Drugs That Make You go Hmmm….Part 2



So here we are starting part two of my little series on the drugs that can be used to get an advantage during the game of sports. As you might have noticed in the last segment, I have not used the word athlete once in connection to any of the chemicals or explanations in this short series. It is quite simple why I have not done this, because I feel you lose that title of athlete the minute you try and find a shortcut to the finish line or to get an edge through chemicals.

This is not to mean that a guy who gets his advantage through technology like Lasik seurgery to correct eye problems or a multi-levels workout tailored to his body type or conditioning requirements is chaeting or getting an unfair advantage. If the technology is availiable to everyone, and you do not use the various resources availiable, then you are a fool, not a person trying to take an unfait advantage.

With that in mind, the majority of these drugs being discussed today actually can be obtained via a doctor’s script at most pharmacies throughout the world. If these drugs were prescribed to you and you discovered the advantages, then it is a plus of medicine. But some people have also used this scientific loophole of Over-the-Counter medications to get advantages that will not show up as red flags in urine or blood tests.

These medicines were made to help suffers of many types of cancers, digestive problems and a variety of other illnesses and not for their properties to help your circulation or even muscle mass as a player. So let’s get into this second installment and see what OTC medications have been known to be abused by our stars, and what advantages they have gotten from such moves in sports.

The first one up today will be the hair raising drug know as Finasteride or better known for its medical name Propecia. As we all know, testosterone is a vital part of helping the body produce muscle mass, and this pill actually helps the body produce an enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). 

The pill is commonly used as a treatment for prostate cancer, the added bonus of helping to eliminate hair loss and help start new hair growth was a nice side result of the medication. But it is also a chemical that can be used to further mask the use and effects of anabolic steroids in the body because of the production of DHT. For some reason, this medication was removed from the World Doping Agency list in 2009 and is not considered a banned substance anymore, but once a cheating substance, always a cheating substance in my book.

The second chemical under the hot lamp today is also another male-generated drug to combat  a growing segment of the male population. It is Sidenafil Citrate or also know by its commercial name Viagra. Of course most users can always use a variety of the drugs discussed today on a “personal” level and we might not even think twice about the medications, but because they can be used to mask and add the usage of anabolic steroids without instant positive tests.

People who use today’s medicines for  the common man’s ailments for hiding place for their cheating ways via a sports-themed advantage is a bit less of a role model in my book than Barry Bonds. Viagra, as we all know is commonly used to help the ill effects of certain body functions by helping the bodys blood vessels expand and take in more oxygen and minerals. This is really helpful with playing games in high elevations as it will dilate the blood vessels for the duration of the drug and make it easier for the body to adjust to the higher altitudes.

It might be more isolated to the mountainous regions of the country, but it can give a short term advantage to teams playing games in the Mountain time zone, then resort back to their normal breathing habits after the pill is long gone from their system.

My third drug to bring up today also was introduced to help the aging population of males in this country find a bit of relief of the male pattern baldness, but also has been found to hide traces of steroids by masking the syptoms within the chemical. This is of course Minoxidil or know better as Rogaine. And this is one of the drugs that is avialiable right on our grocery shelves that can be purchased with total security and used by a large percentage of the male population. 

The drug was first developed as a cure for hypertension, but its side advantages also came to light when suffers began to restore hair follices while using the product. The reson this is important because a common side effect from steroid use is hypertension or a renewed state of anxiousness in the user. The Rogaine can be used as a chemical mask to offset the hypertension as well as keep the hair follices intact on the user during the duration of using the medication. 

Also, this is one of those drugs that could be in plain sight in the Clubhouse in your locker and most people will not give it a second look. but if you are a reporter who might be a little knowledgable about steroids or even the masking agents used, then it would send up a red flag to you unless it is doctor prescribed for the user. As I said before, just becuase a drug was developed to help the common man, it was not developed for a cheater to use as a “beard” to come down or take themselves off steroids.


Now hitting number four on our countdown of medications that could be found on any bathroom countertop in America, but can be a masking agent for steroids is…Metformin Hydrochloride, which is also better known as Glumetza on the pharmacy shelf. This medication has been known to be a great additive to get extra carbs into your bodies system without detection. 

This pills is a nice addtive to get those extra pounds on and to also mask the usuage of anabolic steroids by masking or diluting their properties because of the high carbo loading by your body. This medication actually helps people with type 2 diabetes get the glucose into their systems faster and helps improve their blood sugar control. The pill can also lead to kidney problems if abused by people who do not need regulation of their blood sugar, and could result in other parts of your body also suffering extreme damage if used in correctly.

