Four Rays make the All Star roster


You know it had to be a tough decision. And you know it had to have more than a few multiple phone calls or even stats investigations before Rays Manager Joe Maddon handed in his 2009 All Star selection card to MLB. I wonder if you fax such a document, or if it is on a Word Excel/Powerpoint program, or maybe the technology savvy Maddon sent it via E-mail or text message. No matter how it got delivered, or how it got decided on the dozen of guys on the fence, we have out 2009 A L All Star squad now.

And it is a pretty competitive bunch here people. There is the usual Rays-killers listed on the offensive side of the team with Boston’s Dustin Pedroia and the Yankees Mark Teixeira leading the parade, but it is some of the name that have been whispered in the recent days that popped up on the list that might spark the biggest comments or arguments. Sure the Rays put four guys on the All-Star roster. Each one of them have a legitamate reason and statistics to merit their selection. You already know I have been harping about Ben Zobrist and Jason Bartlett for months, and I have beyond myself that they have both gotten to the final vote.

I did not think Evan Longoria, who was the leading A L Vote getter at the last postng of the votes needed my hekp to get into the All-Star game. Heck he was killing A-Rod at the polls and that in itself is a major coup. Carl Crawford I always thought had a great shot at the field not only becuase of the injury to Josh Hamilton, but becuase he has been posting consistent numbers to merit such a selection. Again congrats to all four of the current Rays All Stars, but you might be seeing a few more familiar faces in St. Louis by the time the game is started.

J P Howell was not selected to the All Star team ,but you got to think he is going to be high on the list if there is an injury to a reliever before the game starts. He has put up another set of outstanding numbers to even trump his 2008 stats so far this season. And he has silently taken the reins in the ninth innings for the Rays in June. But he is not the only Rays who might also find themselves in that locker room come game time. Carlos Pena also might get a second shot as he is one of the five guys to choose from in the All Star Game Sprint Final Vote this season.

Last season that is how Evan Longoria got his spot on the roster, and see how he has blossomed in the last year. Carlos Pena will be joined in that final vote by Texas Ranger Ian Kinsler, Angel Chone Figgins, Tiger Brandon Inge,and Blue Jay Adam Lind. That vote will go on until 4 pm on Tuesday when the last memebr of the A L sqaud will be announced by MLB. This group is kind of interesting since two of the memebrs of the final vote were on my ballot to make the squad as their teams representatives.

I do find it kind of odd that Kinsler, the hard hitting second baseman of the Rangers did not make the team as a reserve. I am mean he is the most consistent hitter on the Rangers team this year, and he is amazing to watch on the field with him growing more secure every day at his position. It is odd to not see him on the squad, but the selection by the fans of Josh Hamilton gave the Rangers their one needed player for the team representation. It will be quite a time to see if the Rangers faithful come out and vote for Kinsler to get hm a shot at the All Star game. I am putting him as having an outside chance at the spot. 

The other player I thought might get on the squad as a reserve was Tiger’s catcher/third baseman Brandon Inge. And I did not think he would get on because he is on my Fantasy team, more for the fact he also has been the consistent hitter for the Tigers this season. Sure Miguel Cabrera has hit the cover off the ball, but Inge even leads the Tigers in homers with 18, two more than Cabrera. You want to dig deeper into this, well Inge even has 52 RBI compared to the 46 by Cabrera. And to slam the door let’s look at their batting averages. In this statistic is come out as a pure power slam as Cabera’s only bright spot in this match-up. Cabera’s .324 batting average dwarfs Inge’s .269 average, but Inge has been the consistent scoring machine.

Pena’s addition on to this final vote can not be because of the over 3,000 votes I submitted at the Trop with his name as a write-in candidate for the State Farm Home Run Derby. I almost wish it was, but I can not see my little input having any nudging points for the MLB brass. So I have to conjure up the thoughts that the American League leading home run hitter should get a chance on that roster. Heck, I really was looking forward to seeing ‘Los crank his back to a 45 degree angle and see a few balls head to rightfield on a lazer beam. But then again, I know the guy is not only a itting machine.  He ia also leading the AL again with walks with 54, and sitting in a three-way tie for eighth in RBI right now.

His power and grace would be a nice addition to the A L Roster. And if you have ever gotten the pleasure to hear him talk, you would know he will do not only the Rays proud, but MLB with his intelligent and thought provoking conversation. I am happy and pleasantly surpsied that four memebrs of the Rays will be on the field during the 2009 All Star game. What is even better is all four of those players were on the field at some time for the Rays in 2008 when they visited Busch Stadium for the Inter League seriesagainst the Cardinals. That proves that the Rays do not go after guys just to get on the All Star roster, but look for competitors who will gel with the team and prove themselves on the field. 

So, you are probably thinking who I am voting for in the final vote. Well, if you have to ask you do not know me at all. I am going to vote for Pena. Not because he is a Ray, but because of wht he means to that team over the last three seasons getting a Silver Slugger and Golden Glove, but no All Star bid. It might be a slow escalation for Pena to finally reach this plateau in his career, but it is one he has been putting up the right numbers to be considered for the last three years. Tuesday will be either an exciting day for Pena, or another chance to get his name out there for the rest of the MLB to take notice of for 2010. There are three great hitting first baseman in the A L East, and the third guy’s name is  Carlos Pena.


