My Final AL Vote Thoughts


With today bringing the 2009 All-Star game fan voting to an end, it is now time for people to try and predict, influence or even try and persuade some of the rest of the baseball world that their guys truly deserve a slot in the All-Star game in St. Louis on July 14. The official results will not be aired or known until at least this Sunday, but there is speculation and even rampant optimism that at least one star of your local team will grace the roster announced on Sunday during the 2009 MLB All Star Selection Show presented by Pepsi on Sunday on TBS at 1 pm.

The American baseball public has responded to cast 223.5 million votes from 17.8 million ballots to set a new record for the total number of ballots and votes cast in the fan balloting of the All Star game.  Of course this is not the last time they will get a chance to vote for a member of the 2009 All Star squad. On Sunday during the telecast, the “last chance” voting opportunity also known as the “All Star Game Sprint Final Vote”.  Wow, what a clever name for the contest. As we all know, the Rays Evan Longoria won that last selection vote in 2008, and so far has been the highest vote getter in the American League side of voting this season.

The All Star Managers, the National League’s Charlie Manuel and the American Leagues Joe Maddon will help select the five players to take part in the final vote. This voting will continue until next Tuesday at 4 pm EST when all electronic votes will be counted and submitted to MLB for final approval. will announce the winner after 4 pm and they will represent their league in the 2009 All Star game.

Who will get that last slot this season?  Could it be the guy who comes in fifth or sixth in the outfield, or maybe even a late bloomer like Texas Ranger shortstop Elvis Andrus. Since my team is located in the American League, I am going to try and make some predictions and logical choices to be considered for the 2009 A L side of the field. For me to even consider who might make it on the NL side of the equation might be more speculation than fact, and I will leave that to the bevy of ESPN columnists more qualified than me to know the National League. So without further ado, let me try and figure out the final 32 members of the AL squad I would expect and also select if I was in the AL Manager’s cleats.

For the Final vote, hmm, this might be a bit interesting this season. I am thinking that the Rays will again have a member on the five people selected for the Final Vote. This season it will be uber-utility player Ben Zobrist. I think Maddon wants to put him on the squad, but he might already have three players on the squad at that point and might leave it up to the voting public for the last slot. For what he has done in the first half of the season, he deserves it, but does the rest of the country agree with the Rays fans.

A second player I feel might be considered for the final vote will be Toronto Blue Jay shortstop Marcus Scutaro.   Based on his defensive and offensive mastery in 2009, he should be an outside candidate to be included as the second shortstop on the squad. He is being a bit punished by New York Yankees long stay Derek Jeter taking the starting spot, and the Rays Jason Bartlett maybe taking the second slot. But this could change and they could also be swapped if the Jays do not place another player on the squad, but with Jays starter Roy Halladay now healthy, you have to consider him for your pitching staff.


I am also thinking that MLB and Maddon might let the fans decide if Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez deserves a slot on the team after his PED conversations and his recent emergence to again hitting like the old A-Rod. This might be the place for the general public to either voice their support or disgust for his actions.  The Yankee star will not be voted into the starting line-up this season as Longoria is the probable starter at third base this season for the AL.

The fourth player that might find himself on the Final Vote will be Los Angeles Angels outfielder Torii Hunter. This season with Jason Bay now on the AL-side of the voting, he has taken a usual spot taken by one of the trio of Hunter, the Rays Carl Crawford, and another former AL and NL All Star Seattle’s Ken Griffey Jr.  Hunter has been a fixture on ESPN’s Sportscenter and also Baseball Tonight  for his defensive web gems, and it might be the publics votes that get him into the event.

The last guy to be on the vote for the All Star Game Sprint Final Vote has been mentioned above. I am thinking that Maddon and MLB would both like to see Ken Griffey Jr. in the All-Star game again, this time on the AL side of the field. The guy has been the role model for my generation on how to play the game with style, grace and a smile during all 162 games.  With his addition to this last vote, it would bring about a message that longevity and public persona do have a play in the classic event. The guy has given us great moments this year out of Seattle and deserves a shot at another All-Star selection.

So far this season, there have been some huge gains by player usually though of as back-ups or late additions to teams. There have also been some players who have sat at the top of their games have a few falls from grace moments and are trying to rebuild trust and their game. But no matter what happens, I still think this years AL squad looks as tough and as strong as the last 5 years. This is my  personal selection for the final five to be considered for the All Star Game Sprint Final Vote.

