Special Edition Longoria Gold Glove Figurine


You really do not need any extra incentive and reason to want to be at Tropicana Field on Monday when the Rays return home and begin their 7-game last home stand before the 2010 All Star break. The fact we are hosting our divisional rivals, the Boston Red Sox should be more than enough to fill the Trop and help the Rays push past the Red Sox on their quest to again sit a top the American League east standings. But what if you need an additional push towards attending the Monday contest?

Really? You want extra incentive. You want something else for your attendance, then I got just the thing for you. On Monday, the Rays will also be giving out to the first 10,000 fans in Rays gear a Special Limited Edition Evan Longoria Gold Glove figurine. You heard me right, the Rays will award you for you attendance this Monday by giving you and your Rays gear a figurine commemorating Longo’s 2009 Gold Glove Award.

And with an expected announcement on Sunday that Longoria will also have a starting spot at Third Base for the American League All-Stars, this is just extra sugary icing on the cake for Rays fans. It is like one of those special 2-for1 deals we see at the supermarket. We get a great baseball game that could decide a spot in the standings, plus get a chance to help celebrate Longoria’s 2009 Gold Glove Award at the same time. Can you say a double dose of cowbell for this one!


Ooooo, they’re bringing back the figurines!? Sweet! I thought I already had them all. This Longo will look good on the mantle next to the other Longo. Kind of reminds me of the CC figurine from a few years ago showing him laying out for a ball. Cool stuff.

So why do you think that BJ has been sitting so much lately? I do not know if I buy the injury thing. I’d like to hear your opinion. If you get a chance, stop by the blog! You haven’t checked in in a while and with Ginny MIA I’d like to have a fellow Rays fan’s opinion thrown into the mix every once in a while. Take care.


It is just another nice reason for people to come to a weekday series for the Rays.
Thorw in a small figurine of an All-Star mixed with the excitement and the thrill of taking down a division rival, and you got a good night out, plus a piece of history for the rpice of a Rays ticket.
Found out about the figurien this morning, and I am sure to blast it overthe Web in the next few days.
Not even the “ST. Petersburg Times” have this right now

Rays Renegade


Great giveaway for fans, so they’d better pack the Trop! As you point out, the Rays will be hosting the Red Sox so I would think attendance will be terrific. The figurine is, indeed, icing on the cake.


With it being a weekday, and kids now out of school I hope it exceeds 30,000+. But you never know anymore.
Baseball attendance can be predictable in a town with millions of people, but this community only has 1 million people tops whomight even consider baseball as a nightly passion…one game at a time.
Hopefully this game can be a nice turning point going into the All-Star break to give the Rays and their fans confidence…but with the crack of the bat, that too can change in an instant.

Rays Renegade


I would be really impressed if that thing could suspend Evan without the rod. Now that would be worth showing up early for.

I will get Longo to read about Houdini and maybe visit a few magicians. Maybe by the end of the season we can get him to be like David Blaine and levitate a few inches off the ground at thrid base before the 2010 Playoffs…That could cause a few heads to shake and a few Managers to be ejected.

Rays Renegade


that is so… cool! I’ve never seen anything like that before! How cool is that?!


I am really looking forward to Monday night so I can get something people will be clammering for online. Some of the Rays Republic members have been wise and have saved every Evan Longoria item knowing we might be seeing one of the first ever Rays representative for the Baseball Hall of Fame members playing in front of us right now.
The guy truly can go vertical and save a game just on his defensesome nights. But his offense set him apart from most of the leagues thrid baseman.

Rays Renegade


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