First Annual Rays Senior Prom for Senior Citizens


It was originally a tonue-in-cheek remark made by Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria in a recent Pepsi Refresh commercial. No one probably thought it had a chance to become reality, or that fiction would turn into reality for the Rays to have a Senior Prom for Senior Citizens, but on August 18th at 1 pm, the reality will sink in fast as the participants of the first annual Senior Prom for Senior Citizens all gather to honor Longoria’s suggestion, and also relive a few moments from our past.

I opened an email today from the Rays requesting my company at the first annual Senior Prom for Senior Citizens event, and I got to say, I am excited about it. Not only does the team have a great ticket package going on right now with a select seat inthe Press Box section of Tropicana Field, but it is also the same price as my original Senior Prom. The usually $ 35 seat will be available that day for a reduced price of $ 19, and if you are one of the first 1,000 to select this seating option…..More surprises are in store for you.

The Rays Senior Prom planning committee will also offer Free Rays boutonires and corsages, plus an opportunity for a Prom keepsake photo for the first 1,000 participants, plus if you take in the festivities with a group, you can get an opportunity to select a Prom King and Queen who will then be presented pre-game in a ceremony to the Rays fans in attendance for this afternoon game at Tropicana Field.


And this Senior Prom is coming at a great moment for me personally. I just hit a milestone birthday and this blast to my past will be a welcoming event that will make me accept the numerical change with a bit more grace and glamour by wearing a slick tuxedo for the first time in years. So I am planning on getting that old crushed velvet blue tuxedo out soon and checking to see if the multi-colored bowtie and cummerbund still fit at all and then purchase my tickets for this outstanding event.

To make the moment a bit more surreal, the Rays will have Frank Sinatra and Elvis impersonators singing and bringing back loads of Senior Prom memories as we all enjoy a few dances, romances and maybe even a few chuckles about our original Senior Proms. I simply love this idea, but then I am usually a big social animal who lives for these moments. So get your tickets now and join me and the rest of the Rays innuagural Senior Prom dance participants. Who knows, maybe I can somehow spike this punch like I did at my Senior Prom in 1979?


A senior prom! LOL. I want a pic of you in your prom outfit, Renegade. Sounds like a great idea on the part of the Rays.

OMG I cannot believe this is actually happening! I love that commercial. Evan Longoria is so serious about the idea, and Damon is hilarious. I hope you have fun!

Great thing about it is that my Prom tux was crushed blue velvet with a black lapel. I might try and find a yellow and white trimmed bowtie to have all of the Rays colors in my outfit.
But I did not, and will not wear a powder blue tux with matching tie and cummerbund. If I truly decide it warrants it…I will get a photo online. But only if I can find my Senior Prom date from 1979…She is said to still live in Seminole,Florida ( about 12 miles away).

Rays Renegade

The commercial is an instant classic.
Funny how sometimes a small comment made as a tongue-in-cheek joke can materialize into something people will attend. Should be a wild time. I will abide by the rules and might buy a ticket in that section instead of sitting by my lonesome down in RF.
But then again, I could go dateless like I did my Junior year and find a date at the dance….I used to be a sly dog (lol).

Rays Renegade

ahahahha XD That is adorable! And I just love the commercials and the ideas the players suggested. I hope you grab a snazzy suit and dance your night away! My prom was so much fun and i’m sure it’ll be as fun as years before :D

Only difference is that I am now older,wiser and bit more predictable. But when you are with a woman whomakes you feel 18 again….Magic can happen, or at least I want it to…again.
Biggest difference is I am old enough to cherish it now. When I was 18, it was just another event blowing in the wind.

Rays Renegade

Maybe they can find a way to have Elvis be the entertainment too. Haha.

Actually talked with someone from the Rays last night and told them an idea for a theme to the Prom.
Since it is the 25th Ann of thefilm “Cocoon”, maybe something that highlights that event.
Even though 3/4 of the sets and buildings used as backdrop are no longer around, the essence of the movie is. Since that movie, St. Petersburg has gotten younger, and the film was a major contributor to that movement.
But then again….Maybe it will be “Under the Sea” like so many of those Proms from the past.

Rays Renegade

Too funny that this idea became a reality! I love it! Please share pictures. I am sure the Rays will have a video. I would defintely jump at the opportunity to go! With or without a date you will have a ball!

It is funny how sometimes something can be said, with no hope of happening. Then it gets projected and programmed into an event.
Should be fun, should be grand. And hopefully, I will get a few photos of the proceedings.
I got to have a date.. I would hate to go stag to a high profile event like this…Got to keep my street cred alive (lol).

Rays Renegade

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