Fireworks and the Trop Do Mix…..Great!


I have to admit when I first heard the Tampa Bay Rays were going to provide some indoor fireworks entertainment after Friday night games, I was a bit in shock and awe because I still vividly remember seeing the video files of the tragic “Great White Concert Disaster held at The Station nightclub in Rhode Island back on February 23,2003. And I do not know why the images of that night’s events or even the horrific magnitude of that event is etched into my brain, but it did quickly come to mind.


But I also know that both band and post-concert pyrotechnics have grown by leaps and bounds since that tragedy, both in the safety realm and in the advent of chemicals and powder charges that could be produced within a confined stadium without producing accidental repercussions or cause any crowd discourse or disorientation due to excess smoke or lingering clouds of toxic fumes. And I definitely trusted the St. Petersburg Fire Marshal’s smiles and consistent chatter that the S. P. F. D. would never tolerate any shoddy preparations or procedural explosive charge mistakes that would catch the cotton retaining fabric on fire under the Tropicana Field Teflon dome.


But even if we did have to wait a few extra minutes (more like 20minutes) before the pyrotechnics crew had checked, double-checked and quadruple-checks the fireworks firing board’s igniter systems to insure and put even the most paranoid of us within the Trop. At ease before the event got under way. And I have to admit the beginning was a bit subdued, but it grew by the moment into a nice crescendo of pumping bass from the pre-programmed music and the thumps from the fireworks shells exploding into a prism of color and patterns that really did work under the orange and darken white underbelly of the Tropicana Field roof.

So I am really looking forward to the post-game festivities again on Friday night, and hopefully I will be able to gain a better vantage point to maybe even partake in a small video clip to submit on a blog posting for everyone who could not attend the game to enjoy in the privacy of their widescreen computer display. I really have to tell you I got a great bit of joy in seeing about 6 shells burst with white starbursts and heading straight for the off white fabric of the Trop’s ceiling, then bounce off the fabric like a foul ball off the side retaining walls of the field.

No sparks, no sign of wear and tear, and no reason to doubt anything wrong can happen if again on Friday night a few sparks or sunbursts again reach the high vantage points of the Trop’s roof. Sure we might have had to wait a few minutes more before being the first people to see what the Trop’s Friday Night fireworks program might look like starting with tomorrow night’s New York Yankee contest. It was a great sight to see under the roof of the Trop, and something I am anxious to again see every Friday night home game for the rest of the season.


Thank you Rays for letting some of us see that it is going to be both safe and enjoyable, because spreading the word about an event like this with positive results and excited grins will speak volumes as to the numbers of fans who will stay and also get a thrill out of the fireworks programs in 2010.



Okay, I still can’t imagine fireworks in the interior of the Trop! That must have been a sight to see. Congratulations on the Rays’ win against the Yankees Friday night. Poor Javy Vazquez definitely got blasted in his return to the Yankees and the AL. Hopefully, the Yankees will show up to play today (and tomorrow!) and make it a competitive series.


Got to tell you nothing made me ahppier than to see that Vasquez was going to throw in this series.
I know he had success in Atlanta, and I am glad he had that defining moment that he can pitch outside of New York City, but for some reason he doesn’t seem to have the same edge or confidence in pinstripes/grays.
And it had nothing to do with the team he was playing. Some people just can not play incertain team systems, maybe Vasquez is a perfect example of that, but it has only been one game….
Fireworks actually went off without a hitch both nights, and was a pleasant surrprise to most Rays fans.
It was not the usual 30-minute Fourth of July spectacular, but it was an entertaining five minutes.

Rays Renegade

Fireworks in the Trop? Amazing. What will they think of next? I hope the rays in the aquarium were not harmed by the loud percussions. I guess if they can take a few thousand cowbells, they can take explosions. Personally, I think the Trop would be great for laser light show. Almost as good as fireworks but without the smoke…

Happy 2010 Baseball Season! Great win last night, by the way.


I like that idea and will forward that idea to a friend who works up on the Third Floor in the office oasis for the Tampa Bay Rays doing promotions mumbo jumbo.
I really like that lazer light idea the more I think about it, but the logistics with fans, ball maybe hitting the pre-placed optics might be an immediate downfall.
But that is thinking outside the box, which is key for Rays fans.
If Yankee Curtis Granderson’s HR pop during BP on Friday did not hurt them….they are made of metal.

Rays Renegade

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