Rays Friday Nights offer T-shirts,Fireworks and Fun


April2009 | www.RaysRenegade.com

In the last few years the Rays have slowly made their weekend series a fun time to attend Rays games. They have made every Sunday afternoon contest a “St. Petersburg Times Family Fun Day” where a family of four can get a reduced price on their seats, Rays food, and also treat their kids to an increasing number of kid-related events prior to the game along Leftfield and Rightfield Streets, or watching their kids running the bases after the Rays game. The Rays have succeeded in making Sunday a “red-letter” Rays family day destination where everyone in the family can come and enjoy the game, plus take in all the Rays entertainment options.

Then the Rays widened their eyesight towards increasing their Saturday night game crowds by bringing in popular musical acts to perform post-game, and these “Hess Express/Rays Saturday Night Concert Series” events became an instant hit with baseball and music lovers. And even with first 5 of 10 bands coming to Tropicana Field including acts like Hall and Oates, ZZ Top, Nelly, The Go-Go’s, John Fogerty the events will again pack the stadium to the rafters during Rays weekend game series that used to zap Rays attendance figures.

But there was still one sore spot exposed in the Rays weekend formula to get Rays fans to include the team in their weekend entertainment plans. They had made great changes with their Saturday and Sunday game events, but missing off the list was starting the weekend off on Friday night with a bang. And in 2010, the Rays have revamped their Friday night Rays game experience by adding promotions during every Friday night home game in hopes of enticing more Rays border line fans to spend their Friday nights watching more than just a baseball game.

Some of us already know about the indoor fireworks display that will explode among the backdrop of the off-white Teflon dome starting 5 minutes after the final out of every Rays Friday night game. But there are more things that will be offered to show that the Rays organization appreciate their loyal and new Rays fans, and will try and expand your total Rays experience this season. But the firework show will only be one of the visual elements the Rays will be trying to use to enticing more Rays fans to attends more games in 2010.

FanFest2010 | www.RaysRenegade.com

By offering a exciting alternative to the usual Friday night activities of going to the movies, or outdoor events and the occasional rainy Friday nights, the Rays will also offer their fans 13 different Rays collectable T-shirts before every Rays Friday night game. And the Rays will get into the “giving” rhythm fast with their first T-shirt promoting the Rays new blue alternative jersey T-shirt during their first Home Series of the season on April 9th when the first 10,000 Rays fans wearing Rays gear, will be rewarded prior to the Rays first weekend series against their divisional rivals, the New York Yankees.

And the Rays decided to also reward another segment of their Rays Republic fan base that has felt neglected at times in T-shirt offering by rewarding their Rays female fans with their first female cut T-shirt given out prior to the April 23rd game against the Toronto Blue Jays. That’s right ladies, the Rays will include 3 different T-shirts with a female cut (1-white,1-navy blue,1-Rays blue) during their Friday night games in 2010. Another female-related T-shirt will be given out prior to the June 25th game against the Arizona Diamondbacks and August 13th against the Baltimore Orioles.
With women’s cut of MLB team gear beginning to gain more and more attention around the Major Leagues, the Rays organization instantly committed to show another loyal segment of Rays fan base that they are also a huge part of the ever increasing membership of the Rays Republic. And one of the Rays female inspired T-shirts will feature a white T-shirt with “I (Heart) Longo” message imprinted on it, which surely will be a sought after prize for young and old fans of the Rays All Star and single Third Baseman.
And the primary colors of the T-shirts will be the new Rays blue shade that will also grace the team’s alternative jersey and worn by the squad during every Sunday game in 2010. Other date where the Rays will distributed exclusive T-shirt collectibles to their first 10,000 fans will be:
April 30th against the Kansas City Royals
May 14th against the Seattle Mariners
May 28th against the Chicago White Sox
June 11th against the Florida Marlins
July 9th against the Cleveland Indians
July 30th against the New York Yankees
August 27th against the Boston Red Sox
September 17th against the Los Angeles Angels
September 24th against the Seattle Mariners

The Rays will also have more than a few player specific T-shirts featuring some of your favorite Rays star players, plus a special edition ,very modern styled black T-shirt designed by Rays Opening Day starting pitcher, James Shields that will offer a interesting one-of-a-kind design. Most Rays fans have seen for themselves during Shield’s outside the ballpark appearances that he is a huge fan of the fashionable black T-shirt, and produced his version in coordination with the Rays that will pop with style and have everyday fashion in mind.

FanFest2010 | www.RaysRenegade.com

The James Shields inspired T-shirt will surely be a instant hit among the young Rays fans who attend any of the schools within the Tampa Bay area, and anyone of any age will love sporting this great personally inspired T-shirt while they are out and about before, during and after Rays games. And those fans who bring their cowbells to the Trop every game have not been forgotten and should be happy as the Rays will also give out an exclusive “More Cowbell” T-shirt during their Friday night T-shirt giveaways.

The cowbell has become a necessary element while attending a Rays game, and the team wanted to show their appreciation to those loyal fans who strike Latin Percussion cowbells, or the Rays-issued smaller versions over the last few years.

