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Okay, anyone who knows that I have a soft spot for rockers. It might be the lifestyle I drew up with, or it might be the lifestyle I always wanted in life, but a good hard rocking song can get me fired up everytime. So last night in the latest edition of the Rays Concert Series they invited former America Idol fan favorite Chris Daughtry and his band, Daughtry to the Trop. for  a FREE after the game concert.


What was really exiciting is this was the first stop on their concert tour for 2009. They had been in Hamilton, Ontario only two days earlier still doing their final prep work before they got on a tour bus and headed to St. Petersburg, Florida for the beginning of their tour. This is the third time they have been on tour after their original tour made an appearance in the smaller venue of the State Theatre in St. Petersburg. During their second tour they were truly blessed to be the opening act for Bon Jovi.


The band spent the first part of the Rays game against the Kansas City Royals up in a suite just above the Maddon’s Maniac logo just above Section 136 ion the right field section of the Trop. The band and Daughtry would occasionally come out to the rail and smile and wave to the fans below. A young Rays fan even threw up a blue cowbell for the band drummer Joey at one point in the game. They also took in some of the rituals of the Trop such as the blue cotton candy that Joey had purchased during the game.


During last night’s the band did a mixture of their second album material and some of the great hits off their first album. The song “Crashed” had a different feel in last night performance, and wasa softer version of the previously recorded hit.  The band did end the night with the song that has come to identify the band in the last two years. “Home” also had a great feel to it and he did throw some extra octaves into it and it thrilled the crowd both on the stadium floor and in the stands.


Some of the band did hang out after the concert and mingled with Rays fans before finally being whisked away to the Vinoy. The band will make their second appearance tonight at the House of Blues in Orlando. The only negative to the enitre night, but I can give him a flyer because the show was so good was the fact he reffered to the city as “Tampa” in his Twitter video last night. But that might also be connected to the fact he was on the tour bus heading to O-town and might have seen a “Tampa” sign along I-275 before he made the video. So let me end this short photo blog with the two Twitter videos sent out by the band before and after the concert last night.




Great concert pictures! You must have had a GREAT time!


I actually took over 700 photos and spent about 4 hours last night just editing and deleting some of the photos.
It was a great time, and I got to chat with him for about 2 minute outside the Vinoy last night before they boarded the bus to go to Orlando.
Great times……………next up, the B-52’s on August 15th.

Sorry I only have 1 Flo Rida phot, and that is of him throwing the First Pitch on Friday night.

Rays Renegade


Are the concerts big hits down there as expected? I take it this one was your favorite one so far? I hope you have fun at the game tomorrow with all the kids around! Hope they can bring good luck to the guys! :) Gotta WIN!!!

It was my favorite so far by a huge margin.
But it was also the one I was circling in red before August too.
Then we have the first band I ever saw live in concert, the B-52’s coming in two weeks.
So far in the last two years we have seen LL Cool J, the Commodores, Loverboy, Trace Adkins, Pat Benatar and MC Hammer.
And we still have Big and Rich and the Beach Boys on the horizon.
The concerts bring about 30,000 plus to the ballpark for a duo game/concert event. The team has been dominating on those nights, and hopefully they will again turn the roof orange the next three days/nights.

Rays Renegade


Hamilton, Ontario!!!!!! Boo ya! I can’t believe my hometown made your blog! Go CFL Ti-Cats! On behalf of all Hamiltonians, we are honoured.

I’d like to see the Beach Boys. Love their music, but only the Brian Wilson years. Too bad about that guy.

I am not sure why they picked Hamilton, but it worked for you!
Nothing wrong with a great CFL club.
Always love the aspect of returning a mixed field goal attempt.
Makes the defense stay on their toes.
Wish I could be in O-town again tonight to see the concert again in a smaller venue.

Rays Renegade


Nice pictures! Daughtry is my favorite singer and you are so lucky to see him at Tropicana. For the Padres, we had something called “Fiesta Con Los Padres”. Daughtry concert sounds way better. I wish I was there.

I have to say I feel lucky to have the young Promotions and Fans Experience department we have here at the Rays.
They do some amazing things for the fans, even if some of the Season Ticketholders feel slighted at times.
T-shirts of all 5 Rays All Stars, great in-game events and a sharp music taste.
Both Pat Benatar and Daughtry started their concert tours with visits to the Trop.
Great things are still to come this season.

Rays Renegade


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