My 500th Submission……..What a Ride !!

There is celebration in the air again. That is right, there is champagne, BBQ ribs and select adult beverages going all around the room today as the Rays Renegade is posting his 500th blog today. It really doesn’t feel like it was only September 7, 2007 when I posted my first blog to the Internet entitled ” D no longer stands for Devilrays. Seriously here, it has been so much fun to gather stats and information and just put it down here for others to enjoy reading in the past few years. But you know what, it is far from over here. Heck, it might just be less than another year and I will be posting number 1,000.

And it was not long ago, only October 22, 2008, when I even posted number 250, which was titled, “World Series Matchups…. Starting Pitchers and Bullpens.” Has it been that long since the World Series?  It truly feels like just the other day, but after 12 years of seeing the team end up cleaning out their lockers and shuffle on back home after the last Rays contest, 2008 was a bit of an oddity, but one I can get used to every year.  I have been praised and razzed in the last year for blogs and articles written with the best intentions. But that is the price of posting and putting your views up there for the rest of the world to see online.

Heck, I even get slighted by the Rays bloggers online because I believe in the team and will not resort to using the “D” word again on my blogs like some of them. I understand their reasons and applaud their actions, but I am a fan who will not go back to the days of old, even when we play like it.  I have written some thing I am proud of, and some thing I consider “fluff”.

Recently I even decided to stop doing the daily recaps and going more into events  before, during and after the games have ended. I is fun to speculate where I will be in 6 months. I hope I am still writing on and my sister website and producing some quality work for everyone to enjoy. I mean I have gone from an unknown on here to staying within the top 20 tier of the blog writers in the last 6 months. 

Some say that is because I am the only Rays blogger who is consistently posting and writing daily. That is true, beside maybe Bill Chastain of Rays Plays, who also is the writer for the Tampa Bay Rays, I might be the only outside voice heard daily. And I am fine with that. I even want others to begin to post and put their actions and reactions down on the cyberspace writing forum.  I enjoy responding to the comments good and bad, and see them as a way to gauge the way my writings are received by the general MLB readers.  So I decided to post some of my favorite blogs here, with links in case some of you would enjoy going back and maybe reading some of them again. These are 10 of my favorites, and they do contain a few Photo Blogs. So without further ado, let’s get right to the action:


      My Top 10 Blog Selections ( in random order)


 “Joe Kennedy, We were lucky to have Known You”  (November 23, 2007).

I really loved talking to Kennedy when he was with the Rays. He had a great sense of the game, and his love for it was always on display for everyone to see.  It was not the first remembrance pieces I have done online, but it is the first I had done on MLBlogs and is still one of my early favorites.


” Letter to Commissioner Bud Selig “
( February 20, 2009). 

This letter was in response to some of the situations in the Dominican Republic, and the way that players have been basically heavy-handed in the past by buscones in that country. I actually sent this to the Commissioner Office in New York City and got a great response from the office, but I know it was just filed away and forgotten like so many others.



“Rays Cancel the Gabe & Gabe Show “  ( April 1, 2009).


This was my first attempt at an April Fools joke, and I am not sure if it had the intent I really wanted, but you always remember your first time at anything. But I did get some interesting emails from the people I know with the Rays organization, and they ended up chuckling when they saw the date on the blog.



“Why are Bloggers the Rodney Dangerfields of Journalism?”  ( January 29, 2009).


This entry caused a bit of a stir among the Rays bloggers online along with a few established bloggers on legitimates sites throughout the Internet. But that is what a good entry can do, it can make noise and make you see some thing that can be viewed as controversial. I do not regret writing it at all, I actually liked the comments from others and it has changed the way I view certain people now.


 “Rays Banner Celebration Photo Blog”   (April 14, 2009 )

This might end up being one of my favorite Photo Blogs because of the significance of the day. It was a very emotional night for me having been here since the first pitch (ball) during the Rays first contest against the Detroit Tigers to today. The amount of pure energy and emotion in the building that night was amazing. I hope every one supporting their teams in the MLB can some day feel the prestige and the pride of seeing their banners raised to the rafters too.


” R.I.P…… Downtown Stadium. “  ( May 22, 2009 ).