But there will be other things besides T-shirts and fireworks to get Rays fans to come on out to the ballpark on Friday nights. The team is hoping to evoke a “ballpark-meets nightclub” vibe with appearances by local bands and DJ’s performing after Rays games hoping Rays fans might stay after the game making Friday nights with the Rays, a great new Friday night alternative destination. And the Brewhouse situated in Centerfield Street will again be offering post-game drink specials along with a “live” presentation of the Rays Post-Game Show with Rays Radio Network Host Rich Herrera inside the Brewhouse after every Rays game.
The Rays have begun to show their cards to become a more casual Friday night entertainment destination for Rays fans. The Rays have shown extreme success with their Saturday and Sunday promotions, and now will tackle the elusive Friday night crowd hoping they will consider baseball, fireworks and free giveaways as a viable option. But with offering entertainment both on and off the field, the Rays are headed in the right direction.

With the Tampa Bay sports dollar getting thinner with the local economic pressures, the Rays hope that their offering to the Rays Republic will show that they understand, and want to give you the most for your hard earned dollars in 2010. With a great Rays product on the field and the extra curricular activities before and after games, the Rays have made the right moves to make their Friday night Rays games an instant red letter date circled on a lot of home calendars all around Tampa Bay. I know I will be there…Will you?


Hey! Thanks for plugging MORE COWBELL, bud! Oh, wait, strange coincidence…I’m dumb.

Seriously, I posted about this Friday night stunt a while ago and stand by my feeling that good teams shouldn’t have to be gimmicky. It is a shame that the Rays are trying to create a Club Trop atmosphere when they should be creating a baseball atmosphere. But sometimes you gotta have a little Bill Veeck in ya to get the fans to come, I guess.

Regardless, I know I’ll be there each Friday night to get my t-shirt (I’m looking forward to the MORE COWBELL shirt, of course!) and catch the indoor fireworks show–never have seen one of them before. Does that make me a hypocrite? Oh yeah…

Under two weeks to go. I’m gettin’ the shakes! Good stuff!

Right now I will take gimmicks, dancing chicken or even a monkey that does the rumba if that will get more people into the stands.
I actually like the idea of making a night of baseball and extra added bonuses like a band or a DJ.
Most people will say there is always Ferg’s, but then again….Doing something different for one night is a good thing every once in a while.
People forget that in the first few years….A Veeck did work for the Rays.
Anyways, the last time they did indoor fireworks was before the game and even with the exhaust fans on the North-side of the Trop at full power, there was a haze in the dome even after the game.

Rays Renegade


Fireworks inside the Trop? Can that possibly be a good idea? I would think it will end up being very LOUD!
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Since the Trop is a larger venue than a few that do the pyrotechnics during conterts, it is safe and totally loud!
But the team that does the indoor fireworks does have the experience from doing it before and might have a less powder sequence now so the stadium will not feel so….well burnt by the end of it all.
I guess we will not know “officially” until April 9th when he do it the first time with the Yankees in town.

Rays Renegade


Yeah, the chick apparel has really taken off the last few years. I will admit to owning a few of the Allysa Milano styles even thought it makes me cringe a bit. Some of them are kinda cute though. A few years back, the Phils were selling T-shirts that said, “Future Mrs. Utley.” After he got hitched, they took them off the shelves…made me giggle ;o)


Sometimes it is funny what teams will do like that, but if a guy is a 2-time All Star and single…..could be worse….
Well, not really unless he is a groupie groper.
I am looking forward to seeing the James Sheild’s inspired T-shirt…I always see him wearing a black Motorherad T-shirt most days.

Rays Renegade


The Veeck tie-in is brilliant. Nothin gets fannies in the stands like sustained competiveness though. Everything else is lipstick on a pig. My fingers are crossed for your stadium aspirations. All I’ve heard all week up here is how Selig’s panel is soley concentrating on breaking up the Yanks/RedSox or moving Tampa out of the division.
Good Luck this year Double R!

I will be totally honest here….I am not scared of the Yankees or Red Sox, never have been…never will be.
We done more with what we have than both of those teams combined..period,
The competitve team is one the field, but with today’s announcement that unemployment has hit pre-1020’s levels ( 13.5 %), the Sports doallr is getting smaller and thinner.
My tickets are paid for, and I will be there not matter what…you can count on that.

Rays Renegade


The T’s are definitely a good idea, but maybe they should get a little help from MLBlogs in promoting the Rays or do you just have to have a ‘charming’ personality to get that kind of promotion…

Outside the Phillies Looking In

MLBlogs is a offshoot of MLB Advanced Media, which does a tons of promotion online and in game publications.
And we are not considered a “major” player”. Remember two weeks ago we held the front page of MLBlogs.com for a day, while a Red Sox blogger had their picture on the front page for a week.
I accept we are second class citiziens to some people, but to me, the Rays and their fans are “First Class” all the way.
We just work with the cards we have been dealt in life….And I feel like we have a nice Ace-high Full House.

Rays Renegade


RAYSREN-All I can say is I feel you brotha…D

Funny thing is I have three women clawing me for those woman-cut T-shirts already.
By what I am hearing, they are going to be great items to wear at the ballpark, plus have a great feminine quality to them in the styling and the lettering….which is lobg past due.
Good thing is….we got only a week to wait now!

Rays Renegade


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