Rays need a Slump Busting Series


Slump busters are hard to come by, we hope we’re out of ours and maybe we left it in New York, but we need a few more games to be sure….

If the Dodgers would beat the BoSox a small slump wouldn’t be so painful, it’d be like a recharge moments…

Phillies Outside

Looks like many of us are in the same boat with the mega-slumps. I think the Phils are coming out of it now…and thank goodness because I was getting ready to sacrifice more than just a chicken ;o)
Hang in there…I hope it is over soon!


The Rays need something to cling onto with a powerful energy force. Usually beating your interstate rivalcan produce that, but I guess we shall see if it does any real good by Sunday.
Worst thing is that it lets both Boston and New York get a bit of a grip on the AL East, which we need to keep solid for outselves to keep the pressures and the comotion to a minimum.
Could be worse,Could be down there fighting Baltimore for the cellar.

Rays Renegade


That’s gotta be annoying ~ the Yankees aren’t even running on all cylinders either. ARod is iffy, Tex is in his eternal slump, their #2 spot in the line-up has been a quagmire, Mo seems to have lost an inch, injury bugs etc..
I was hoping to get some help from you guys playing the Braves as well. But we just keep trying, right?

It has been a weird first half of the season. Defintely one to remember for both the good and the bad things that have happened to all of our teams.
But the foundation of some of our teams has a shaky footing, and might need a bit of fresh cement or plaster before we try and build again upon the foundation.
Slumps come ans go, but this is not the time my team needed to take a breather, or even consider a vacation with the team beside us and behind us climbing the mountain fast to push us off….Time to fire the furances again and chug away…chug away.

Rays Renegade


Dude, I was gonna comment on the Rays ability to snap out of it, to get goin’ again, to rule the AL East… but I am so impressed that you used the phrase “honky dory” that I’m gonna focus on that. Man, I say that all the time and my friends are always razzin’ me for it. Honky dory UNITED!

Aw Shucks Jeff,
You have me red as a turnip and I reckon I might have to mosey on down to the saloon for a spirited sasparilla now.
A L East is the only divivsion right now where there is a battle every day with a glance towards the end of the war.
It get tighter every day, and I see onthing in the future to change that scenario.

Rays Renegade


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