By Land,Sea or Air, Crawford Needs Our Help!


A three pronged attack – I wish you well General. Sounds like a solid plan to me. He’s had my vote the whole time. Nothing says vote better than a good carpet bombing! I mean e-mail bombing.

Sometimes you got to break a few eggs to get the job done right. Or is that break a few egos.
Either way, the carpet bombong of my friends, neighbors and childhood friends will get the message out,
Hopefully thye will tell two friends, who will tell two friends…and so on until after another 14 days….CC is standing in Leftfield in Anaheim during the National Anthem.

Rays Renegade

i agree! Start the CC campaign!!!!!

It depends on the scantily clad Rays fans that may try to induce me to vote…:-) great post, as always the Rays being my fav AL team most Rays players get my AL votes…

Phillies Outside

Believe me, I got the program in full effect right now trying to secure a spot for Carl Crawford.
Got my cutest assistant’s ( friends of my friends daughter) ready to hit the beaches tomorrow, and got the jet ski ready for water action.
All I got to worry about now is the weather…..But I also have a few secondary (sports bar) visits if the rain does fall.

Rays Renegade

I love that you’re the deputy campaign manager! I may not vote for your candidate but I do admire your approach. And if Crawford wins, you should be rewarded with a free trip to the inauguration ….I mean the all star game.

That’s some fan dedication you got going on there! I can completely relate. You got me to do my part and vote for Crawford for you. Thanks for dropping by my modest blog and commenting. It’s appreciated! Barb

Seriously, you do not have three outfielders that should go for the New York Yankees. You can just insert Carl Crawford’s name on your ballot with a click and a send and we will be the only one that knows you did it…..I promise.
Got to try and show CC some Tampa Bay love before the end of the season.
It still doesn’t feel like he only pooped up here in 2002 for the first time. Seems like CC has been here since the beginning.

Rays Renegade

Some would call it a dedication, others would call it an obsession.
Depends on who you ask, a Rays fan or a Yankee/Red Sox fan (lol). I love hitting some of the new blogs, so you might just see me pop a comment on your posts again real soon.
I like to travel through the MLBlogsosphere daily. We have a huge amount of talent on here.

Rays Renegade

I admire your enthusiasm. Crawford’s one of the best players in the game, and still somehow manages to get overlooked. Unfortunately, to get my vote, he’d need to be having one of the best three seasons among AL outfielders… and Choo, Ichiro, and Rios have him beat in that area (not to mention Wells and Hamilton). But I’d certainly never be upset if CC was standing in left field in ANY game, especially the All-Star Game. Best of luck! -RoundRock15

Out of that group you listed, only Josh Hamilton is currently even doing any duty in Leftfield. And he is not having a great season, but will get some consideration by NY Yankee Manager Joe G.
But if we let Joe G pick the reserves, he might absently forget that Carl Crawford runs circles around his current Leftfiel option, or the one in Boston. Crawford stepped into the spotlight with his catch of Rockies Brad Hawpe’s high hit ball to the Bullpen fence in 2009.
Hopefully Crawford can earn a chance to start the 2010 game and watch someone else,mayne even Hamilton make a similar catch in the later innings…..You never know in baseball.

Rays Renegade

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