Grapefruit League though!!

Congrats on your latest ranking! I really enjoy reading your blogs, they’re very informative and insightful.
It’s nice what the Rays are trying to do for their fans with season tickets. I loved the game I went to at the Trop.

The wild part is that it is considered one of the cheapest tickets in baseball and people still do not come out and support the team. Boston and New York and even Atlanta fans would love to be able to walk up to their stadium and buy a ticket from the ticket office and not from a scalper on the street.

Only in the playoffs did that happen here, and they did not do so hot since they bought huge blocks of tickets instead of keeping it low to bring up demand for the tickets.

Thanks for the compliments, I try to keep it interesting most nights.

Rays Renegade


Yeah it was good while it lasted,
but now you have to drive an hour and a half for a Spring Training game, or I can take a 15 minute drive to Dunedin or Clearwater and watch the Blue Jays or Phillies this spring. Decisions, decisions…..

Rays Renegade


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