Ken Rosenthal, Are you Nuts?

In the past, I have made it a personal point to try and stay neutral and not get too upset over the wishy-washy personal opinions and print bravado hoisted to the heavens like gospel by the media mongrels who act as our “internal” eyes into the soul of baseball. I  have begun to feel very strongly that these mongrels seem to forget sometimes that their social network followers their words and thoughts as written epiphanies of solemn truth than as  muses of personal opinion or outlandish tongue-in-cheek comments .

And these same followers may see these daily postings from the media centerpieces mesh into their own personal opinions because the mongrels have been anointed by so many as the guardians of baseball. And being considered a sentry to sensibility can be a pretty important and lofty job description with a nest of surreal complications and phonetic pitfalls all over the place. I can tell you it is not a position I would ever interview to include on my resume’.

But a recent post by a Fox Sports guru has gotten a bit underneath my skin, and if I do not itch/comment now, it will surely fester into something severe and intense. My symbolic camel finally received it’s broken vertabrate courtesy of the muses of Ken Rosenthal  during his December 22nd post. And sure, I maybe taking this a little too to the extreme with his literal post comments, but I truly feel like this is the kind of out of reality postings that can not be written at this  juncture in the off season and have a realistic ounce of credibility beyond  personal speculation.

I mean, not even one of the posters following the New York Yankee or Boston Red Sox would feel superiorly autonomous enough this early in the off season to proclaim in a posting the a headline like “The Rest of the A L East should just give up now”.  I would have more respect and affirmation for such a headline if it was September 2010, or at least at a point centered somewhere within the 2010 season, not 3 days before Christmas with not a single baseball game played yet in 2010 season.

Sure I  would expect bravado and numerous chest thumping episodes from their recent signing from both teams, but this headline illustrates that the trio of the Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays should just take their gloves and bats and go home now and not even show up in April 2010. I surely hope it was a tongue-in-cheek comment because I can assure you all three teams are gunning for you right now Mr. Rosenthal.

Steve Nesius / AP

How could you post a headline like that Rosenthal. I had more respect for you in the 2008 playoffs when you honestly remembered where the Rays played, unlike the guys in the Press Box who thought it was 20 miles to the east. So what if the 2009 World Series Champion Yankees will counter with a rotation of CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Andy Pettite and Javier Vasquez against the Rays, Jays and O’s. Let’s take a little gander at all three Yankee pitcher’s records against all three teams,with the exception of Vasquez since he was in the National League last season.

The Pinstripe pitcher’s went a combined 17-7 against the trio in 2009, and the most effective pitcher was newly acquired Burnett who went 4-0 against the Rays and posted an overall 7-2 record against the trio. Sabathia had a bag of mixed results, going 0-2 in 4 starts against the Rays, but went 4-1 against the Orioles. Take away Burnett’s 7 victories and you get the Yankees starters winning only 1 out of every 3 against the trio.  The trio of pitchers actually went to the mound 32 times against all three squads in 2009.

So let’s  now turn our attentions to the Boston brood’s 4 pitchers consisting of Josh Beckett,Jon Lester,Clay Buchholz and newcomer John Lackey and see if an identical pattern emerges in games against the trio. The 2010 Red Sox staff went a combined 17-4 against the three teams. In the 2009 series,Lester actually came out on top with a 9-2 record during 12 starts against the trio. Lester only lost to the Rays among the three teams isolated in this scenario. But the foursome did make a total of 36 starts against all three teams in 2009.

With a combined record by Boston and New York of 34-11  in 68 starts against Baltimore, Toronto and Tampa Bay, you can see that all three had some levels of success against the teams mentioned by Rosenthal. Those do not look like superior, dominanting numbers, but you also got to remember that each teams get to know each other pretty indepth personally after playing 17 games against each other during the season.

I hate to  have to remind Mr. Rosenthal that he did pick one of that mentioned trio to win it all in 2009, and is now throwing them under the bus. Yes, Mr. Rosenthal, you did pick my own Rays to win it all in 2009, and we vanquished our own playoff aspirations with abysmal September campaign especially  in divisional seriesagainst New York and Boston. But the reality of this division is that the rich will get richer especially in signed talent, and the trio who lurk in the small market concept will just have to squeeze every ounce of potential and talent from their rosters to match-up nightly.

