Vote ‘Los!

And you thought the big elections were over in November. No, if you are one of the fanatical members of the baseball party, you know that this week is the last chance to let your voice be heard and to get another deserving candidate on the baselines for their introduction during the 2009 All Star game in St. Louis ,Missouri.  And with the success of Evan Longoria getting voted into the 2008 All Star game on the Final Vote, the Rays are putting all their eggs in a basket to again get another deserving member of the Rays into the 2009 classic.

Do you know if Carlos Pena doesn’t get voted into the All Star game it will be the first time in a long time that the American League Home Run Leader is not in attendance at the big event since 1993 when the Tigers Mickey Tettleton missed the classic. Furthermore, with Longoria not being so keen on the State Farm Home Run Derby this year, maybe Carlos can take his spot and drill the rightfield stands with a few balls.  If you have never watched Pena hit home runs during Batting Practice or even during a game, you have missed a great display of pure power and thrusting through the ball to get it over the outfield wall.

To see this guy lean back and get a hold of a pitch is a sight to behold. Truly, it is something magical to watch that ball sail out of the yard and into the hands of a fan in the rightfield stands. And you know how they love to see homers in St. Louis! But Pena is up against a few really credible stars of their own in this All Star Game Sprint Final Vote. There are a few people also on the ballot that have been mentioned as “sure things”, or their team representatives with the fan vote, but they might have lost a bit of favor in the players voting and are relegated to the Final Vote now.

Guys like Ian Kinsler of Texas, Chone Figgins of the Angels, Brandon Inge of the Tigers and Adam Lind of the Blue Jays along with Pena will be seeking your vote between today and Thursday at 4 pm. After that time, MLB will announce the winner. And  with that last vote goes the honor of lining up with the rest of the best of the American League for the All Star game. But why do I think Pena is the man for the mission. Why on earth do I think he can overcome the other four guys and be the man selected to the All Star game?

Well, simply he is the current AL Home Run leader with 23 dingers this season. What is also truly amazing is that ex-Ray Russell Branyan, who is now bashing them with Seattle is second with 21 home runs.  Pena is also currently ninth in RBI with 55, and he is seventh in the AL in runs with 58 right now.  Those two statistics by themselves show that Pena has been an offensive force for the Rays in 2009. His batting average might not be pretty (.231), but his OPS of .898 shows he has the ability and the consistent nature to get on base and make thing happen for the Rays. 

He is also only one walk behind current AL leader Marc Scutaro of Toronto (56) for the lead in that category too  He is also sitting in the third spot in Intentional Base on Balls this season with seven trips to first base.  His offensive numbers have been consistent the last few seasons in the power categories having been near the top in homers and walks the last two years in the AL.  In 2008, Pena blasted 31 homers and drove in 102 RBI to help the Rays to their first winning season and their drive to the 2008 World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. In 2007, Pena hit 46 homers with 121 RBI to establish new Rays marks in both categories.

But even if you are still not convinced on his offensive number, the fact he is in the top tier of A L first basemen with his defense should be his trump card. Pena might be having a down year for him, but he is still one of the best defensive players on the right side of the infield. His dives and saving of extra base hits during the season are only the tip of the iceberg for this vacuum cleaner at first. His plays at first, along with his newly shined Golden Glove won during the 2008 season shows that he has the right stuff to man the position and be the best option. 

But besides that, Pena is the kind of guy you want to see in the All Star game. He is very humble and very proud of is teammates and what they have accomplished in the last 12 months.  He is the model of a team leader and clubhouse guy you want for your squad. And he shares that love of the game with the community all the time. Be it advertising for the Boy and Girls Club, or making special appearances for the team at local hospitals, you can always count on Pena to be one of the first to volunteer. 

Let also add the interesting note that if Pena is selected to the All Star team, the Rays will be only the fourth team since 1969 to put their entire starting infield on the field at some point in the All Star game. The last to do it was the 2002 New York Yankees. But that might be one of the bad things about having the year the Rays and Pena had in 2008. Too many great things happen while no one on the team had an outstanding or career year in 2008. The team concept and the bonding of that unit played a huge role in them winning the A L East crown, not blasting the ball every night and taking what the defense gave them in games. 

But some things might be working against Pena to even be considered for the spot. He is surly deserving of the honor, but with the success of the Rays and four member all ready on the AL roster, people might consider it overloading the squad with Rays if they select Pena. This is actually pretty petty if that is the reasoning for not selecting him to the All Star game. The game symbolizes the best players at their positions showing their stuff during and exhibition game at the mid point of the season. It is not like there is a multitude of bonus money being thrown around for any of the Rays players that make the rosters. 

But it is also a unique situation for Pena considering that he has won the 2007 Silver Slugger award for first base, which goes to the best hitting first baseman in the American League, plus got received the 2008 Golden Glove for the position. This shows that the MLB players, media and even the fans do recognize his efforts and abilities to get this team to the next level. It only seems fair and right to let him take that next step and become recognized as an All Star for the Rays. If you need a few more statistics to peak your interest in voting for Pena, he is also leading the AL in home runs per at-bat with a 12.48 mark this season.  From 2007-2009, he is ranked fifth with 100 home runs among all hitters in the major leagues. 

And let’s not forget he did finish tenth in the Most Valuable Player voting for the American League last season. Pena is everything you want in a player for your team. He has a great bat and the ability to help motivate and transforms your baseball team into a winner. He always has a positive attitude and a glowing smile on his face when he talks about this team. He recognizes and gives praise the fanbase, his teammates even before he talks about himself. He is truly the kind of player you want to see smile and wave to the crowd on the baselines of the All-star game………..Will you be helping Carlos in his journey?