Now it onto a chemical that was initially developed to help combat weight loss without throwing your body into a crash diet scenario. The Drug being discussed here is Liothronine or also known as Cytomel. The medication is a synthetic form of the throid horomone needed by the human body, which controls our normal metablosim functions.  But it also has a secondary basis to help a user.

This medication can be used by a sly trainer or user to also get fast results via a six-week cycle to help a user get body fat loss quicker while regaining muscle mass so they can effectively hide any transformation by not gaining excess or bulky weight distinguished by an adverse gain in size and weight.  This drug has also been known to be mixed with HGH as a cocktail to help induce massice changes within a small period of time. This medication can also be taken before a game to bring about a instant rush of energy without the side effects of a positive drug test.


And last, but not least today will be the medication Dutasteride or known better as Avodart. This is a true masking agent because it is effective in hiding some of the side effects of using anabolic steroids like the unsightly bacne. This medication can be taken in a cocktail also with Propecia listed above because of the production of DHT is the main contributor to the essence of bacne. 

The Avodart acts as a masking agent to dilute the DHT enzyme and creates a buffer to eliminate this tell-tale sign of steroid usage or coming off a steroid cycle. But this is also two-fold as the medication also has a nice side effect of making certain body parts, well shrink in transition to its usage. And becuase of that, it  can give a secondary sight recognition to the possible steroid usage
and a reputation with the ladies.

All six of the medications listed above can be prescribed or bought over-thecounter in a multitude of locations in this country or online with total invisibility. But the true fact that using these medications doesn’t instantly click to most people as drug masking agents only helps in the coverup of any wrongdoings by the user. It old adage “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover” is sure true in refernce to this medications.


But there are also other medicines that are used by drug/steroid users to mask intent like Methylphenidate(Ritalin) which gives a user more focus and put them “in-the-zone” quicker. It was amzing the when MLB banned stimulants in 2006, the MLB’s exemption paperwork for this medication as a theraputical-usage skyrocketed.

Another medication that is not widely used, but can be seen as another masking agent is Fentanyl, which is mostly a painkiller that is used after a marathon lifting session to mask the ill effects of pain and the body’s nature combat to pain. The have been a high number of deaths from this medication, but it is not a usual product used by steroid users because of the adverse effects.

Drug usage or the application od OTC medications to mask and also attribute to steroid usage have been around for a long time. Most of the medications were devised for the good of mankind, and not to translate as an agent to hide the effects or the usage of unfair chemicals by some users. Tomorrow I am going to end the series with a product that I in fact sold for the last ten years as a saleman for a large beverage company.

I am finding its usage climbing into extreme numbers with members of many sports, and I think it needs to be regulated within the confines of the clubhouse. I do feel a bit of guilt now knowing some of the ill effects of this item, but will dig deeper into my concerns and also some remedies tomorrow. But I do want to stress that even if your favorite athlete has some of the above six drugs in his medicine cabinet doesn’t automatically thrown him into a “steroid” suspection to me. Some people do need these medications for personal use, but it is sad that others abuse the system by using them to put even a hint of suspicion on people who use the products correctly and for the right reasons.



WOW…I went to mlblogs and got schooled. Thanks for the lessons in pharmacology Professor Renegade. I wonder how many mlbers would admit to Viagra being in their medicine cabinets.

****(sip coffee)..(click..highlight) I KNOW WE HAVE TO LEAVE…HOLD ON I’M ALMOST FINISHED!!! (sheeesh!)….(click copy) (theme music from the Flintstones playing in my head) (click open BLOG of FAME file) **sip coffee** (paste).
(I just got schooled in 10 minutes) McGwire had nine years to prepare his story and remember what he “took in low doses”and still doesn’t remember their names. He should have checked with the Renegade first. This was a hell of a brunch and a great peice of work.

I think you got a better chance of getting NFL players to admit it than MLB players.
But the placement of these products in a locker are not total proof, but can bring questions.
Drug companies ans physical trainers hold the keys here. If they educate the players correctly, then this will not turn into a epidemic. If they loosely let them know of side effects and possible long term damage like kidney problems or a more female-related traits, then the education could also be the deterrant.
By the way, I was the highest saleman of Dr Pepper locally for about 6 years……….So I am a Dr. (lol)

Rays Renegade


Some on here already know this, but I did experiment with them in college as a football player, but only for about a month and did not like what theye did to me physically besides the muscle growth.
I educated myself after that and quickly got off them and far from them. But the essence of sports is to be bigger and better than your competitor.
Baseball is a team sport played by individuals with special skills and individual talents. And because of that, an individual can make decisions for himself that could influence his team’s results.
In no way do I endorse or condone the usuage of any of the drugs mentioned over the past two days…….But if they are for medical reasons, they can provide some relief and help to some people needing it.

