Digging the Rays Past (1996)



Every once in a while I get into one of these research kicks where I want to find out once and for all if something could of, did not, or should of happen concerning the Tampa Bay Rays or any other team. The object of my well, obsession last night was to see if any of the 30 Major League Baseball squads ever attempted to draft current NFL hero and New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees in 1996, when he lettered in baseball at Westlake High School in Dallas,Texas.

So I went on a long and detailed journey checking out every name for almost 100 rounds of the 1996 MLB First Year Draft online, and actually did not find a single mention of the Brees name. Some people might consider this then a waste of time and energy, but I did find a few very interesting secondary targets, and even a score of former Rays players I did not know were initially drafted in 1996.


The 1996 MLB First YearDraft was actually the starting point for first year player selections ever by the then Tampa Bay Devilrays and it set into motion the initial formation of their minor league ranks in their farm minor league system, which today is considered by many to be the best in baseball. And along the way, I found 24 names listed on that year’s draft board that one day would don the Rays emblem across their chests during a Rays game. 

Most of the Rays faithful know that the D-Rays picked Raleigh, North Carolina native Paul Wilder with the 29th pick in the First Round of that initial draft. But did you know that the last Rays selection in that year’s Draft was High School outfielder Michael Rose from Dayton, Ohio with the 1,736th pick?


It was a wild night remembering names and also associating them with past great Rays moments. Out of that first 1996 draft, the highest selected pick from 1996 to don a Rays jersey was outfielder Alex Sanchez from Miami-Dade CC, but most of us might remember him better for the April 3,2005  MLB press release that he would be the first MLB player ever suspended for violating the MLB’s newly instituted drug policy.

Not a great way to be remembered, but Sanchez did not last long with the Rays despite an early 2005 .346 batting average. His wishy-washy defensive play and the suspension might have hastened the Rays to designate him for assignment on June 13th 2005.


Besides Wilder, there was another name drafted in associated with the D-Rays during that first draft when they selected then, Florida Gators quarterback Doug Johnson in the second round. Even though Johnson did sign and report to a minor league team, he never seems to gather enough mustard to rise through the D-Rays farm system, and finally concentrated his efforts more on staying healthy behind the NFL’s Atlanta Falcon’s offensive line. It was a calculated gamble by the Rays Front Office to try and get Johnson to fit into their system, but the young player always seemed to be more comfortable with a football helmet on his head than the baseball batting helmet.

But what is even more surprising is the large number of other players selected in that season’s draft who would end up one day playing in Rays gear. During the 1996 MLB Draft, other teams ended up selecting a total of 17 players who ended up sporting Rays gear during their playing careers. The highest profile player might be 1B Travis Lee, who was the second pick of the First Round by the Twins that season. Also former Rays players LHP Bobby Seay(CWS), INF/OF Damian Rolls(LAD) and P Nick Bierbrodt(AZ) were all First Round selections that at one point wore Rays colors.


AP file Photo 

But down the draft line there were also players like P Chad Bradford(CWS), LP Mark Hendrickson(TEX), P Joe Biemel(TEX), INF Brent Abernathy(TOR),3B/C Eric Munson(ATL) P Joe Nelson(ATL) C Robert Fick(DET),LP Casey Fossum(AZ), DH/1B Josh Phelps(TOR),OF Jason Conti(AZ), P Brandon Backe(MIL), P Ryan Rupe(KC) and P Tim Corcoran(NYM). It is a bit unusual for so many budding players to find their way onto one team and prosper during their careers, but at that time, Tampa Bay was a good starting place to establish yourself within Major League Baseball by showing a good foundation, then moving onto another team with experience under your belt.


It is funny now to also gather the names of other great players who also debuted  as professionals from that 1996 draft.  Later Round selected Players like Astros P Roy Oswalt(23rd Rd), Cubs P Ted Lilly(23rd Rd),current Free Agent reliever Kiko Calero(27th Rd) just among the top 30 rounds of the draft. The you have guys like Yankee OF Marcus Thames(30th Rd), Indians DH Travis Hafner(31st Rd), Twins 2B Orlando Hudson(33rd Rd), rehabbing P Chris Capuano(45th Rd) and Nats INF Eric Bruntlett(72nd Rd).

But if you like to win odd baseball Trivia Questions, then I have one for you. You can win some major food or drink concessions (I have) by remembering that the D-Rays reliever Travis Phelps, who was drafted in the 89th Round , and the 1,720th player selected that season is the latest draft pick to ever don a Major League Baseball uniform. And because MLB restructured the Draft since his selection, he will be the answer to that Trivia Question forever. Easy pickings unless you are at a SABR Convention.

