Rays Photo Homage to Past Celebrity and Musical Guests


It is one of those photo collages that takes your breathe away when you first see it. Basically the magnitude of the talent and faces that have crossed within the confines of Tropicana Field is amazing. Sure we might not have Kate Hudson in our stands every night, but she was here when the New York Yankees touched down within Tampa Bay for a few games. And people like John Cusack and author Stephen King have also been known to try and sneak in a Rays game without a lot of attention.

But the photo collage on the concourse wall right behind the Home Plate 102-104 sections of seating in Tropicana Field shows just how much music, motion picture stars and great moments we have endured over the last few seasons. From the moment the Rays concluded their November 2007 unveiling of their new logo and uniforms, to the upcoming Hess Express/Rays Saturday Night Concert Series featuring John Fogerty, the team has shown both talent on the field, as well as on the Concert stage. And the list of artists featured on the wall collage is impressive indeed.


There are currently 28 photo cut and pasted upon this collage section featuring the artists and actors who have made the Rays part of their baseball family. And it all began in November 2007 with the free concert to Rays fans who attended the Rays logo and uniform fashion extravaganza as actor/musician Kevin Costner and his band Modern West brought their own special spin to the festivities. But he was only the beginning. Since that time fellow actors/comedian Paul Rieser ( Mad About You), Chris Rock, Former SNL star/ Impressionist Darrell Hammond, Barry Williams (Greg Brady) last but definitely not least, Bill Murray who we all loved as Carl the Groundskeeper in “Caddyshack” and is a minor league baseball part owner.


But there are also local Florida athletes or players who have trained in St. Petersburg in the past who are immortalized on the concourse wall such as former Tampa Bay Buc running back Mike Alstott, Baseball Hall of Famers Cal Ripken Jr., Ozzie “The Wizard of Oz” Smith and another Oriole great Jim Palmer. The collage also includes NFL Hall of Famer and Tampa Bay Buc legend Lee Roy Selmon , WWE past Champion John Cena and Orlando Magic Center/Power Forward Dwight Howard. Broadcasting and announcing legends both National and Internationally also grace the collage with the addition of ESPN Basketball Guru and 2004 Inductee to the Pepsi Rays Fan Wall of Fame Dick Vitale and the immortal Boxing/Wrestling announcer Michael ” Let’s get ready to Rumble” Buffer.

But also several members of this new display in Tropicana Field either performed the National Anthem or “God Bless America” such as former American Idol David Archuletta, the Backstreet Boys, and Green Day. But most of the rest of the artists posted upon the wall have performed in the Rays popular Saturday Night Concert Series over the last few seasons. Groups such as 3-Doors Down, Pat Benatar, Daughtry, L L Cool J, Flo Rida, Ludacris, and legendary groups the B-52’s and M C Hammer. Who reminded us “When the Devil went out ( of the team name), the Wins came in!”.


Country artists Big & Rich with Cowboy Troy and Trace Adkins also have provided hours of great entertainment to the crowds of Rays fans attending the game, plus who danced in the aisles and landing around Tropicana Field during their music sets. And do not forget there is still some space upon that wall collage that might include this year’s artists, John Fogerty (April 24th), ZZ Top (May 1st), Nelly (May 15th), Hall & Oates (May 29th), the Go-Go’s /Farewell Tour (July 10th), Train (August 14th), Adam Lambert and Orianthi (Sept. 18th), Country Star Dierks Bentley (Sept. 25th) and two other concerts artists not yet announced on June 12th and June 26th.

Talent galore has graced both the field and the stages of Tropicana Field in the past, and the future looks even brighter as the Rays thrust again towards the top of the American League East. This photo collage is just a small sampling of the stars and the people within the entertainment field who have either sat within the main bowl of Tropicana Field, or in the Suites and attended Rays games in the past.


The collage is just a great way for the Rays fans to gather and remember and relive these great acts and people as they became members of the Rays lore. So sometimes in the future be sure to wander up the main concourse just to the east of the Rays main elevator system and have your own great flashbacks into these performances or sightings of the great people who also have adorn Rays jerseys and attended games. Some times it is great to look at the past so that we can see just how far we really have traveled since the ultimate changes made in 2007 to the Rays legend, and the way we will remember our moments within Tropicana Field.



Wow. That’s a lot of talented people who’ve come to the Trop to perform. On another note, sorry the rains came right at the end of your game last night. Must have been frustrating to be deadlocked at 1-1. Excellent pitching by both sides.


The rain God tried their darn best to even keep that game suspended in the eight inning, but the Home Plate Umpire let the Rays try to get some momentum before finally calling it a night.
Hope the Game 1.5 does go extra innings, and it is a pleasant surprise that Papelbon will not be at the game tonight because of the birth of his son Gunner.
And the weather is beginning to look like both games will get completed tonight.

Rays Renegade


What’s the lineup for the concerts this summer? I know you usually stay to see them.
It had been raining for awhile before they decided to delay the game. It all worked out well in the end (when it did finally end!)..Burrell did it. There is some life in that bat after all!

Sixth Paragraph down has the artists and the date of the Rays Saturday night game.
Only two artists still remain a mystery foir the Marlins series (July 12th) and when the D-Backs (July 26th) come to town. But I will throw that information on the wall and see if it sticks.
A Rays win tonight puts us up with the Yankees in the American League East, plus gives us a 5-0 Road record so far in 2010. Amazing stuff going on during this road trip. 3 different Rays uniforms have been worn by the team in 22 hours……I would hate to be a Rays Clubhouse attendant….They will be there all night, plus prep for a 1:35 pm Sunday afternoon game………Holy Moly!

Rays Renegade


I am still convinced that last night is just a taste of what Burrell will do for the Rays this year… 2 great wins last night..

Phillies Outside

I am more of the glass half full keep the kids away from spilling the rest of it kind of guy.
I guess the word is optimistically pessimistic, with an overabundance of hope and desire for good.
Glad to see Burrell get a chance to flex his muscle and show what he can provide for this Rays offense. The trouble is last night gave some people some great expectations and future prognostications……Me, I am still on the fence teetering like an unbalanced bat doughnut.

Rays Renegade


I’ve been to three of the concerts followng the Marlins games when I visit my sister. It reallly is an incredible bang for the buck. I imagine things being a lot better in St.Pete being indoors.

Honestly it has its plus and minus points.
In 2008, the stage faced the First Base side of the stadium and if you sat in my seat (I was on the field with a wristband) you got a direct shot at the music.
Last year they turned it about 40 degree towards dead center on Home Plate and the music became a bit….well, tinny and diluted some nights.
But if you are there for the music and not the entire show….You would enjoy it.
And the Jumbotron does get you some up close and personal moments in the stage region.

Rays Renegade


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