No Tears shed over the Bradley Deal



Oh Well, You knew something had to go wrong with the the whole scenario  with the possbile swapping of “bad contracts” scapegoats between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Chicago Cubs. We all had that vivid daydream of the Rays effectively erasing their Winter 2008 decision of  signing their current Designated Scapegoat Pat Burrell. And maybe the Cubs kept the Rays from making a hugely volatile Public Relations nightmare by trading Milton Bradley…..but not to the Rays. 

And maybe the predictability of this deal  finally cracking in half  and sinking out of sight was actually in the cards the whole time, but we all just did not want to see it. Could there have been a possibility that the Rays were more than happy to take one season of Burrell at $ 9 million instead of the distinctive possibility of having Bradley in their system for two seasons. Could that wise decision by the Rays to act like a steel beam and not flex at all in their demands actually end up as a good thing?

More and more it is looking like Rays Vice President of Baseball Operations, Andrew Friedman again drew an Ace from the deck filled with Jokers in standing like a guard at Buckungham Palace and not flinching at all to any change in the course of the deal. Sure the extra influx of capital might have helped put a temporary seal on the leaking piggybank of the Rays salary splurge for closer Rafael Sorano.

Maybe the simple fact that the Rays and their boy genius sticking to their guns turned the Cubs to looking in other directions and not only saved the Rays some possible problems in the future, but actually showed they would not be bullied just to complete a deal. Again, I have to say that the stolic mindset of the Rays boy genius might have been the main reason to celebrate right now.


Even if the Rays did take the Cubbies money and run with Bradley, you could already envision the teams trying to tweak the system to find an out clause somewhere within Bradley’s 2011 contract. And how soon tdo all of us who follow the Rays forget how all of us gushed back in the Winter of 2008 about the possibilities of the Rays entertaining  a contract to bring then free agent Bradley into the Rays fold. I know I can admit it now, that at the time,I thought it was a great thing….yep, he even had me at hello.

So maybe the Rays trade cards are not coming up perfect for the team right now. But I am actually glad that this deal went down the tubes and that Bradley is heading somewhere else now.  And maybe it is by the sheer maddness of the Rays not backing down,or even caving in a inch that we got excluded out of this Bradley final equation. Maybe for one of the first times, the hard line by the Sternberg administration/front office to standing tall and not budging worked in our favor to get 86’d from the Bradley resolution.

But now that Bradley is headed for the Emerald City of Seattle from Chi-town, you have to wonder just when did the deal turn towards the Mariner’s favor.  I hate to tell you this, but it really doesn’t matter now. Bradley is out of sight out of mind in both Chicago and Tampa Bay right now. And I do hope that he can find some level of peace within the Pacific Northwest, but right now I am glad to be Bradley-free.

Some around the Rays Republic might view today’s trade news with some sense of sorrow and dismay of not getting the trade done. But in reality, the Rays standing firm in their trade negotiations might have actually saved the Rays clubhouse and the fan base a load of trouble if Bradley had found fault within the Rays system. Maybe we dodged a bullet by this deal falling through the way it did….. We might not know the real outcome of this “success or failure” until next September.

The Bradley/Silva deal is done and headed for Commissioner Bud Selig’s seal of approval. Maybe for this one instance the fact the Rays did not act or react might end up being the best decision of the 2009 off season. We dreamed of this deal going through. Maybe the reality of it failing will actually be the best case scenario for everyone involved.


I would breathe a sigh of relief that the Rays didn’t trade for Bradley. As I’ve said, I know he has a ton of talent, but did you really need that headache? Noooo.

I have been going back and forth as if my opinions on this deal were tied to a pendulum, but now I can honestly say I am also glad and not sad that the motion stopped finally.
Bradley has a ton of talent, but sometimes a guy can have a personality flaw that just makes him not worth the talent.
We have seen it with so many athletes.
His talent is superior, but his actions make it such that the distractions tear a team apart from the inside out….

Rays Renegade

Have to say, you are one of only a handful of people I know who actually goes back into the archives………..and I thank you for that.
Yeah, Bradley would have brought some financial relief, but the headaches might not have made it totally worth the trouble in the end.
Troy frinkin’ Percival…………..argggg. He is like a boil on my brain.
I have only hated three Rays players, he is number 1 with a bullet!

Rays Renegade

I think you will find this non-deal to be greatly to your advantage. I was just reading your post about your failed experiment with Troy Percival with great interest. I think Bradley would have been a similar fiasco waiting to happen. Wait no more. You don’t need that kind of headache.

I would not be worrying about this one.

The only reason Seattle picked this tempermental two-year old up is because of Ken Griffey Jr. Junior is in the fold another season because they ‘committed’ to winning. With Cliff Lee, Choan Figgens and possibly a Jason Bay in the mix, that’s obvious. Bradley could be the consolation prize on Bay (if the Mets or Yanks get serious) but he’ll also be closely mentored aka babysat by Junior, who I’m sure at this point in his HOF career would have no problem *****-slapping him if he pulls his normal attitude. The atmosphere in Seattle, like a Boston or Tampa, would seem to squash such immature stupidity… and we all know that the Boston clubhouse of the 80’s/90’s and the Rays of the late 90’s early ’00 couldn’t say that.

Speaking of… has anyone figured out why The Sox have settled on Mike Cameron in left this year? If I’m not mistaken… Carl Crawford goes free agent next winter, does he not? Could be why some teams are iffy on Bay Holliday… Yes rumor has it he could be shipped by the deadline, but will probably be dipping a toe in the FA waters. And like Jaws after a tastey boy on a raft, Boston and The Evil Empire will be swooping in. If Crawford and Joe Mauer are not re-signed by either of their teams… one or both could be sporting Scarlett Hose or Pinstripes in 2011.

Food for thought.

Until next Winter, Carl Crawford will be with the Rays.
They are working behind the scenes trying to get an extension, but it has been touch and go from what I am hearing.
Mike Cameron might actually play center if they trade Ellsbury, but all is hearsay until then.
Evil Empire might just get Mauer, but CC is actually looking a bit west from what I am gathering.

Rays Renegade

Oh yeah… Burrell, a former Sox draft pick who we never signed (like Mark Texeira (twice), oh joy)…

If he’s going into a contract year, look for much bigger things out of him. Switching leagues, being the cock of the walk after the 2008 WS win in Philly and whatever mental maladjustment may have followed should be corrected. I’d expect a good first half with a lot of trade talks towards the deadline giving your Rays a chance to snag some prospects to hopefully replace a few of your young soon to be FA’s who will no longer be ‘economically viable’ in the Florida baseball economy.

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