But he is not the only D-Rays player selected from that initial 1996 Draft to make it to the professional level and put on the jersey of the team that selected him. He shares that honor with current Rays reliever P Dan Wheeler( 34th Rd), P Mickey Callaway(7th Rd), P Delvin James(14th Rd), and last, but not least, 3B Jared Sandberg(16th Rd). Sandberg also went on to coach in the Rays farm system, and will be the head man with the Hudson Valley Renegades (oh yeah!). This will be Sandberg’s third season coaching in the Rays farm system.


 TBO.com file Photo

So last night’s scavenger search brought up some interesting surprises, and also a few great Rays moments for me to envision again within my imagination. It is kind of wild that Rays reliever Wheeler is the lone Rays representative from that initial farm system class of then D-Rays left within the Rays roster. And what it must feel like for him to be here during the lean times, then go away and experience a World Series berth(Astros), then come back and see this Rays organization that drafted him also feel that rush of emotions in securing their first Playoff berth and run towards the 2008 World Series with Wheeler in the Bullpen enjoying the view from field level.


And there was one more name that was hidden among the mass quantity of names in that 1996 Draft that totally shock and awed me. Hidden way back in the 59th Round, and selected by the Seattle Mariners was a young pitcher named Barry Zito. Some people say that if you fall under the 20th Round in any year’s MLB Draft, your odds greatly swing downward to ever see the light of day as an MLB player at a Major League ballpark. So many of the above mentioned MLB players fell below that invisible line and are living proof that will, determination and great talent can not always get you to the show. Sometimes you need a lucky rabbit’s foot too…….Right Barry?


I don’t get some of the logic in the draft. Drafting some pretty good talent late, even though they know that the player won’t sign. It is like drafting a ‘nobody,’ if you know there is no way they will play. Might as well draft Sidney Crosby, or Peter Parker (Spiderman)???

Funny you would mention that.
In 1996, there was a College Basketball player drafted out of the University of Florida named Vernon Maxwell in an early round.
He went onto the NBA and did not even look twice at the MLB.
Another great example is Tim Lincecum who had a draft agreement in place with the Tampa Bay Rays before the Rays were surprised that Evan Longoria was still on the board and switched gears…..Either player would have been a fantastic pick-up, but it just shows that even the best plans go by the wayside if a better athlete or all-purpose guy falls into your lap.

Rays Renegade


Already excited and ready to defend the title.
Best thing is people will have another year of experience behind them in 2010, but I will still wheel and deal for a Ray-congested line-up.
Looking forward, and hoping most of the people come back in 2010

Rays Renegade


Ah yes… Chad Bradford the knuckle-scratcher. Love that dude’s delivery! The draft really is a crapshoot and this is proof, isn’t it? Two words: Steve Chilcott. Two more? Kris Benson. Two MORE? Adam Johnson. I can go all day but you get the point…

That’s some research Ray! Yikes, you’ll need as assistant if you keep this up.
Just a reminder the MLB Bloggers Fantasy League is starting soon so keep your eyes on the prize!

Keep up the good posts. Alway been one of my favorite blogs to read. I havent’ been in mlb logs that much lately to catch up. I will try to get in here more to post more and read more.

King of Cali (Steven)

You are right, but without Kris we would never have gotten to know the beautiful Anna Benson…………I think that would have been a shame.
Rays had Paul Wilder as their Bust-du-Jour in that first draft, and also what if they had picked Rickey Weeks instead of Dewon Brazleton?
Always a crapshoot as you said, and it is sometimes wonder how it always turns out so well.
I really hate the moden habit of drafting the guys who will sign for a certain amount. It defeats the purpose of the draft.
Maybe there should be a guideline set in stone and the agents and teams have to agree upon that first amount, then a extension or better after the fact….just a thought here.

Rays Renegade


It is fine to sit back and relax during the off season. The players do it, so why shouldn’t some of us too.
Welcome back, and looking forward ( as always) to your posts.
Exciting things will be coming out of the San Francisco area this year….or that is my gut feeling here.
I always look at MLBlogs.com as a job I would want, and try and write what I would like to read….I get lucky when all of you like it too!

Rays Renegade


That reminds of the Jays situation in 2005, we selected Brett Wallace (who is now the key part in the Halladay deal) in the 42nd round. Why did we draft him knowing that he would not sign with the Jays and play more college ball? In 2008, Wallace’s signing year, the Jays were beat out by the Cardinals picking him with the 13th overall. The Jays had to settle for David Cooper with their 17th pick, and his struggles in the minors prompted the Jays to pull the deal for Wallace. Interesting that the Jays have been searching for this guy since 2005!! Finally we got our man, but not after a lot of work! I hope he is all the organization has ‘proped him up’ to be!

This same 1996 Draft is where the Rays also invested in their future by getting disgruntled players Matt White and Bobby Seay to sign after they got their draft selections voided by MLB after the Draft.
They both ended up signing for a little over $ 20 million, and only Seay got to the Major League level.
I guess some days it might seem better to just throw dices instead of look at the paperwork.

Rays Renegade


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