Upton Doing Agility Drill Pre-Game Thursday



A few of us within the inner sanctum of the Rays Republic gasped aloud on Tuesday evening when in the top of the first inning Tampa Bay Rays Centerfielder B J Upton seem to get his right cleat stuck in the Trop’s Field Turf, and then came down ackward onto his left ankle. Upton immediately went to the turf and was holding his upper ankle region when Rays Head Trainer Ron Porterfield and Rays Manager Joe Maddon strolled out to see the extent of Upton’s injury.


After a few minutes lying on the turf, Porterfield assisted Upton to his feet and they tried to put adequate weight on his left ankle. After a few more minutes of flexing and checking Upton’s balance, Maddon decided to replace Upton with Ben Zobrist more to “err on the side of caution” than to try and agitate the injury any more than was needed. Upton made his way off the field under his own power, but had a distinctive limp to his step and immediately Porterfield and the Rays Medical Staff went to work on Upton’s injury.


After the game that evening, Maddon advised the Rays fans and media that Upton’s injury seemed to be a ankle sprain, but for caution, Upton would get a few days off to secure his services again on Friday when the New York Yankees head into Tropicana Field for a key end of the month match-up. Upton would be under the supervision of the Rays training staff for those two days, and then another injury acessment would be made by game time on Friday evening.



Upton was seen before today’s matinee series ending game against the Detroit Tigers doing agility drills and running movement with Rays Strength and Conditioning Coach Kevin Barr. Both walked out to the Rightfield corner and did a few agility drills and stretches before Barr observed Upton doing curly Q running patterns and multiple hard turning drills to check on the strength of his ankle.




With a thumbs up from Upton as he walked by today, I think we can safely guess that Upton will be back patrolling Centerfield tomorrow night when the Yankees invade Tampa Bay again. After watching Gabe Kapler, who started in Centerfield for the afternoon contest get tied up and running after a ball in the RF gap that Upton would have gotten to in 3 strides, it is a good thing we will have our best defensive Centerfield player back on the turf and running at full speed again tomorrow night.





get him healthy to get the rays back on track. i’ll never forget th speed/power commerical for addidas with him and Ryan Howard. seems like a good guy on the camera and i love the marketing ability of him and his younger bro. however when he is often called out for dogging it it is hard for a casual rays/upton fan to cheer for him

I had a discussion with a Tigers fan today about the misconception of B J’s stride. When Carl Crawford runs his arms go all over the place and his lower lips hangs there like a lap dog. Crawford’s erratic motions make him look faster by the optical illusuion caused by so much going on in a single stride. Upton glides more with a fluid motion and a longer leg span.
That can give off a deceptive motion and precetion of a slower speed. Upton and Crawford are both speed demons, but because of Upton’s grace around the bases, he doesn’t look like he is going to fall over when he rounds second base.
But then again, with Pat Burrell gone…Someone has to take the Rays scapegoat label…It doesn’t fit anyone else on the Rays roster like a glove.

Rays Renegade


TURF! Wrecker of many careers. I’m very much looking forward to this weekend’s games. Should be a lot of fun. And I do hope Upton is at his best.

Believe me, I am one person who knows the horrors of turf better than anyone in the World. It cost me my career, and almost my life.
Turf is killing Carl Crawford’s knees, and might end up shortening his career by a few years. That is one of the reason I think he will go either to the Dodgers or Angels. They have some of the best grass in the MLB.
Upton knows what needs to be done, but sometimes applying that is just as hard as climbing up a sheer cliff of granite.

Rays Renegade


Glad Upton is OK, because he’ll make this weekend’s series even more exciting. I can’t decide which if the Rays I worry about most: Upton, Crawford, Pena or Longoria. Shudder.


I would be worried about Reid Brignac and Matt Garza (Sat’s starter). Both are riding huge confidences and can be totally dominant in the clutch right now.
Close second would be Matt Joyce who has been hitting guys in pretty regularly right now.
But then again, I want Phil Hughes to get blasted for personal reasons…And he knows why!

Rays Renegade


Thanks for the comment. I knew I would forget an injury or two. So many to keep up on. Not much longer on the trade dealine. Today should be very interesting!

Looking forward to the Yankee battle… and I’m with BTB on the turf thing. Remember the Hawk and his poor, poor knees!

Believe me, I understand totally. 2 years ago I tried to keep up a updated Trade deadline blog with a few of the sources Ihad hidden in the notebooks, but it droveme nuts editing and rewriting every ten minutes.
It can be a rough period to even try and fathom the aspects and the procedures that go along with trading at this time of the year.

Rays Renegade


People forget, the turf caused the endofmy football career, so I totally understand. Add that with the fact the Rays front office has been thinking of replacing the Field Turf with the MLB new sponsor Asotroturf,and you geta turf war going.
Always fun.

Rays Renegade


Hey hey hey! Ready for the big series? I think I am.

I think one of us will find it more fun than the other…but we shall see. Both teams are playing well, and this might just be a catalyst to the rest of the year. But then again, the Rays are in the middle of a 11-game homestand against 3 teams that could contend for a playoff berth and are 4-0 so far.

Rays Renegade


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