And that is a real pity. All three of listed trio have begun to stockpile talented players who will not cost them millions of dollars. None of the three can go out and be super aggressive and affectively offer multi-years and millions to possible Fee Agents, but can get some great established players through trades (Soriano/Drabek/Atkins) and adequately patch up their teams holes before the 2010 season begins.

And I do not think for one moment that the Red Sox did not protect themselves when they included a provision in the contract to pitcher John Lackey because of his injury history. There is supposibly a “injury” provision in that contract where if Lackey suffers an injury, and misses considerable time during his contract, he will play for the MLB league minimum in 2015. Injuries are a part of baseball, and for Mr. Rosenthal to strut his feathers like a peacock at this point of the off season is totally absurd to me.

Chris O’Meara/ AP

Let’s play at least 100 games before we start to parade words like “dynamo” or “dynasty” in general blog posts. It is not like you will not see people post and fantasize abo
ut a Yankee repeat again in 2010. For the sake of argument, Boston has been more consistent in the last 5 playoff seasons, but has hoisted the World Series trophy as many times as New York. In the last three seasons, three different teams have hoisted the American League Championship trophy, and all three came from this American League East division. 

You can say that this division has an air of dominance, but you can not say any of the five teams in this division are every out of it even before we play one single game. Remember the last few seasons when the bottom guys were established securely on top of the division while Tampa Bay, Boston and New York tried to right their ships and sailed towards the top of the standings. In this division it is never over until it is over…….point blank. 

So Mr. Rosenthal, I can be secure in the proposterious  notion that I can say with the upmost confidence that there will be  a boatload of surprises in the 2010 season, and that I want to be the one to serve you a nicely grilled breast of blackened crow with a nice port wine reduction when your boast goes south in 2010. Oh, and I would recommend a fine Robert Mondavi Carneros 2007 to wash all that crow humbly down.


Well Ken Rosenthal can be a bit…. annoying he has that pretentious thing about him lol! Don’t listen to what he says even though the Yanks and Red Sox are strong its not like the Rays are weak! You never know in baseball and in my honest opinion I would like to see other teams rise up against the norm cuz its about time :) Strange will be the day when the red sox and the yankees are both out of the playoffs. The media would go nuts! I understand the frustrations. Well till then sir blogger!

People like him just get my goat because I let them.
But, with a quick look at the entire American League signings this Hot Stove season, I am actually thinkinh we are a little bit closer to a era of parity among the small market teams, with a few big spender taking the older, experienced players.
Long time to go before champagne is again popped into the crowd or in the clubhouses.
Maybe Rosenthal got hit with a fe stray corks and has symptoms of potential PTSD.

Rays Renegade

I read the article and I get where he is coming from but there is no way that I write anybody off in December. The Rays came out of nowhere in ’08. Last year, before the Rockies changed their manager, who would have figured that they would make the playoffs? Did anyone have the Cardinals pegged as the NL Central favorites last year? I doubt it. When the Red Sox were down to the Yankees three games in the ALDS in 2004 did anyone think that they had a chance? Who thought that the Yankees would miss the playoffs AND finish 3rd in the East in 2008?
The beauty of baseball is that every April offers up a clean sheet for all 30 teams to work from. Most teams will probably finish up the season pretty much where we thought that they would from the beginning but every year there are the teams that suprise us all. I don’t doubt that 2010 will be no different. Rosenthal should know better than that but I guess a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to grab headlines. Here’s hoping that he is wrong and the Yankees miss the playoffs and here’s hoping that everyone has a safe and happy Christmas. Cheers.

Thank you and best possible Christmas to you too.
I almost wrote it off as slow news day sensationalism before I got upset because it is insane to say that even before the beginning of at least the 2010 year.
I am actualkly wondering if the Rays could be the 2009 Rockies in 2010 (lol).
Great stories come out of every season that you would/could not predict.
Take Cliff Lee going from Cleveland-to-Philly-to Seattle in less than 6 months.
Or even that a guy like Garrett Atkins would be in Baltimore when the season began in April 2010.