I’m still p.o.’d that the NY/BOS markets dictate all things ASG, but it’s good to see the Rays gettin’ in on the action. I’ll holla at Longoria when I see him there!

I hope that people realize that the Rays got their guys into the game on merit, not reputation. That favoritism did not dictate their selection and that this team deserves more and more respect with each passing game.

Well, maybe not the last two games, but you know…

Let’s get Carlos in!!!

Jeff – Do you think perhaps that the four Red Sox players got in as reserves/pitchers because they deserve it and not because they play for the Red Sox?

Rays – congrats on the 4 Rays players who have made the team.


Your Rays did do a nice job getting spots on the all star team, congratulations!
I am in support of Pena too, although at first it was close with Kinsler. And I too agree that Kinsler should have probably been a reserve.
I also need a little advice: I am having trouble posting youtube videos, you post them a lot so I was wondering what’s up. I always copy the embed code, and then just paste it in my post. Any idea what I’m doing wrong. Much thanks, and nice blogging as usual!

Congrats to the Rays who made it. I’m frustrated Brian McCann didn’t get the start but there’s no sense crying about. I find it a little odd that the NL has 4 first baseman. I know they all deserved it but that leaves the NL with only 2 third baseman and 2 second baseman.

Like the above commenter, I would also have liked to see Brian McCann start.I’m with you on the Kinsler thing. I thought for sure he would get in. I voted for him to start probably several hundred times. He deserves to be there. But I’m still voting for Pena in the Final Vote.Big congratulations to our four Rays All Stars. It helps to balance out that northeastern tilt.Brenton


I think Kinsler might have been a victim of the “Eastern Bloc” voting.
No, I am not referring to the East German term of the 1980-90’s but of the bloc of voting that can change results based out of the NE section of the country.
They got Longoria in last year to keep Jason Giambi in, and this year the did some last minute voting in huge numbers to get Dustin Pedroia in at the last moment.
I can not wait to see if they reward one of their own, Carlos Pena, who went to school, at Northeastern University.

Rays Renegade

McCann did not get the starting nod, but he is on the team. I did not pay a real close attention to the NL side of the equation, but considering the game is being played in St. Louis, maybe their faithful all voted for Y. Molina and Albert Pujols, then filled out the rest of their ballots.
I saw that the N L had 4 first baseman on their roster and wondered if they remembered they are playing in a NL park and the DH is not going to be sued.
Worst yet, that leaves some of the NL first baseman maybe playing another position, and only three outfielders.
It should be interesting to see the situational hitting and the pinch-hitting for the NL in the game.

Rays Renegade

I am not sure what is going wrong with the Youtube video uploading, but if you are using Mozilla, that might have something to do with it.
I had trouble getting some things to transfer and copy using Mozilla, so I do most of my blogging only on Internet Explorer again.
The Kinsler omission might have also been a numbers thing to get Hill into the All Star game as at the time, the only Toronto rep.
I am at least glad they included some interesting names into the Final Vote.

Rays Renegade

I think it is more the fact that both the AL East playoffs squads got at least 4 on the team is an awesome thing. As much as Wakefield might not have seemed like a good fit, you have to believe that Maddon had a bright idea that his knuckleball in a critical part of the game could cause mass problems for the NL.
That might end up being a very good move, and could turn the game the AL’s way.

Rays Renegade

Rays fanboy,
I agree.
It was not hard to imagine Evan Longoria and Jason Bartlett on the team based on their top two placing in the voting. Some people might not consider Zobrist a offensive weapon yet, but hopefully he can make a great impression during the game and make the future All Star Managers think about utility guys too.
As for Crawford, that is a simple pick. Josh Hamilton will go to the game and honor the fans voting, but might not even play one inning in the game. I honestly think he might ask Maddon for one inning and then Torii Hunter or Crawford will come in after that.

Rays Renegade

The NY vote did not get as loud as usual.
But the guys in the game did have good numbers to suggest their addition from both teams in the East.
I know the Cards would have loved for Coby Rasmus to get selected.
He is my top NL Rookie guy of the first half.

Rays Renegade


Glad to see Mr. Bartlett (Pear) made it :O) Sorry…he is forever connected to fruit for me…LOL We all have our mental demons to deal with…ha, ha!


I like that fruit analogy. Pear huh?
I guess I will just call Pat Burrell Durian, the smelly Asian fruit that has a custard consistency inside and smell like rotten feet.

Rays Renegade

Good news! I am back!
That was a great commerical, the first video you posted. The only thing wrong with it was that Jose Reyes and David Ortiz are not All-Stars. When was that video made?
Also I think Bartlett got snubbed. He should start over Jeter. How many games all year does he have where he didn’t get a hit? 5?


That video was done months ago by Fox.
they have enough problems getting the players right during broadcasts to get a All Star commercial correct.
It was fun and a great commercial, so all is good.
Bartlett will get his time, and it will plant a seed for the next few years ( hopefully).
Glad to see you back in the MLBlogs fold.

Rays Renegade

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