Sunday Rewind: “Felt like ‘Home’ with Daughtry Last Night”


Sunday Rewind:

During the off season I am going to go back into the Rays Renegade annuals and pull out some of the stuff I treasured during the last two seasons. It could be a game moment, or one like tonight, a concert event held after a Saturday night Rays game. I am going to use every Sunday as a day to reflect and remember classic moments and events that I have posted blogs about during the last two seasons. This blog entry originally was posted on August 2,2009 and is being re-posted today as my weekly  Rays memory selection.

This photo was actually given to me by a member of the Rays front office after the concert a few days later for some of the blogging and things I have done for the organization over the past few seasons. It was an unexpected surprise and one that is currently adorning the hallway along with the other 8×10 photos of Rays players and band I have met over the past 12 years. Aagin, I am so honored and proud to be a member of the Rays Republic and never expected such a great item to fall into my hands. To the person on the 3rd Floor who got me this gift, you know I am there for the team and your department if you ever need a volunteer… or anything else.  Thank you again!


Okay, anyone who knows me  in any personal way knows I have a soft spot for rockers. It might be the lifestyle I grew up with,or it might be the lifestyle I always wanted in life, but a good hard rocking song can get me fired up everytime. So last night in the latest edition of the Rays Concert Series they invited former America Idol fan favorite Chris Daughtry and his band, Daughtry to the Trop. for  a FREE after the game concert. Also the idea that the two bars I go to after games always seems to drag me up to the Karaoke mic and for some reason they all want to hear me sing “Home” by Daughtry at some point in the night. 


What was really  special about this Rays show is that this post-game concert will be the first “official” concert stop on their 2009 concert tour. The group has been in Hamilton, Ontario for the last two days ironing out a few kinks and bugs in the set list and was still doing their final prep work right before they got on a tour bus and headed to St. Petersburg, Florida for this initial concert of their tour. This is the third time they have been on tour after their original tour made an appearance in the smaller venue of the State Theatre in St. Petersburg, just about a mile from Tropicana Field just down Central Avenue.

During their second tour in 2008, the group were truly blessed to be the opening act for Bon Jovi on their World-wide tour that happened to be held during the Boston Red Sox series. I had a centerstage club level seat for that concert and a backstage pass thanks to some old friends at Pepsi who got me to meet Chris after his set. I actually found out we used to hang out in some of the same places when I lived in North Carolina, but as fate always has it, I never heard his band or met him while in N.C.


The band spent the first part of the Rays game against the Kansas City Royals up in a suite just above the Maddon’s Maniac logo above Section 136 in the right field section of the Trop. Chris Daughtry and his bandmates would occasionally come out to the rail and smile and wave to the fans below. A young Rays fan even threw up a blue cowbell for the band drummer Joey at one point during the game.

They also took in some of the rituals of the Trop such as the blue cotton candy that Joey had purchased during the game. It was especially funny to see the Trop vendor trying to get the blue cotton candy up into the suite since it was a good 20 feet straight up shot. Finally the candy made it to Joey and he gave the thumbs up before going into the suite to get a quick sugar fix.


During last night’s set list the band did a mixture of their second album’s material and some of the great hits off their debut “Daughtry” album. The song “Crashed” had a different feel to it during last night performance, and wasa softer version of the previously recorded hit.  The band did end the night with the song that has come to identify the band with its fans for the last two years. “Home” also had a great vibe to it and he did throw some extra octaves and vocal scales into it and it instantly thrilled the crowd both on the stadium floor and in the stands.


Some of the members of Daughtry did hang out after the concert and mingled with Rays fans before finally being whisked away to the Vinoy. The band will make their second appearance tonight at the House of Blues in Orlando. The only negative to the entire night, and I am going to give him a Mulligan on this is the fact he called St. Petersburg by the wrong name. He called out to the fans of the to the “city of Tampa” in his Twitter video last night.

But that might also be connected to the fact he was on the tour bus heading to O-town after the ahow and might have seen a “Tampa” sign along I-275 before he made the video. So let me end this short photo blog with the two Twitter videos sent out by the band before and after the concert last night. Hopefully the band will again hit Florida before they end this tour, and you know I will be there again. Hoping to maybe hear “Call My Name” done again in person. Rock on Chris, you guys did an awesome job and I wish you the best during your tour dates!


So you’re going to be a rocker in your next life? Actually, why wait? I can see you recording some tunes and posting them on this blog. Come on, Renegade. Do it. You know you want to.

Already have won a few contests singing for extra cash (lol).
The rocker has always been alive in me, and I might just pop something up here someday.
Actually, a friend is trying to convince me to do the National Anthem one game in 2010.
That would freak a few people out to the point of hospitalization.
The fact of the matter is that if I did not choose sports, I would have pursued something with a band, but sports was my first love.

Rays Renegade

So is Daughtry going to help you with the idea of a “chant tradition”? It would make some sense, not unlike the way Dropkick Murphys’ “Shipping Off to Boston” has become “our” unofficial Red Sox song! Perhaps “Home” (in some form, anyway)? Just a thought…;)

That would be a great idea, but he has other things going on right now….like a tour across the country.
But, it would be amazing if a local musician could bring something else to the Rays table.
“It’s Our Season” was a great energy song for the 2008 season,but that was then, this is now. (I sound like a SE Hinton novel).

Rays Renegade

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