Rays Renegade

Ken Rosenthal doesn’t know what he’s talking about. As much as I’d like to believe the Yankees are a lock to win the division in 2010, it’s the farthest thing from a certainty. Anything can happen in baseball and usually does. The beauty of spring is that we all start from scratch. Merry Christmas in advance!

I knew you would see the insanity in that posting.
I think it was done to provoke, and if that the intention, then he got his wish.
But if you have to resort to that kind of lunacy to get people to readyou…………….then I am writing about Area 51 and aliens from today on.
Thank you for the Christmas wish, and I know we both will not have a white Christmas…but it is in my thoughts.

Rays Renegade

Rosenthal should just close his mouth before he bites his tongue. It will be a 1-2 Yankees Rays at the top of the AL East in 2010 and to that I’m 99.999999999% positive. Just saying… : )
The Manoman
P.S. Is that Cano and Upton photo real? I know they’re friends but I didn’t know they were that tight…. : )

That picture was actually taken by Steve Nesius of the Associated Press during a game at Tropicana Field.
Guess that is one way to keep B J Upton from stealing third.
I found it quite humerous when I saw it and had to save it for..well, today.
More and more I am seeing Rosenthal for what he is…….the town crier who shout out other people’s legwork.

Rays Renegade

To use my words, I agree with your opinion on media smugness. When they start shouting down from their Ivory Towers, pass the earplugs. Shame on Ken.! He should know better. You have to play the game. IF, only IF, we could tabulate everything these guys say and keep a running count of them being right and wrong. Somehow a fan’s report card should be made public on their yearly prognostications and let the record speak for itself. That would curb a lot of loose tongues. They are like the weatherman, never having to be held accountable for being wrong. Guess they have to talk about something over the winter. You know, that I know, that we know, how well the Rays have played the Yankees over the last 3 years. The Rays slipped on teams they should have beat last year. They generally play the NYY and Boston well. Be well. Merry and Happy Mr. Renegade.

Why even bother. Until Bud gets a set to stand up to the big boys, how can anybody compete against all the money of the top 3 or 4 teams. Everybody but Bud sees it. How can the nfl, nba & nhl be correct and have a salary cap and mlb be so wrong? If CC has a great yearand wins 20 games, he’s getting paid a million a win.

I like the way you think.
I would like to see someone keep some sort of accountability numbers, but somethings have been spouted, then pulled back.
I have to say if I write it, it stays online.
I wrote a blog piece last January about trying to obtain media credentials to my MLB team.
I took the blasting of people and also understand and got a new prespective on it all from chatting with team officials.
Maybe someday.

Rays Renegade

Funny you mention CC Sabathia and 20 wins.
The Rays beat him to keep him at 19 during his last regular season start at Tropicana Field.
That was also the game B J Upton hit his cycle.
With Bud Selig set to basically leave after the new MLBPA/MLB contract is put to bed, it will be his time to lay a positive mark on his legacy. He now had bad and good decisions, but not rock hard thing to make you remember him.
Should be fun seeing what he does to set himself apart from other Baseball Commisioners…..Maybe reinstate Pete Rose before he resigns?

Rays Renegade

Feel better now that you got that off your chest? Good! I know how you feel. I mumbled to myself sometimes reading the sport section or sports reports online.
Hope you are having a great Christmas!
Thanks for all your reports!

You know me….I do not back down to anyone.
Not like my opinion means a hill of beans to Rosenthal, but I thought someone should call him on his BS.
I wish you the Merriest of holidays and a bushel of success in 2010.
Keep me excited about the Dodger Blue.

Rays Renegade

thanks 4 commenting on my blog rays renegade have a merry xmas urself plus i am a kid. u have the best ray blogs out there good luck to them want them to win the AL east but thats gunna be hard to do

It is okay to be a kid.
I want to be one again, and so do a lot more people on here than they want to admit (lol).
Just besure to have a great day and have fun,laughter and a few smiles with your family.
Some times we can not tell how young the writers really are………..and that shows baseball knowledge maturity.

Rays Renegade

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