I loved the fact that a few local sports Twitters linked this blog to some of their updates. I have to say this situation has been coming for a long time. I admired the Rays trails and tribulations in trying to convince the general public and the St. Petersburg community to re-use the Progress Energy/Al Lang Field location for a potential stadium site. The group started by the city and the Rays called,  A Baseball Community ( ABC ) will be making their recommendations in the future. And when they do, I will again approach the issue.


“Don Zimmer…..True Baseball Royalty
  ( January 17, 2009 ). 



I think the world of Don Zimmer. I idolized him as a young kid putting gas in his car from my dad’s gas station, to getting to know him with the Rays as their Senior Advisor. The man is a huge treasure of stories and information, and if you sat there non-stop with him for two months, I still think he will have another two weeks of stories to tell you.


“All Christmas Squad”  (December 16, 2008). 

I really enjoyed doing this blog. I love Christmas, and trying to select the top nine cartoon characters that symbolize the holiday to us was a bit of a long winded effort. But I enjoyed doing the blog and hope it can become a yearly addition for me again in 2009. I still think Buddie, from the movie “Elf” is the best selection for my Christmas third baseman. He reminds me of Longo.


“Mumm’s the Word………..In Celebration Champagne ” ( October 8, 2008 ).


I really got to find out a lot more about bubbly than I ever knew when I started to do some research for this blog. I had to go to a number of site to even find the brand the team was using for their 2008 celebrations, and I could not get the name of the type used during the American League East celebration in Detroit the Friday night they clinched while away from home. But the blog did get me more acquainted with Champagne and gave me a new respect for the celebration concoction.


 ” Josh Hamilton is my Hero “  ( December 6, 2008 ).

This is my favorite ex-Rays player. And for everything he has gone through in his life both good and bad, the guy has always seemed to smile. I have been lucky enough to know him from the beginning, and every time I see him during his yearly visits to the Trop., I still wonder what it would be like for him to play here for 81 games. He is a likable guy who has found a way to combat demons most of us will never know in life. I admire and respect the guy with total knowledge that the best is yet to come for him.



There are tons of other blogs I could have picked for my top 10, like the Maple Bat series, or the celebration blogs of both the Rays playoff and ALCS and ALDS celebrations. But I tried to pick the ones I would want to read again some day.  The Photo Blogs like the airport celebration when the team came back from Detroit as the American League East Champs, or the Rays Rallies down at Straub Park could have also been contenders for the list. The great part is that there are more to come, and hopefully I will be able to write for a long,long time. I enjoy writing and leaving these memories online for others to check out and comment on daily.



I hope you have enjoyed reading my little muses and ramblings since September 7, 2007. I miss writing daily for a newspaper, and this is as close as I am ever going to get again. And with that in mind, I hope you check out the first blog entry and see just how far the postings have come in such a short amount of time.  Back then I was writing more for me than anything else. But today I like to think I am writing for an ever increasing group of people both who are Rays fans, and who enjoy the Rays news and events.  Number 500 is a huge number. In baseball, if you hit 500 homers you can be almost assured a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame. But in blogging, it is only a step towards writing more and more until you hit another milestone. I write because I enjoy it, and hopefully you do too.





Congrats on 500 entries!!! I hope to get there someday myself, but I have a ways to go. :) The maple bats and the April Fools entries were my favorites of yours since I started reading back in December or January (I forgot which one). It was actually the first maple bats entry that had me write about assuming the risk of being hit with one at a game, showcasing my little bit of law knowledge! Here’s to another 500 entries!

I was chatting with a freind of mine the other day and he is Law School at U of F, and his professor wants them to blog to get a knowledge of fast, consistent writing formats for quick summaries and litigation notes.
You will certainly get to 500.
I have enjoyed it, and especially enjoyed doing the Maple Bat series.
Thank goodness no one has died or been implaed yet.

Rays Renegade

Congrats, RR! Now that you’ve hit 500, you are lock for the Hall of Fame!

More like a lock for the Hall of Blame.
Someone will blame me for something soon.
I have a website and a guy left a comment he saw the same article on the same day…………..Hmmmmmm, could it be my blog.
Yes, it was in fact.

Rays Renegade

Congrats on #500 Rays! I always enjoy reading your words of wisdom daily – you are always entertaining, fair, thoughtful and I always learn something new! Here’s to the next 500!


you are the man. Maybe you should consider a domain name. You could get some advertising and make some cash if you get enough visitors… either that or you could write a big article about my blog to share some visitors… I mean there are 2 options if you wanna take one. I love you.

