Rays want Tampa Bay to Show a United Front


This region deserves a MLB team.
From the long MLB Spring Training history to the current sibling regional rivalry, this has to end.
I am partial to Pinellas County because I have lived, breathed and sweated here most of my life.
But wherever the stadium is, I will support and attend…even if it is in Portland, Charlotte or Nashville (If things do not turn out well here).
This is my team, and I will follow their lead….maybe.

Rays Renegade


Very interesting analogy. So he was kind of scolding the different factions to come together to keep the team in the region? Sounds like the right move to me. I hope for your sake that the powers that be get it together!


I got a feeling it will stay in the Tampa area, but as you inferred at the end , about the local territories, maybe more people see it that way when they are locals, but for non-locals I don’t think it matters, it’s just Tampa area….

Phillies Outside

Interesting read. (BTW, I hate when “they” say that the team plays in Tampa–stupid and insulting if you ask me) I think you have a really creative take on how this whole thing is going down.

I agree with the whole “come together” thing being in Stu’s speech, but I don’t think he was addressing fans much at all. It seemed to be a pretty stern (pardon the pun–Hey! I think I’m going to use that) statement to leaders such as St. Pete mayor Bill Foster, who need to understand that the longterm viability of the franchise no longer lies in the area where the current Trop stands. Joe Henderson had a great column in the Tribune today (I’m sure you saw it) that chastised Foster for his open declarations that he will make the Rays play in St. Pete for the next 17 years unless “the money is right.” Not the most positive opening comments from the leader of the Ray’s home city. I understand that he needs to stand up for his people–nobody begrudges him that–but his do-or-die attitude might need to be eased a bit if things are going to be amiable going forward. I am sure that is what you meant about children growing up and adult conversations taking place.

Regardless of where the stadium is going to be (St. Pete, Tampa, Leesburg!) I hope they get it going really soon. I hate all this limbo stuff.

Sorry this is so long, buddy. I just think that this whole thing can be taken care of much better, and much more quickly, than it is right now.


I think that a few other locales might try and muddy the waters a bit, but it has been said that the Tampa Bay area will be given every opportunity to succeed before other options will be explored.
This is that time where it seems that things are being ripped apart, when it might axtually be the Rays asking the community to bring it to fruition…not implosion.

Rays Renegade


If you believe the Rays will play in Tropicana Field for the next 17 years, then I got a chunk of concrete from the Sorrento Hotel in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida that was blown up in the end sredits to “Lethal Weapon 3” that I want to sell you….cheap.
Both make no sense and have only a slight degree of possibility. The Rays will need a stadium plan in place by 2013.2015 at the latest before eye begin looking else where, or Sternberg sells the team to the next guy.
Time is ticki9ng away a lot faster than the Tampa Bay area realizes…They are now our team to lose…

Rays Renegade


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