The Tampa Bay Rays have also stepped up their community and in-stadium efforts to try and drawn in more votes for Pena during the Final Vote this week. Beginning with today;s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Rays will launch the “Vote ‘Los” campaign. This will include:

    Seven billboards promoting Carlos throughout the Tampa Bay area in key locations
    Laptop computers set up around the concourses at Tropicana Field for voting
    Gameday staff wearing “Vote ‘Los” T-shirts
    Fans are encouraged to bring their own laptop and wireless devices to vote during the game ( You know I will)
    A “Vote ‘Los” ad will run on YouTube and Facebook
    “Vote ‘Los” flyers will be distributed throughout the area
    Street Team will be making appearances throughout the Bay area promoting fans to get out and “Vote ‘Los”
    “Vote ‘Los” T-shirts will be given away to select fans throughout the series (Umm, Brian, Can I have one?)

    So come on people the time is now, and the clock is ticking. It is time for us to show our support and pride in one of our own again and start voting online or with your cellphone for Carlos Pena for the 33rd spot on the All-Star roster. We only have until 4 pm EST on Thursday to make out voices carry loud and clear. Unlike the All Star voting, which limited you to 25 total votes online per Email address, you can vote a million times if needed to get Pena selected to the All Star team.

    So remember to vote often and frequently over the next few days to get one of our own on the roster of the American League All Stars. So why are you still here reading this blog? Come on now, you know the drill by now, go to either or to submit your votes to show support for “El Presidente” also known as Carlos Pena for the All Star game.


haha. I will vote ‘Los. :) good post, and I posted on my blog Birdland Blog, that Carlos Pena deserves the spot on the All Star Team because he is leading the AL in HR’s as you said (23). Dang how could he not get in??? He would be the first player to be leading the AL in HR’s and not get in the ASG since the ’50’s. FLASHBACK! Please check out my blog, and keep blogging!

It is kind of ironic that the last AL HR leader to not get selected to an All Star team was Tettleton who always said the cereal Fruit Loops was the source of his hitting proweness.
Hopefully we can get the motivation and the drive to get him slected to the All Star roster.

Rays Renegade

Yeah hahah, that is ironic. Hopefully we can vote him in. Hey for Renegade favorites, could you write my blogs’ name down. Birdland blog? the url is
thanks. ==birdland blog==

I think I read this morning that Kinsler got the last spot, not Pena? If so, I’m sorry, Renegade. I know what a good player he is and how much he does for the community, etc. And how funny that you used that video of the kid! I had him on my blog the other day “announcing” the Hinske trade!

Nope. I jumped the gun. The voting goes on. The article I read just said Kinsler was in the lead. So it’s not over. My bad!

That is fine.
The kid is just a perfect example of people you would not expect coming onto the “Los train and hopefully riding it to victory.
If not, we do make stops at bummed-outville and disappointment station.
But we have until Thursday at 4pm EST to make our vote count.

Rays Renegade

Good luck to Pena Rays! And right or wrong – people can be very petty when it comes to the ASG voting. As you know, my Red Sox have 6 members on the AL Team and you might think that we are starting a military coup or something the way people are complaining! Yikes! I hope it the fact that there are 4 Rays on the team doesn’t hurt him.


A little bird told me that Joe Maddon had a decision between three pitchers, Tiger Justin Verlander, Ranger Kevin Millwood and Red Sox Tim Wakefield.
And he took Wakefield for the “wow” factor of having a guy who could come out for an inning or two and blank guys with his knuckleball. The other two throw hard and could have been just as effective, but Wakefield brought an unknown factor to the equation.
We shall see.
All I know is people on Twitter are going to hate me by Thursday at 4 pm.
I might lose about 100 followers because of the Vote ‘Los barrage.

Rays Renegade

I’ve been pushing Carlos via blog and in person since it was announced he was up for that last spot. I’m glad so many people are trying to help the guy out. He is a great person who deserves this honor.

Let’s get him there people!

Not that Pena isn’t having a good season, but I think Ian Kinsler got snubbed from his deserved starting spot and he should be in as a reserve at the least. Carlos Pena… maybe next year.

I am actually sitting in my seat right now at the Trop both voting online and responding to your comment.
Thank goodness I am not chewing gum too!
The Rays have a great promotion right now to support Pena, and it is good to see.
We did not have this kind of promotional program going in 2007 when Longo was going for that 33rd spot.

Rays Renegade

I am going to support Pena 110 percent even if I know he might not get the nod.
The fact is that he is hitting the cover off the ball and it would be a shame that his name will be a trivia question if he doesn’t get on the squad.
But this is the second half of the fun before the game, so why not give 110 percent and hope for the best.

Rays Renegade

Renegade and Dillon,
I have approached voting for Pena the same way: with a fun spirit. I agree that Kinsler might have an edge as far as deserving a selection, but this final fan vote is just gravy for me. Pure fun. Pena’s average and K’s are not good, but why not get the home run leader (and another Ray) into the game?

It would be fun.

It is extra gravy just as you say,but also as Julia stated, we will run into the envy factor here if we also take an early lead.
As of last night Pena was in fourth place behind Kinsler and Inge, with Figgins within his sights.
Who knows how the moring tally will come out.
I know my computer ran out of power before I could check out the numbers.

Rays Renegade

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