Rays Renegade


I remember when Rafael Palmero was the TV pitchman for Viagra. Hmm. Maybe he was using it for “other” purposes. The weird thing about all of this is that we can’t even use Extra Strength Tylenol these days without wondering what it’ll do to us!


That is so true.
I got bit by a brown spider a few years ago and the medicine the hospital gave me to build up my immune system Zyvox, which was expensive for my medical provider, actually got me a positive test result at work.
I brought in the medication to my employer and they tested a sample and saw it was the culprit and I got a clean bill again.
Heck, for 10 years I was the guy they always picked for a drug test because I would never fail it. I only drank Coors Light, and never before or during work hours (lol).
So sometimes these medications can be as dangerous as a gun in your hand.
Hey, maybe that is why the Cialis people are in the tub?………Chilling

Rays Renegade


I think that if MLB finds out that a player has taken steroids or a player admits to have taken steroids, he should serve a 1 year suspension. If he takes them again, he should be banned from MLB. Just giving my two cents. By the way, thanks for checking out my blog!!!!

I actually agree with the first offense, you get a 50-game suspension.
But I think after the second you should forfeit an entire season or 162 games.
Then with the thrid “strike” you are out of the game for good, and removed from consideration for the Hall of Fame…period.
Only exception would be a guy who has done the rehabs and relapses, but it would be the Comissioner’s call to make….but in reality, public opinion would kill any Hall of Fame consideration by that time.

Rays Renegade


i love how you rotate all your pics in your profile. awesome moments and pictures. were you actually in the team photo? next to Aki!?! awesome! i really do have a feeling he will be special in pittsburgh


I just like to give people reasons to check out the blog besides the writing at times.
And YES, that is me in the 2008 Team Photo between Akinora Iwamura and Willy Aybar.
I cherish that moment because it was a photo with the first playoff team for the Rays.
I actually have a copy of it sitting in a bar near the stadium, and the bar owner always kids me about it.
Baseball is about moments, and that is one I will never forget.

Rays Renegade


Thank you for that.
A mark of a good journalist is research and finding odd and unique facts to his writings.
I will never be an employee of MLB or the Tampa Bay Rays. Tried for three years now and I have given up.
Guess they do not reward committment and loyalty, plus a load of experience in marketing and event planning…..Such is life.

Rays Renegade


cool blog as always great research maybe u’ll be a mlb medical staff guy lol

hey well as long as u believe in ur team thats something right
blogmastertmas805 PS new blogs 2 of them

Pretty gross the stuff that human beings injest, but money is ultimately the motivator. Fascinating read.

I would just like to say that I am not here to talk about the past, which includes the informative piece I just read about steroids of which I knew nothing (I MEAN NOTHING) about before I came to your MLBlog site today… :-)

I can assure you that you never will have a reason to call me a “fair weather fan” or a band wagon fan.
This is my hometown team, so they will be my team until my last breath.

Rays Renegade


I sometimes do not understand why people do what they do to their bodies, but that is why I am not a psychiatrist. For so long athletes have tried to find ways around the rules without it coming out in the open.
We know it is not going to stop anytime soon, but hopefully it doesn’t end with a death or a serious situation concerning a team or even fans.
I guess you just have to have the attitude that things are being done right and above board and not dwell on the daners or the misdeeds that could go on under our very noses.

Rays Renegade


Ken Caminetti…rip; I agree with you as I suspect there’s still something out there not YET on the list.

That is one of the reason I wrote it.
Most of these medications mentioned today could be on any player’s locker or countertop at home.
I am not implying that they do not need these products for personal use, but it is wild that so many have a secondary usage that could benefit them in games or in their performance on the field.
Hey, they always say you should learn one new thing every day……..I guess this is the opportunity for you.

Rays Renegade


I liked the article never thought about some of this stuff before.

Hate to say it, but somewhere out there is a BALCO clone that is doing research and development on the next generation of stimulants and artificla enhancements for the “cheaters”.
Sure there is also agencies doing diligent work trying to sniff them out in time, but some always get through the fragnet and survive.
But the reality is that self belief and self confidence can do miracles instead of false muscles and a overly energized swing that will go south when they near the end of another cycle.

Rays Renegade


Honestly most of us do not think about some things until it is plastered all over the paper or the web for us to make our opinions known to the masses.
Every once in a while I get a bug up my booty and do some real research and look for some answers.
This is just my thing sometimes.
Hope you enjoyed it, because hopefully on Monday, I might have agood last entry on the subject if all goes well.

Rays Renegade


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