Beach Boys seduce Rays fans with Music



Could that really be true? Can they really be ready to start their 50th Anniversary Tour in 2011? And can I really be this  darn old, but feel so young the minute they begin to play their harmony-induced So Cal classics? It is actually a bit funny that I always seem to go through a time machine and transform into my 20’s every time I hear one of the bands that blared from my old 1969 Camaro’s AM/FM radio in my youth.

The thought of the band again coming into Tampa Bay and making me remember countless weekend strolls and drives up and down Mandalay Avenue and Gulfview Blvd. on Clearwater Beach, Florida with the rag top down and my trusty side kick Hansel, my black German Sheperd in the passenger seat checking out the girls and loving the summer nights. During those cruises, one of my favorite cassette tapes was the Beach  Boys  1980 album”Keeping the Summer Alive”

And with the forever young voice of Mike Love and the Beach Boys, the trip down memory lane was going to be perfect for me last Saturday night. Not withstanding, the Rays loss for only the second time in 32 concerts did put a bit of a bummer on the night, but the minute the band began to play those surfer classics, all was beginning to become right in the world again.


The concert was a  night of reliving some of my old beach cruising magic, and remembering those lazy days of summer in my 20’s.  Now I know a majority of the people reading my blogs were not even alive when the Beach Boy first formed in 1961 out in Hawthorne, California, but the music is so borderless that even Rolling Stone magazine has proclaimed the Beach Boys “America’s Band.” They told yarns of the surreal world of the surfers and car jockeys that was the culture in South California in the 1960’s.

And everyone, no matter what you age can remember and even sing some of the lyrics of many of their tunes. Considering the band ended up with 36 US Top 40 hits along with 56 Top 100 hits, they are the best selling American band in history. And who has not heard many of their songs in classic movies or even television as a backdrop to the beach scenes. They might not be the same members that originally hit the stage back in 1961, but they still have the same energy and envoke the same thrill they did years ago when i saw them in concert.

Even if the band doesn’t hit the same high notes as in their earlier years, this band still brings back a great flood of emotions and memories when they begin to sing their songs. And the awesome sight of seeing three and sometimes four generations of family dancing and singing their songs speaks volumes to their longevity. Seriously, I saw grandparents holding small infants and dancing with them in their arms in the aisle of the Trop that night, and seeing young and old dancing closely to their slow dance classics just reminded you of those wild dances and proms of our youth.


I know the pictures do not do justice to the sights and sounds going on all over the Trop that night, but the music bouncing off the back walls and cascading down to our ears was a sweet ambrosia that all of us hungered to taste again. The music took all of us to a place some of us had not been in a long time, but left everyone with a smile.

Classic was the moment near the end of the concert when Love thanked the crowd for the experience, then his original band mate Bruce Johnston told him they had to have at least two more songs in them. They then erupted into “Barbara Ann” and “FUn, Fun, Fun”.  Even as I was heading for the exits of the stadium, some fans were still singing the songs and dancing in the breezeways under the stadium.

Funny, I even went searching on my FM radio on the way home hoping to catch a Beach Boys classic song on the radio before I hit my driveway. I was amazed when less than five minutes later the song ” Sloop John B”, which was recorded back in 1965 began to play over the speakers. I was quickly transcended to a time when I used to sail on a small catamaran on the Gulf of Mexico with my small tape recorder strapped to the mast.


But that is the gift that band like the Beach Boys give us every time we hear them. They take us back to times and memories that sit close to us, and remind us of easier time, or less stressful moments in our lives.  Bands like this provide a great example of just how great some of that music in the earlier years of rock and roll can become iconic.

Even the classic “Kokomo” can be heard at any cruise ship or travel agency on the Musik now, but always bring us back to a sandy white beach, and a loud shirt or shorts.  But that is the gift, the ultimate compliment to the band and our culture if we hum a few bars, or even think of the beach culture for a moment while the song is playing.


I could almost fee the sand between my toes that night even though I was sitting in the box seats at a baseball stadium.  I could imagine those hot, but breeze-filled nights cruising the beaches with my dog and some of those Beach Boys tunes strumming in my ears. All I was missing was an exotic drink with a umbrella in it.

( I do have more photos of all of the Rays Sat. Night Concerts this season I stayed for on my Myspace Photo area. If you wanted to check out other pictures, just go to  ).