Even though today we have announcements that are not cheerful on the Rays front, plus the discovery of D’backs Scot Schoeweis’s wife. It is a somber day.
I might even buy me a netbook this week to celebrate.
Nothing like not working and getting yourself another gift. lol

Rays Renegade

I acutally do have a domain name., but the blog is basically a mirror-image right now.
I have made a whole dollar since I started it last September.
I am just not able to do the web design and work needed right now to make it more attractive and pleasent to the eye.
Hopefully by the next 500 I can have both running like clockwork and make at least two dollars.

Rays Renegade

Wow! What a reason to celebrate, Renegade. Congratulations. I have many favorites among the posts you listed – from the tribute to Zimmer to the Rodney Dangerfield/bloggers entry. You’re always a pleasure to read. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for that. Coming from you that is an awesome compliment.
I have to throw it right back at ya. There are so many great budding and proven writers on here, it is a great day anytime you refresh the page.
I will try and keep it going.
Still working on that idea you gave me………..
We shall see.

Rays Renegade

Congratulations on hitting 500! I hope I can make it to 200 sometime soon.

Oh wow.. I joined August 2007 I believe and have not even half of 500 entries.. It’s okay though.. I’ll chalk it up to not being a home run hitter like Jeet, lolz..
Niice work though =)
– V [ ]

I write every day, so they kind of came fast and furious.
Every day during the off season at least one blog got written. Some days two or three hit the spot.
It all depended on the situation and the subject.
You will hit 200 if you want to………….it is all about commitment.

Rays Renegade

I just write when I think I have something to say. I did not do it daily until about Augst of 2008.
But I did write every day, so they add up fast.
I just come from an old newspaper background from the old days, and I used to write daily in a journal as a kis in college.
I might have a future best seller just in my college pranks and activities with the Fraternity.

Rays Renegade

500?!?! Wow… I have yet to make 100. I’ve got quite a ways to go to catch up to you!! It would probably help if I wrote pretty much everyday. Congrats!!

Wow Rays! Congratulations on #500!! Wasn’t that fun reading some of your threads?
Although I created my blog last year in June, I did not post anything until February of this year. I had put like one word in June so in February I edited it when I started using the blog. Guess I did not know I could have deleted it.
Anyway I went back and read some of your old threads. Not fun looking at those Mickey Rourke pictures. haha. I enjoyed the one about your favorite movie “For the love of the game” but you did not mention another important part of that movie! The voice of Vin Scully! I also like the Don Zimmer one! You know he was a Dodger!
Writting does not come easy to me. I am a numbers person that loves the Dodgers and baseball.
Thanks for pointing out some of your blogs. Keep up the great work. I learn from so many of you

I kind of look at writing every day as my mental exercise. I do spelling push-ups and semtemce sit-ups every day.
But also it keeps me alert and grounded too right now.

Rays Renegade

We all learn from each others blogs.
I know I always leanr at least one new thing a day off of reading someone else’s blog.
It is the stories we have, and the way we tell them, just like our grandparents did to keep the traditions and the customs flowing from gewneration to generation. Only our conversations are based in the sport of baseball.
I did not mention the Vin Scully voice because it is so profound and announced in the film, you would have had to have lived in a cave not to know who it was speaking.
Zim was a great Brooklyn and LA Dodger. I am lucky enough to at least once a month hear a story from him.
He truly is the treasure beyond compare.

Rays Renegade

You know Rays, I have heard Tommy Lasorda tell the same stories but he still makes me laugh the way he tells them. Sometimes he says “I never told you this before…”. haha, yes you have Tommy. I never get tired of hearing the old boys of Summer tell their stories. Wish I could listen to Zim.

I know it is not like the stories are being told to you mouth-to-ear, but Zimmer did do two great books that have a huge amount of great stories and situations he faced during his years.
A long time ago I went up to Inverness in Citrus couty here in Florida to where the original site of the Ted Williams Museum was located.
I was there for the induction of Cal Ripken Jr. into his Hitter Hall of Fame.
To even hear him tell that one story was a huge baseball memory for me. Our legends have some incredible tales. but the great thing is that most of it is saved for the next generation now.

Rays Renegade

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