Sternberg to Start the Rays “Baby Steps”


Well, Sternberg’s certainly sets a new tone for the stadium discussion. He’s on the record – the Rays are willing to leave downtown St. Pete for a more convenient stadium location. Pinellas County is on the clock.

Pinellas is on the clock,but they also have a advantage of having a hotel taxthat can be “ammended” and transported to use vy 2015, which Hillsborough will not be able to accomplish.
Still think it is the Pinellas/St. Pete region’s team location to lose. A lot of talk and designs to go before it is all said and done….And more thna a few dozen posts on the location and design of the stadium.

Rays Renegade

This silence by the team went on as long as they could get away with it. It came to a point where something, anything had to be brought out into the open as the National and local media were feeding us BS by the truckloads.
“He said, She said”seemed to be the order of the day, and even then, it was based on rumor, speculation and a hint of self promotional propaganda.
This is Day One, and it will all end before 2027. Most likely, around 2012 or 2013 a breakthough, or a significant move will be made and the decisaion will be simple for both sides….
Never read the RFB Cowbell blog….Is that the guy I was going to write jointly with until Idecided to pull out of the collaberation? I thinkit is…Our styles just did not mesh

Rays Renegade

I know there are a couple of locations on the table…I just really hope Sternberg and the “municipal posse” can get it done for you guys. Reading it here and on RFB’s Cowbell is the first I heard of this…so I’m terribly interested in what he had to say also.

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