This is not t mean a player like  Toronto’s Aaron Hill, Twins slugger Justin Morneau, or even Indians catcher Victor Martinez will not be selected to the squads. I do not envy Maddon his job of getting all of the AL teams represented for the event. Every teams has a star who should attend the event, but also there are players who have already either sewn up a spot at that position, or might be involved in the last vote. We will not know what the country thinks until Tuesday evening, but starting on Sunday night e can again make our voices ring loud and clear and decide at least one member of the 2009 AL and NL All Star squads.



Rays – I, personally, would not like to see A-Rod on the ballot for the same reason that I don’t want Manny at the All-Star game; I just don’t think that cheaters deserve to go to the All-Star Game.


This is where we will agree to disagree.
I am on the fence about PEDs and the players who use them as to future considerations like the Hall of Fame, but I still think it is a classic actionm of someone wanting to be the best they can be on the field.
There are still over 99 other names to be put out there that might be pure shock and awe to all of us when they hit the daylight.
I am beginning to think it is just a process of the evolution of the game now. A bad evolution, but a evolution all the same. With time we will see what horror or joy will come out of it all, but he has done something 99 other people have not done yet………admit it.
And I understand that totally as someone who messed up himself in college.

Rays Renegade

Rays – congrats on being #19 on the Latest Leader’s List!


Been a WILD RIDE in June.
Not sure what I am doing wrong, but still trying to post a daily.
Such is life.
19 is better than 119th.

Rays Renegade

As somebody who is probably 1,019th, I take offense to that last comment. :)

I’m sorry, but I agree with Julia–I don’t think that the cheaters in the game deserve to respresent their teams at the All-Star Game. And I don’t know if I can agree that cheating can be seen as an “evolution.” It is simply people taking the easy way out.

Keep the blog rolling. As a new blogger, I will strive to be with you in the top 50 next month.

This series against the Rangers is going to be a fun one. The fireworks won’t be relegated only to what gets shot into the sky tomorrow night!

I’m hoping Kaz can pitch well tonight with the offense revving up over the next three days.

Gonna be fun!

There have been levels of cheating throughout the base ages and it has been accepted as non issues before even when teams used to use spies to see the cather’s signs during games in the 1950’s.
When Mark McGwire used Andro, it was not an illegal substance in the MLB, but it was under investigation.
Players have always strived for the new thing or that edge like Lasik surgery now to make your eyes better than the norm.
If there is a way to bend the rules without violating them, you know someone is doing it.

I will be checking out your blog and hope you have success with it.

Rays Renegade


This series will be about pitching.
More to the effect of whoi can keep it on the ballpark.
We have two teams that could stroke the ball out at any moment in the game.
By not making pitching errors or leaving pitches up, we might see a close series.
Both teams have fond their strive in their offense, but their pitching has been suspect at times.
This is going to be a fun series to watch the next three days.

Rays Renegade

I have to admit I was hoping that this series would start with a strong Kazmir pitching performance supported by 5-6 runs of support behind him.


Kaz is really scaring me. His 5-inning ceiling is not a new thing.

What performance enhancer can we give him? :)

I love that All Star commercial. It’s great. I would love to hang onto the famous arch and be carried to the All Star game.

I think we as fans deserve that the 99+ player’s name be released. The only player I would put my hands in the fire is Jeff Kent because of how strongly he spoke against steroids and how ashamed he said he was for it Oh, they are probably alot of them that are innocent but by not releasing the list, everyone is under suspicion.
Are you voting for the final AS spot?

I have used that commercial twice now in blogs because I like that fantasy feature to it too.
Chear airfare, just hang on for dear life.
How I would love to be there to greet my buddy Edwin Jackson on MLB Media Day.
I am so proud of that ex-Ray.

Rays Renegade

I am voting the last spot on the rosters:
NL Shane Victorino was yesterday. Matt Kemp today.
I took a better look at the stats and decided to change my preference based on what they mean to their club.
With only three outfielders on the NL roster, one of the outfielders needs to make the squad.
AL………..I have mutual feelings of voting for Brandon Inge and Pena, but my team loyalty wins out, and they were both team mates in the Tigers system with Pena hitting the majors first.

Rays Renegade


Even though Chone Figgins is from the Tampa Bay area, my vote is cast in stone for El Presidente’ Carlos Pena.
The blog on Tuesday will be my part to try and get people to vote for him.
Every one of the five selected for the All Star Spring Final Vote should have a seat on that bench.
This year’s squad has been a tough selection process.

Rays Renegade

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