50 years??? NO!!!! That isn’t possible! TRUE story – I was in college – won tickets to go and see the Beach Boys – could NOT get anyone to go with me!! Shocking I know! You saw a great one Cliff!!


You have no idea how many great concerts I have seen. Still the funniest moment was duirng a Sinbad show when he picked on me.
As a Special Events Coordinator, I got to be backstage at concerts, Blues Fests, and most Rays off-limits areas in the stadium . Even got to meet and chat a bit with Alexis Joel. She is so hot!
And you do not want to know about the signed Daughtry photo I got after the blog…….I am blessed.

Rays Renegade

I love the Beach Boys. I actually saw them years ago on 4th of July. It was one of the best nights of my life with the concert and fireworks. I confess that I have some of their songs on my Ipod.

Even though the guy singing the old Brian Wilson lyrics could not get as high as him, the adjustments in the song made it easy to sing with him and enjoy it all.
I think everyone has a Beach Boys song somewhere hidden on their I pods, even if they do not admit it.
I saw them in Washington DC years ago, and almost 750,000 after they did a day time concert in Philly in front of 1 million.

Rays Renegade

I love the Beach Boys! They’re the only band that my whole family agrees is good, so I’ve ended up listening to their complete collection, pretty much. I’ve listened to the Good Vibrations box set (yes, even the demo CD) so many times I’ve lost count.
And their songs pretty much taught me all I know about cars. Especially “409”.
Great entry on an immortal band!

You are totally right.
This is “American’s first G-rated band that lasted.
“Good Vibrations” box set is impressive, plus the wild album “Pet Sounds” can only be called a great experiment with mixed results.
It was fun,fun,fun, then I drove the Camaro away.
Yes, I still have that car!

Rays Renegade


I love G- rated bands!!

Well – the Beatles would be in there too.

But I don’t know if they were really considered a band?

Haha that’s for you to figure out:

and Renegade – the Rays aren’t out yet.

With the win last night – they could be on the sweet smelling comeback trail?

I am rooting for them all the way!

They are my team to win the world series!!\\

Go Rays!! =) …. and Indians… sigh. haha.

–Ted “TTW/T”

No lie, my first concert EVER was the Beach Boys. I thought all concerts would be like that and then I saw Michael Jackson and since then I’ve always considered the Beach Boys to be disappointing live. I mean, they don’t even have organized dances with millions of people and costume changes. Hehe. Nice that the Rays have this concert series though. Seems like a great distraction for the fans as the team tanks.

Its funny that we now know this as a large part of rock history. I had a class on Rock History and they played a large part of the first half. Good old American music :)

Ray, if you ever visit Las Vegas.. I hope it’s in the summer and you get a chance to attend a concert at the beach in Mandalay Bay. The bands (like the Beach Boys) are on stage above a makeshift beach and rolling waves of waist deep water. Talk about a cool place to watch the Beach Boys… I really feel ya there.

Buz –

Think about it. With people all over the world checking lyrics and poems and even writer’s postings for profanity or even simple vulgarity, the Beach Boys might not get flagged for a single violation.
And add a sprinkling of good natued fun in the sun and you got a total winner there.
What win?
Were we looking at the same game? We lost vis a Grant Balfour implosion. But more on that later.

Rays Renegade

The team has done a great job of bringing in acts that will fill the stadium.
Last season, Loverboy and Trace Adkins just blew the doors off the Trop before LL Cool J and MC HAmmer reminded us why theye were stars again.
This season it has also been a great ride with Daughtry and The B-52s, with a side order of Americana from the Beach Boys.

Rays Renegade

It is funny how this band has taken over the minds of people who do not live in this country and make it seem like everyone dresses and acts like Mike Love and company.
But the realistic fact that we all know the music, or have a CD or albums of their’s hidden somewhere shows the longevity of the band.
And who did not have “Be True To Your School” played at an assembly sometime in their life.

Rays Renegade

Never been to Las Vegas, and will not unless I win the Lotto.
I lose enough money at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe and Casino to afford a few trips there (lol).
But, I know that places like Mandalay Bay have those concerts from other friends telling me about them.
Maybe some day, but definitely not in the poor state of my wallet right now.

Rays Renegade

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